🔥 Misha Collins Interview - Supernatural Actor w/ Superhuman, Luis Angel | GISHWHES, Acting Castiel

🔥 Misha Collins Interview – Supernatural Actor w/ Superhuman, Luis Angel | GISHWHES, Acting Castiel

🔥 Misha Collins Interview- Supernatural Actor w/ Superhuman, Luis Angel
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Video Takeaways
Misha Collins Interview
Co-star of Supernatural on the CW. He plays Castiel the Angel on the show.

• Misha’s home base in Washington
• How he came up with the idea behind Gishwhes – Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen
• How he broke a Guinness World Record with Gishwhes
• Sending artwork to space in the scavenger hunt
• “Doing good things for other people can be really fun!”
• How the GISHWHES participants helped raise $220,000 in 3 days to help change the lives of refugee families in distraught situations overseas
• The hunt helps people step out of their comfort zone and be more creative and artistic
• What is Random Acts (www.RandomActs.com)? – how random acts of kindness can have ripple effects
• Random Acts helping build schools and orphanages
• One of the events that changed his life was when an individual gave his family a coupon to a fast food place and got them a motel room when his family was struggling
• How empathy can come from life struggle
• Misha interned for the Clinton administration in the White House.
• He wrote letters as Bill Clinton
• How did Misha transition into acting after his White House job
• Misha’s idea was that he wanted to become famous in order to be more influential so that he could help out as many people as possible, do good for the world
• What tips would he give to an aspiring actor or someone that wants to break into Hollywood
• Why acting credits are more important than building up your school resume when it comes to getting the attention of casting directors and agents.
• Why it’s smart idea to look for acting jobs outside of Los Angeles, Hollywood and New York.
• Fall in love with the process of doing the auditions.
• You have to work harder than anyone else
• How the memory techniques that Luis Angel taught him are helping Misha memorize and learn his script lines much faster and easier. He now feels more confident with his acting performances because of the memory training exercises such as the memory palace.
• Misha explains the “Ass Butt” Supernatural scene
• What happened with the calls and messages that he received when he gave out his phone number

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  1. I want to just say: thank you so much for answering this question about how you can become an actor. My biggest passion is acting and I ask myself every waking moment: how do I reach my goal? How can I, a ordinary human being, that is 16 years old and lives in Germany- not even America or you know Hollywood or something, how can I become an actor? Is it even possible or am I naiive for believing and hoping that I can be a great actor?
    So thanks to you and Misha Collins who answered to this question, I now feel more secure and calmed down. I realised: Hey. I am actually dreaming to become an actor for the ACTING. Not the fame. And so I could say to myself: Yes, I love the process and I totally get what Misha is saying, that the auditioning was becoming more and more fun and that, in the end, he didn't really care if he got the role or not. I feel the same. I am in an acting class at the moment and I got told A LOT that I will NEVER become an actor, because I'm German… that hurt at first of course, but in the end it only made me more sure that i won't give up. I won't let go of acting, because I love it. It is so much fun and I feel like I can get that kind of passion across to the audience.
    Misha Collins showed me, that it's right to hunt your dreams, to fight until you reach it and that you should never give up on what you love, what makes you happy.

    So, thank you both for this amazing interview. I learned a lot. And i will share what you guys thaught me, with other people, that maybe need the same advices and that hopefully will feel better after this, like I did.
    Thank you.♡

  2. I love Misha! He's such a great guy with a big, humorous heart! And, YAY! A fellow Washingtonian! I live in Vancouver, Washington and used to work in Bellingham! It. is so gorgeous up there.

  3. Have to say, publicly saying that a coworker has gotten as far as he has via purely good looks is incredibly insulting and makes you look like a terrible person, Misha. Jared has worked his ass off and been rejected hundreds of times, just like any other actor. He's been working on his drama skills since childhood, he absolutely wasn't "walking in a mall and suddenly got a part," like you seriously just said out loud. Belittling other actors and their hard work is not a nice thing to do, particularly when you work with these people.

  4. Great interview. I loved hearing you guys talk about the process of Art and having to fall in love with it; that's very true. I've been sculpting for over a decade an it's hard, but I love it because I believe the process will be worth something. Great discussion!

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