2019 — 10th Imagination Writers' Festival

2019 — 10th Imagination Writers' Festival

The Morrin Centre celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Imagination Writers’ Festival. From April 2 to 7, 2019, a diverse, rich selection of acclaimed authors, translators, and artists were brought together for this expression of the vitality of Canadian literatures and cultures.

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what I love about imagination is just the reminder of the power of books and of storytelling and the incredible variety of authors I've had the chance to meet over the years it's just kept growing and growing and it's absolutely phenomenal I've never disappointed it's a smorgasbord of ideas of dreams of stories and people and it's so much fun to come to these things and meet these people this year has been a blast thirty authors and artists traveled from coast to coast to come to Quebec City to celebrate our 10th annual imagination writers festival I felt very warmly welcomed and I felt very at home and I really got the strong sense of community here you know this is the 10th year for the festival which is a huge milestone and I'd like to congratulate everybody involved with the festival on making it to this really really crucial point I will say nothing but glowing things about the festival going forward to celebrate this anniversary we had several new events including literary notes a pairing of the osq strombone quartet with three prize-winning authors from Montreal the Sears program also included a crime writers manual and we introduced our pop-up cafe the festival wouldn't be what it is without our annual staple events including books and wine so tonight the concept was simple for books for authors for wines and even for little bites I really enjoyed the things yeah and had to say about my book and how it paired with the why and I think I might be a tiny bit in love with him I think probably every author whose book he's ever paired with the wine probably is I was just so thrilled to give a reading in this building which is such a rich history we're trying to set started as a prison and then became university and only a cultural center it's one of the rare opportunities where we get to meet all these Anglophones that live in the city and around the city who come and congregate and just celebrate the written word so I love that so much as we're celebrating the success of this year's festival we're already looking forward to ten more years of imagination [Applause]


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