10 Celebrities Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash

10 Celebrities Who Treat Their Fans Like Trash

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When you’re rich and famous, it’s not hard to lose sight of the little people. Celebrities have the choice to either be cool about their fans’ attention or to be a total celebri-jerk about it. Here are some celebrities who, allegedly, have done some pretty terrible things to us pathetic, regular people…

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When you're rich and famous, it's not hard
to lose sight of the little people. Celebrities have the choice to either be cool
about their fans' attention or to be a total celebri-jerk about it. Here are some celebrities who, allegedly,
have done some pretty terrible things to us pathetic, regular people. Kevin James According to legend, The King of Queens is
a bit of a drama queen himself. Reports from those who have encountered him
in the wild say that James allegedly often refuses to speak to "the help." Most notoriously, James once berated a waitress
who asked him for his order directly rather than passing it through his personal assistants. "What a bee-yotch." The Mall Cop star also allegedly sends his
personal crew into stores before him to announce that no one should make eye contact with him,
because apparently, Paul Blart is a pretty big deal. Rihanna In 2014, Rihanna posted a frowny face on Twitter
and linked to a picture of a 16-year-old fan's prom dress. The outfit was similar to a Wile E. Coyote-inspired
costume the singer wore to an awards show a few years earlier. Rihanna shared the bullying image with 35
million people, alienating countless fans, and completely ruining one fan's prom memories. Great job. Christian Bale He's berated crew members on set and was arrested
for freaking out at family members during a press tour, so Christian Bale's anger issues
are common knowledge. However, Bale's former PR agent Harrison Cheung
alleged in his book that the actor's behavior towards fans is even worse. He recounted an incident in which Bale berated
little girls to tears after they'd asked him for an autograph, and another event that involved
Bale faxing a fan an elaborate death threat involving a screwdriver. Bale was never charged for the threat—nor
for his crimes against Batman's voice. "I'm Batman!" Jerry Seinfeld Allegedly one of the biggest jerks in the
known universe, Seinfeld stories have circulated among ex-fans for years, making it seem like
Superman's biggest fan couldn't be less super, man. One former fan on Reddit reported that Seinfeld
allegedly walked up to him and his basketball team in a Hyatt hotel, and without provocation,
called them dumb jocks. Seinfeld then, still allegedly, slammed his
breakfast plate on the concierge desk, demanding his eggs be cooked again. Serenity now. "Serenity now! Serenity now!" Bruce Willis It's pretty common knowledge among movie buffs
that Bruce Willis is a notoriously difficult actor to work with, based on stories told
by everyone from Sylvester Stallone to Kevin Smith. Even Smith was a aghast at how Willis reacted
to enthusiastic fans who shouted to him on a film set: "The dude turned to me and said, 'I hate the
ones who scream Die Hard the most.'" Fans' personal stories reflect more of the
same. According to a report on MeanStars.com, Willis
allegedly yelled at a couple of kids in a mall food court for recognizing him and pointing
him out. Though why a child would recognize Willis
for anything these days seems pretty hard to believe. Gene Simmons For a bass player who dresses like a clown,
Gene Simmons has a very high opinion of himself. In an interview with Songfacts, Simmons began
to expound on why he hated his former bandmates, and meandered onto the dangerous topic of
suicide. The Demon stated that people with suicidal
thoughts should put up or shut up, prompting multiple radio stations to completely stop
playing his music. Once he was hit in the wallet, Simmons apologized. Tinashe With over 2 million fans on Facebook and one
acne cream commercial that won't stop playing, Tinashe is this week's manufactured mini-star. In 2015, she took issue with her fans for
just enjoying her music on the radio or following her on social media, instead of actually turning
their wallets inside out for her. "You don't have my song, you're not a real
fan. Go get that s— right now. Play it everyday." The singer informed the world that anyone
who isn't actively giving her money just isn't a "true fan," almost guaranteeing that she
just turned off most of her young fans anyhow. Meryl Streep Meryl Streep's ice-queen casting in The Devil
Wear Prada apparently required absolutely no acting, according to multiple accounts
of her off-screen frigidity and indifference to her fans. While she might be a household name, Streep's
off-screen reputation is so terrible in her town that her neighbors have taken to calling
her "Nasty Lady." That's mostly because of her penchant for
cutting in line at the grocery store, and an especially memorable event during which
she was somehow allowed to close down a public road so that work could be done on her multi-million
dollar property. Justin Bieber The continued fame of the Biebs is one of
humanity's cruelest jokes, and partially a product of the fading star's ongoing cycle
of bad behavior and apologies. There are numerous reports and videos of Justin
losing his cool with fans, and even one especially disgusting photo of him allegedly spitting
on a gathering of True Beliebers from his apartment balcony in Toronto. If the Biebs wanted self-aware fans, maybe
he shouldn't have targeted underage girls. They're not exactly known for their restraint,
Justin. Makes his appearance in Zoolander 2 all the
more justified. "The chosen one…" Ariana Grande Teen pop starlet Ariana Grande managed to
not only alienate most of her fans, but an entire country when she stated… "I hate Americans. I hate America." Her statement, as well as an egregious act
of defiling food on display with her tongue, was caught on a security camera in a donut
shop. After cancelling performances in the wake
of the scandal, Grande apologized and explained that her anti-American statement was some
kind of bizarre anti-obesity, anti-consumerist rant. We don’t believe her; anyone who doesn’t
like donuts is clearly evil. "Mmm." "Homer stop picking at it." "Aww, but I'm so sweet and tasty." Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch
more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let us know which
celeb you think is the meanest….


  1. These people are deluded they actually believe they are important bcause they have money welll they got money bcause of fans lmao they are ridiculous and cruel their egos are huge

  2. Who cares. They are all obnoxious narcissists who will die empty, naked, lonely, and regretful, with no one to remember anything nice about them. Thier wealth in the world equals the worst form of poverty of the soul. That's the worst part. The most humble people are the poorest and the most proud are the rich. They will all fall and the meek shall Inherit the Earth.

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