11-year-old girl worked as stunt double in “Logan”

11-year-old girl worked as stunt double in “Logan”

It’s one of the biggest movies of the year so far. The X-Men spinoff “Logan” burst out of the gate, earning nearly $250 million in global revenues in its very first week. One key to Logan’s success may be action sequences in which an 11-year-old stuntwoman plays a big part.

eleven-year-old nya Murphy approaches her schoolwork the way she tackles everything in her life her mom says she always just pushed herself and excelled and no matter how well she did she always wanted to do better that explains the determination she shows in her basement karate studio this black belt first noticed this martial art in a movie when she was age 3 it looked really fun so I just asked my parents like can we do karate and so they're like sure fast-forward to today she's like you nya is one of the stunt doubles who flies through the air in the action sequences in the new hit movie Logan it was crazy because I had never done anything like that before and it was really exciting and it was all of something new like the film she appears in Naya has had an action-packed last few years she's a very competitive rodeo barrel racer she's won karate competitions in fact her karate teacher helped get her into the movie Naya got the part because she's the same body type as the actress who plays x-23 the female clone of Wolverine Logan's mutant alter ego she performed fight scenes and like I was getting dropped and carried and that kind of things because they don't want the actress to do that nya also scored a role as one of the movie's mutant children that's her in the orange cap in one of the movie trailers I think it's amazing and not in a million years would I have ever imagined this was going to happen so it's pretty surreal to look up at the big screen and see her it was crazy because I never was going in the movie route I just like oh let's do karate yeah and then that happened I'm like oh wow cool Logan with some violent scenes cut out is quite popular right now in China to cross cultures like that is really amazing and never expected that either nya's name means champion and Irish she had to learn a softer style of martial arts for Logan it took about a year to complete her role I really enjoyed the training like learning all the moves and fight scenes and stunts the experience has whetted her appetite for acting parts in which she's a little less anonymous we're not doing anything crazy we're not going to go pick up and move to LA nya's mom says her daughter's brush with Hollywood has made her more well-rounded or as Naya would say that's cool that's really cool Hendricks a brandy CG TM Denver


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