30 Days 30 Authors Day 7 -  My Town - Diane Morrison, Speculative Fiction Author

30 Days 30 Authors Day 7 – My Town – Diane Morrison, Speculative Fiction Author

Day 7 of my #30days30authors challenge. Today I share a little glimpse of the town I live in. Follow my challenge at

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hello Diane again here it is day seven of my 30 days 30 authors challenge and today I am supposed to talk about my challenge so I come from and I was born here in a little city called Vernon it's in the Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia Canada it's kind of a weird I got to back up here and get closer to the router zone yeah it's kind of a weird thing in that it's a big urban area here but because they're all divided up into separate little townships it's the kind of recognition and funding that we should get and the investment in infrastructure based on the fact that of our population right our infrastructure is always lagging because we have all these little towns of all these little different municipal districts but from the downtown core corner which I will show you before I'm done this video if you drive from 15 minutes in any direction there are 90,000 people and a bunch of the Myrtle place called Cold Stream which is were part of Vernon and a bunch of the marina place called Armstrong which wasn't part of their name so yeah Vernon is about 45 minutes north of Kelowna which may be something that people outside of the Okanagan have heard of and I'll be doing a lot more about the history of this place when I do new a section later in the month on history of the area and a historical site so well if I'm you're just going to turn the camera around here and give you a little look around the downtown I'm in front of the cracked pot coffee shop which is my favorite coffee shop down there is the bookstore that I worked at until recently it the Public Library right there as you can see a building has recently been demolished this is the downtown Street area here now that's the town theater there and that's a local landmark that's been there for a very very long time the restaurant there's the talkbox tacky sign is like 40 laughs and you just are out there that's been there since I've been in high school just to view down the street two blocks over is the corner I was talking about which is kind of the central area of town this here is 30th Avenue it's our main street and it's crossed at that corner by highway 97 which is the main highway through town so we're known for being a good vacation spot we have three lakes that are in the immediate vicinity of the town and some of them are quite famous Okanagan Lake if you've heard of it we're on the shores of that so I grew up out that way actually in a little region called open autumn landing which was about a 15 minute bike ride from the beach at a time when they actually let you do that by yourself when you were a child so I spent a lot of time at beach growing up climate is well about what 29 degrees I think they said today that Celsius for those bees were American if routinely gets up to about 3035 degrees this time of year and it's not unknown for it to go about 40 but it's kind of cool and cloudy today probably because there's a big fire in 100 mile house which is that far north of us and that tends to change the weather they were expecting it to be really hot and really sunny today I think that's about all I've got to say about my town at the moment but if you have any questions or you want to talk over you live don't hesitate to Louise comment and thanks for joining me I will see you tomorrow bye


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