10 Things to Know About a Gemini! | ZODIAC TALK

10 Things to Know About a Gemini! | ZODIAC TALK

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so here it is it's the Gemini video like you guys have been waiting for like I'm constantly reminded of every fucking day where's the Gemini video still waiting for that Gemini video you're madly on the Gemini video where's the 10 things about the Jemma not like I have heard about this Gemini video every single day since like five days before Gemini season started just quick thing you know I'll put a time on the screen you wants to get the head I'm gonna be I'm gonna rant right now I'm gonna rant okay so basically I made a promise you guys during Scorpio season my first 10 things about the sign video I said every season I'm gonna drop a video about the sign I just I have a little question for you guys is this Gemini season because I'm pretty sure it is so why am I being harassed why am I being emailed multiple times a day why am I being a youtube inbox or why am i having my stuff commented on that has nothing to do with zodiac with like WTF where's Gemini video wow like people are like mad at me and damning me and it's like first of all this is not school I don't have deadlines I don't have due dates I put the video up when I put the video up when I want to don't tell me what to do I am an Aquarius you do not tell an Aquarius what to do because we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna want to do the exact opposite because we don't like being told what to do and I'm getting sick of people just getting mad at me for not posting a video um when it's still not even time for the video to have been posted yet like I said during the season and the season is not over so why are you guys so mad I never said I'm gonna do it on the first day so like I just want to say something like I know just writing you guys probably ungrateful little bitch isn't fine I'm not ungrateful but you can think that if you want I just want to say the 10 things series is to be dropped during each zodiac season not at the beginning not on the first day not just what I feel like if I want to do it on the last day of Gemini season I'll do it on the last day Gemini season I won't do in the first date I'll do it on the first day I promise you guys is that I'm gonna drop it during each season when I do it it's up to me I never said I'm gonna do it on the day of so I don't know why you guys are like you're I'm not what am i late on with the school it's just like an essay that I had do like okay okay okay I'm gonna heat it okay so let's just get right into the video today's ten things about the Gemini as you guys might know it's one of my favorite signs sometimes you know it depends on the day like hits they're my favorite or not but they are an air sign as am I so I get along with them really really well we just vibe so I love Gemini's I think they're so interesting so I don't even know where to start because they're so fucking cool um okay so this is the one that you guys are all gonna know of right away Gemini's are two-faced okay Gemini's are two-faced and don't worry it's not all bad because a lot of people think I just talked you into these but I love Gemini's so definitely not all bad Gemini's are two-faced it's just like a known thing I feel like every single one of them are like I've never met a normal completely sane Gemini one second you're like loving the person and you dare your life and you'd have to you this not the next second like you're just not feeling them and you kind of want nothing to do with them and you're just like irritated and you probably go talk shit to be honest because you guys are kind of shit talkers it's just like a thing like I've just noticed a lot of geminus I think it's just cause like their feelings are so big consistent like it's kind of like they're bipolar in a way like it's kind of like their sign it's bipolar you know I didn't mean I don't Messing like an insulting way like I take mental health very seriously but like that's the only way I can really describe it it's a kind of like Gemini's are like it's like a bipolar type of sign it's very hot and cold if they really like like you in the moment they're gonna be so sweet and so loving and amazing and you're gonna think they're a dream and then the next second they're just like crazy and angry and upset and they don't like you and it's just the way they treat you really switches up it really really switches up it's strange they can also be very fake like I know that a lot of Gemini's that I've met have been very fake they can speak so kindly to a person and be best friends with them and then as soon as they walk away they're here talking so much shit or like you know it's just weird it's it's weird so that's one thing about the German I think it has to do with the fact that like their sign is like a science or whatever so I mean a lot of Gemini's were twins just saying but like that's not even what it means like that's just like a weird thing but like it's like the sign of the twin it's like it's kind like the two faces United mean so each Gemini has two faces technically so yeah that's number one Gemini's are unapologetically themselves this is my favorite thing about gemma every german item that has been like this and i think it's so cool like they don't care about what anybody says they are just so like in their own world but it's not like a pisces in their own world it's like they just don't care about what's going on around them because they're just so like confident and like secure themselves so that they're they're just themselves like they don't care they're like it's I wish I was more like that like I love it like they don't care people think they don't care people are gonna say you know when you first meet someone you're very formal and you're just kind of like you're not your full self you just kind of Connie how are you I'm good how are you like Gemini's are just like so out there so chill you get their personality within seconds of meeting them and it's like it is their personality but there's also so many different parts of the personality that like it won't really come out and you won't really get to know but it's like that part of their personality is just so that I don't even know how to worry that they're so interesting it's like that part of their personality is just it's not fake it's really who they are and it's a part of them that most people wouldn't show because it's just like they're too shy or they want to be polite but Gemini's are just kind of like out there with it and they make you feel really comfortable because of that like I get comfortable around Gemini's really fast but um they are a little bit intimidating I've found I don't feel that way now but in high school when I met a lot of Gemini's I'd be like a little bit intimidated by them because they're so outspoken and out there and everybody just like someone wants to be their friend because they're just so themselves and they're cool they're just like real which is so weird because they're like two faces just there's so much to them um number three is that Japanese have an anger problem they just get so mad over nothing like it's so weird and they blow up and it gets really crazy and then they calm down later and they do apologize they're not the kind to like you know be stubborn like a tourist or something and like not see they're wrong they do see their fault it just takes them a while but they overreact like that's things that they do they just really overreact and they make it into a big production and then it's like it doesn't really need to be that way and then later on they like calm down realize what they did and then they'll come back to you in the music yah I didn't mean to blow up like I liked the technology I think that's really mature but they just overreact so much of the point where like you just sit there like how am i putting up with this like if they're your friend or your girlfriend your boyfriend it's like you just kind of think like how and why am I putting in for this because this happens every time I know so many times like that's like oh my god so many some you guys if you have an anger problem as a Gemini really trying to control it cuz I know it can get really out of hand it's like really intense so number four is that you can kind of find two types of Gemini so the one kind of Gemini that I like and I tend to come across more often personally would be the chill ones they're the loner Gemini so they're really real and they're very selective of who they let into their mind and who they spend their time with so these Gemini's are loners because like I said they're selective so they don't let just anyone get close to them and to think about these people is that they kind of speak in riddles so nobody really understands them I don't know why they speak in riddles but they do and it's like I think they're like testing you to see if like you're on their mindset like the frequency of their their mind you don't even trying to say like I don't know I feel like a lot of these Gemini's they're just like so similar and it sounds like they're just like chill loner deep spiritual Gemini's like I love those ones I have the best conversations with them like they're so chill they don't get bothered by anything like you could say something and they could be like it's fine man like I think they're like all the total stoners or something like those chill ones um those are my favorite kind Gemini's like those are the ones that not many people know and a lot of people think are weird but then once you really get to know them they're like so cool like they're so cool so there's them and then there's like the outspoken outgoing Gemini that everybody knows they all know their name they're all friends with them they literally know everybody in the city everybody wants to be their friend if they're not already their friend because like I said they know everybody but these people are so so so so so fake like it's one or the other I feel like these ones are so fake like they have a maybe a solid to three people that they're really really close with and they're not fake with but then everyone else thinks that they're their best friend and they like treat them like gold and then they can switch up on you like that and be a total bitch I'm sorry but like these kind of Gemini's they're fake and they're bitchy like just mean-spirited people um I mean not all the time of course but like it's just like a thing like they're really I'm going they know everybody so everybody thinks they're amazing but then once you truly get to know them you start getting close to them you realize how mean they can be and how fast they'll switch up on you and it's strange but it's just how they are number five would be that Gemini's love attention the chill ones do to Gemini's like if it's the chill ones the attention that they like is usually like them telling stories and people like are all listening to them or like them explaining something you know you mean like they all love attention the other ones are more of like attention whores to be honest they just need all eyes on them at all times and they like bathe in attention it's like so weird but both types like it but one is a little bit more extreme than the other and I just find that every Gemini Loki likes attention if they're not out there with it like like I said even the chill honor ones they do like the attention it's it's funny it's funny number six would be that Gemini's are usually pretty open-minded people you can talk to them about anything they won't think you're weird they're not gonna judge you they're just like really open minded like you can have such deep talks with them like such like you can talk about such a real shit and it's really really cool to know that like you have someone if let's say you're weird let's say you're weirdo you're like a Pisces in an Aquarius or something or at LibriVox I want to have a really good conversation with Gemini you can have great conversation with them you can talk for hours upon hours upon hours about anything like especially Libra and Gemini that's like a match made in heaven and then Aquarius and Gemini like honestly it's amazing like you can just talk about anything like anything and they won't judge you they won't make you feel weird it's great god I don't even know what number I'm on I think I'm on number seven Gemini's your funniest fuck I think there's so larious I love them I think they're so funny like every Gemini that I meet they're just very clever they're very witty they're funny and they don't really try it's not like they're like sarcastic they're just like naturally funny like they just everything they do is just entertaining they're very entertaining people they're the they're the life of the party I will say they're just someone that you can have a laugh with for like hours and just never run out of things to laugh about because they just turn everything into like a funny situation they just know how to do that like if you were to like meet your a friend through a friend let's say let's say your friend introduces you to a Gemini and your friend were to walk away for like three hours even though you've only known each other for like five minutes you're the Gemini will be fine because this person will make jokes with you this person will talk to you ask you questions try and get inside your mind and learn about you and it'll make you so comfortable and you'll just be laughing the whole time and it's just great I don't know what it is but it's just how they are naturally and I've just found this in like all Gemini's they're just really funny people it's just very easy to like fall in love with one or something I've never fall in love with Gemini but like I know you guys probably think that that's why I said that but like it's very easy to I'm sure cuz they just have that that's the humor you know like it's just it's cool okay so already know you Gemini's you're gonna hate me for saying this but I'm gonna say it anyway it's cuz its my channel I do know what Gemini's are cottage eaters I've known so many cheese like it's like Scorpios like I've never been cheated by Gemini but I know so many friends who have had Gemini boyfriends or girlfriends who have cheated on them a lot of celebrities who are known to be cheaters and that she done their significant other are Gemini's Gemini's in general are just they're just cheaters like not all of them but a lot of them can be I don't know what it is about them I think it's not they just kind of want a piece of everything they never are really satisfied but um they're cheaters so just keep that in mind so number 9 Gemini's will take care of you if you're friends with them or you're you know dating one they're gonna take care of you they're gonna make you feel really special they're gonna spoil you and they're gonna enjoy it like they're not gonna throw back in your face later like a Taurus they're not gonna be bitter about it like a cancer they're not like that they just they want to make you feel good and they want to be good to you and spoil you and treat you and they enjoy it and they're not like super evil about it after I just think that day Gemini is really good or like how many one is a good friend it's really good they can have they can definitely be selfish don't get me wrong they can definitely be really selfish like that's another thing about them they're not gonna go too much into Gemini's can be selfish but for the most part if you are someone that they really care about they will treat you pretty well they will okay the last thing with the Gemini and this is one that I think is 100% a thing every single time I meet a Gemini they are pretty intuitive but they're really good at reading people they watch more than you know I think that the major analyzers of the zodiac are a Gemini Aquarius and Virgo Gemini's notice everything when you talk to them I don't know if you guys have ever witnessed this but it's like they're staring into your soul they're like analyzing and overthinking and just like it's like they know you it's like they know things about you and it's like you can't really lie to one even though they lie all the time you can't really lie to them because they kind of know when you're lying because they're really good at like reading you um they're really really good at reading people really good at analyzing situations and I would just say don't lie to Gemini because they know they know everything it's kind of scary like I like that's why I felt intimidated by Gemini's cuz I always felt like they're staring into my soul and just reading me and watching my every move and it's not in a creepy way it's just them like you can just see it in their mind you could see their eyes like I don't know how to describe it it's just it's so clear to me just because I analyze the same way that they do so yeah like they're very intuitive they can pick up on things they notice a lot they have pretty good memory and yeah they know more than you think so watch out watch out for the Gemini okay so that was a 10 things about the Gemini I hope you guys don't hate me because that intro that little rant there I just had to get that out there like just you guys need to understand I do not promise the zodiac video the day or the week the season drops that's not gonna happen maybe it'll happen if I feel like it but that's not the case it's gonna drop during the seasons there's no such thing as me being like just keep that in mind and next time please guys do not harass me you do not message me about it because it's coming I know what I want to do and what I have to do as a youtuber and I'm going to do it so don't worry just trust me I will put it out during the season I'm not gonna leave any sign behind that's that's me no why would I do that I love Gemini's thank you guys so much for watching I'm sorry that I've been taking a little break I was we bit lazy to be honest I was really busy I was pretty lazy yeah I'm so sorry I just I needed a break so I took a little break and I'm back um but yeah I hope you guys enjoy what's to come in my channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you need my channel and also check out my social media because it's fun oh one more thing before I go IG lives I do those all the time and I'm kind of addicted to them now you guys there's like a group of us that like me just like chill and IG live for like hours until like 4 o'clock in the morning and it's just really fun they're really lit I tell you guys secrets about story times I show you guys the people behind the story times I tell you guys different things about my channel and like my life we play games we do quizzes would you rather we just do some crazy shit on there it's a lot of fun zodiac q and A's so just come joy and like follow me and then you'll get the notification when I'm doing an IG live and you'll understand what I mean like it's lit so like you better come join okay so you guys let's see that soon I'll probably do it like tonight or tomorrow but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video and stay tuned for the next one do you slide on all your


  1. Thanks for this. I can relate to a lot of what you say apart from the 2 faced bit. But feel we adapt to different situations. I agree I sometimes over think things and am very analytical. I would also say we are not cheaters but natural flirts and like to be popular. I am though both introvert and extrovert depending on who I am with.

  2. sorry i hate the two faced stereotypes bruh. i’m honestly so blunt with everyone BUT i don’t act the same around each one of my friends bc of the simple fact they all have a different level of my trust. it’s not two faced tho

  3. I am this one Gemini who didn’t skip your ranting part and I find that you’re right to felt that way and I am representing the other Geminis saying sorry to you for what you’ve gone through. Thank you for the video tho 🙌🏼 it’s mostly precise. Almost precise.

  4. I care what people think a little too much, that’s one of my biggest issues. Everything can be fine, but if any little awkward thing happens, it be on my mind like omg he/she did this or is thinking that 🤦🏾‍♀️. I can’t control it, I’m a little unstable with my thinking 😂

  5. Yeahhh, I do talk shit… it’s not intentional… it’s just that I question what decisions my friends/family make. For example: I love my bestfriend, but I talk my shit because she be doing some dumb shit and I have to express that to somebody cause it just blows me 😭😭. Like why do you do what you do… it’s more so questioning if that’s what I need to be around 🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. As a Gemini I can say that when I was younger I did have anger issues. Thankfully I've learned to control them, but I just wanted to verify for any skeptics.

    (Love your videos by the way ❤)

  7. I’m between chill and not, like, I’m the type that doesn’t get mad or angry Easley they only time I really get angry is when I’m super Comfortable with that person. But sometimes I tend to get a crackhead feeling so I mean <(-_-)> I would love to PARTY but I feel like we r smart that enough to know when it’s time to stop. But I disagree about being cheaters, yes we may seem that we don’t care about there partner but really we do we may not show it but sometimes we may feel like the partner we r with may not like us or how we r and we get the feeling that they really won’t want to be around us, so it may make them think that we’re cheating which causes the problems.
    But I agree on how people come to talk about there problems to us because I for one out of my friend group is that one friend who tells the others about love and how to treat it 🤣 I mean that if someone really needs something off there chest to come and tell me I want people to trust me with there Issues so in that way I could make it better, people say we tend to be the fakers but I feel like the ones around them r because when they ask you for help they get all the answers but when Gemini’s do all they get is “oh it’s okay” or “you’ll be fine” and one time I invited my (ex)friend to my bday party but then when she had hers she didn’t invite me. Gemini’s tend to keep there insides to them selves because they don’t want to be seen as a baby that’s why we tend to block some people out because it feels as if we see them we’re gonna burst and won’t be able to stop. And that’s why people r the most rude to us because we r those people that show happiness and sense we show it so much that people can just step on us like we’re nothing like we have no feeling at all because we hide it all to help others because we put them before are selves because we know that once there happy it makes us happy to know that there happy. So next time you meet a Gemini give them a Complement and tell them how much you mean to them. It’ll with help them alot🤗

  8. I'm going to speak for some us Gemini we are not two-faced… but I have Gemini friends that are so fake and I think they are so slick lol. But as a Gemini, I really think it is two sides of Geminis you can either choose be good or bad🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Can't believe you say Gemini is your favorite sign? My boyfriend is a Gemini and I'm leaving together for 10 years. But let me tell you it has been a hard 10 years. And I want to break up with him every other day! It's like he's psycho? His moods change every 5 Seconds! He doesn't care about anybody else but himself! I am cancer, so I am very emotional. He literally hurts my feelings every single day doesn't even realize it because of his stupid bipolar Gemini self! After being together for 10 years think that would mean something? But I think Geminis treat people like s***! If I would have known all of this before we got into a relationship I think I would have made a lot of decisions differently.

  10. I think facts about a gemini… should've been told BY a GEMINI cause there's alot of thing she was wrong about and im a gemini

    7:44 And we all dont speak in riddles… just so you know btw IM NOT FAKE BOO DONT GET IT TWISTED

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