🐨 Kids Book Read Aloud: KOALA LOU by Mem Fox and Pamela Lofts

🐨 Kids Book Read Aloud: KOALA LOU by Mem Fox and Pamela Lofts

Koala Lou used to get all of her mother’s love and attention until her younger siblings came along! Now her mother is so busy she forgets to tell her how much she loves her. Koala Lou thinks if she does something absolutely amazing, she’ll hear those loving words from her mother once again. Let’s see what idea she comes up with as we read together!

Written by Mem Fox
Illustrated by Pamela Lofts

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hello reading friends it's ani do you have any brothers or sisters well today we're going to read about a little koala who used to get all of her mother's love and attention until her younger siblings came along now she thinks if she does something spectacular she'll hear those loving words her mother used to say once again let's see what ideas she comes up with as we read koala Lu if you have a copy go get it so you can read along with me koala Lu written by memfix illustrated by Pamela laughs there once was a baby koala so soft and round that all who saw her loved her her name was koala Lu the emu loved her the platypus loved her and even little koala claws next door loved her but it was her mother who loved her most of all a hundred times a day she would laugh and shake her head and say cool Lu I do love you whenever she stretched in the early morning Sun or climbed a gum tree or bravely went down the path all by herself her mother would smile and say koala Lu I do love you the years passed and other koalas were born brothers and sisters for koala Lu soon her mother was so busy she didn't have time to tell koala Lu that she loved her although of course she did every night as she curled up under the stars koala Lu thought about the times when her mother had looked at her and said koala Lu I do love you and she longed for her to say it again one night koala Lu had a splendid idea preparations had begun for the Bush Olympics she would enter the Olympics she would compete in the gum tree climbing event and she would win and her mother would fling her arms around her neck and say again koala Lu I do love you koala Lu began her training right away she jogged and puffed and lifted weights and panted she hung from a branch with one claw at a time till she ached she did push-ups till her stomach hurt and last of all she climbed the tallest tree she could find over and over and over again sometimes her mother would watch her and asked how you doing blossom fine just fine koala Lu would reply at last the day of the bush Olympics arrived koala claws had also entered the gum tree climbing event and everyone knew how fast she was but koala Lu wasn't scared she saw her mother in the crowd and imagined her saying again cool Lu I do love you her heart filled with hope it was koala Klaus who went first her climb was a record-breaking 22 metres in 70 seconds flat the spectators whistled and cheered and wildly waved their party hats can I do better than that wondered koala Lu I must as she stepped toward the tree a hush fell over the crowd oh no mac said the kookaburra gates ate go koala Lu lepton to the tree up and up and up she climbed higher and higher and higher faster and faster and faster until there she was right at the very top the spectators roared and clapped and stamped their feet but she wasn't fast enough in spite of all her training and all her hoping it was koala Klaus who won the gum tree climbing koala Lu came second koala Lu went off and hid she heard the shouts of the Bush Olympics and cried her heart out when the first stars of evening appeared in the sky koala Lu crept home through the dark and up into the gum tree her mother was waiting for her before she could say a word her mother had flung her arms around her neck and said cool Lulu I do love you I always have and I always will and she hugged her for a very long time poor koala Lu thought her mother didn't love her as much as she used to because she had so many more children now but after she competed in the bush Olympics she found out that wasn't true at all her mother loved her as much as ever I hope you enjoyed our story today I sure did enjoy reading to you see you next time subscribe for more storytime and don't forget to click the bell so you'll know each time a new video is posted you


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