5 Victorian Writers everyone knows, but you don't (UGC NET English)

5 Victorian Writers everyone knows, but you don't (UGC NET English)

English language novels from the 19th-century Victorian era are called Victorian Novels. Thinking about which Victorian novels to read, what to leave? The NTA UGC NET English syllabus gives a long list of Victorian novels to be covered. So in order to avoid being ‘Jack of all but Master of none’ refer to this video to obtain knowledge about the most important Victorian novels to be read for UGC NET English.

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hi friends welcome to my channel in today's video I'm going to talk about some very very important Victorian novels which you must read if you're paying for UGC net English literature exam the first important Victorian novelist is Charles Dickens Charles Dickens has written so many novels you must know that from all these novels there are three most important novels that you must study if you're preparing for UGC net English literature exam the first important novel by Charles Dickens is Tale of Two Cities as the title suggests Tale of Two Cities is based on the story of Two Cities London and Paris the story is set during the French Revolution and it opens with the beautiful life it was the best of the times it was the worst of the times this line has been asked several times in that exam so you must remember that this line is from the novel Tale of Two Cities the second most important novel by Charles Dickens is great expectation Green expectation is a story about Pip and his love for the girl Estella the novel is important because it has two ending one ending was given by trans Dickens and another ending was given by Charles Dickens on the request of his friend William Wilkie Collins who asked Charles Dickens to give another and won't isn't ending to the novel great expectations another important characteristic of this novel is that promise kindly said that this normal is appropriate he tongue has pip nonsense okay so Thomas tiredly has his views on this novel also this novel has the special character called mrs. Havisham mrs. Havisham is an old lady who is dressed in a wedding gown and he's dressed in a wedding gown since the day of her marriage because she was built by her fiance on the day of her manager the third important novel by Charles Dickens is Oliver Twist Oliver Twist is also called as parish boys progress so you can see how parish boys progress a leave to John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress so there's the link in the two titles also you must remember that Oliver Twist is the normal which is based on the life of an orphan boy Oliver and this story revolves around the new corner of 1834 this question was asked in UGC net exam several times so you must remember that Oliver Twist is an orbit which revolves around the new world of 1834 the second most important Victorian novelist is William Makepeace Thackeray when you're with me stock rate was born in Calcutta and he also worked in the East India Company he has written several novels out of which Vanity Fair is very important one thing there are subtitles as a novel without a hero it is about a Victorian heroine cause Becky Schwab and the novel talks about her life during the Nepali course also what is important about this novel is that the title has been taken from John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress in John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress Christian the hero of pilgrim progress goes to Vanity Fair and this title Vanity Fair has been taken from the same Vanity Fair in which the Christian goes also at the same time you must remember that this novel Vanity Fair has a very very important comes in hand which says that which of us is happy in the world and this is how the noble Edie's there are several other novels by William Makepeace Thackeray like pendennis yeah history of NBS one history of envious moon is important because it's a historic novel which is based on the life of a colon in who works in the court of Queen and walking on there are other novels by a very effective cadre which are important and we cover all those novels as well as summaries and important points about those novel in my course which is available on my website uw-w carpet okawa comm in the website you'll find a list of all the important writers that we cover in our UGC net english or audio online course you can subscribe to my course and prepare for UTC net in a revolutionary way the third most important Victorian novelist is George Eliot George Eliot's real name is Mary Oliver and she has written so many important novels out of which Middlemarch is very important middle mark subtitle is a study of provincial length and this novel is very important because Virginia Woolf has commented that this is one of the few English novels written for grown-up people the novel is set during the Reform Act of 1832 also it has references from several places in the preview of this novel there is a reference to st. Teresa and this was a question in January 2007 teens met exam also there is reference from William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in Twelfth Night the crown say is that by swaggering I could never thrive for the rain it raineth every day and the same line has been quoted in this normal husband other than the middle March George Eliot has written so many other novels out of which mill on the floss is important mill on the floss is a story of a brother and sister named Maggie to liver unconscionable and in the end we find that there's a very important line which says that in their death they do good United and this has also been asked in that exam several times so you must read the summary of Middlemarch and been on the force other than this George Eliot has also written a very important historic novel called Ramona the novel is based on the story of Italian Renaissance but this novel was not at all popular during George Eliot's time and it was a complete failure so you must remember you must not read the summary or formula but at least remember that was a historic novel written by George Eliot and it was not at all popular during the times the fourth important to Victorian writer is Charlotte grunting Charlotte Bronte has written this beautiful work Jane Eyre Jane Eyre subtitles and autobiography this is a novel which is very important from feminist point of view because it's has her own who asserts herself as a true feminist character she says in one of the chapters of the novel that I am NOT an angel and I will not be one till I die I will be myself also towards the end Jane herself addresses the region saying that reader I buried him okay so this is how the name novel ends and the ending line reader I married him is very important from their point of view also you must remember that this novel is important due to several characters who are the part of this novel why is mr. Brocklehurst mr. Brocklehurst is a smell instructor who uses religion as a medium to justify through valid there is another important character named Bertha Mason Bertha Mason has inspired several other writers who have written so many other works on this character Bertha Mason one writer is Jean rice she has written this beautiful work called by its accuracy which is a prequel to Jane Eyre also there is another important writer Suzanne Gilbert who has written an essay mad woman in an ethic which is based on the character of Bertha Mason so these are the things which make this novel very important from that point of view there are several other novels written by Charlotte Bronte namely professor when a it should name they are not so important but you should remain certain important characteristics of those novels as they have been asked in net exam several times so this is all about Charlotte Bronte now let's move to another important Victorian writer the next important Victorian writer is Emily Bronte Emily Bronte has written this beautiful work buthe ring Heights buidling Heights is a story of Catherine and Heathcliff had it is a story which is driven by passion and revenge or Matthew armor has praised this work saying that it beautifully portrays grief passion and payments also at the same time you must remember that the story employs frame narrative the story opens with a man named Lockwood and the opening scene is very important because the man is sleeping and in the dream he dreams about Catherine who is pushing the windowpanes and she is trying to get into the room saying that let me in let me in so the opening scene is important the characters are not so important from that point of view because they have not been asked in an exam step now there are so many characters in this novel but you should at least remember the basic plotline in order to attempt the questions wisely next important Victorian writer is Elizabeth gasping Elizabeth Gaskell has written a book not in sound this work is very important because it talks about the Dee Berenson harsh effect of industrialization the work was inspired by the writings of Thomas currently Thomas Reilly is another Victorian essayist who's writing in the same period and has inspired Charles Dickens an Elizabeth Gaskell this was the Austen UGC net exam also you must remember that the basic plot of north and south is that it is a story of a girl Margaret who supports the labor class and the mill workers and clashes and stands against the mill owners Elizabeth Gaskell has written her another important work called life of charlotte brontë it is a prose work written by Elizabeth Caston on the request of Charlotte brontë's father now let's look at one of the major figure of Victorian society who is Thomas Hardy Thomas Hardy has been so many important Nobles is normal under the Greenwood tree is important because the title has been taken from William Shakespeare's as you like it other than that there are several other novels which must be read in detail if you are preparing for UGC net namely we have made the Casterbridge the subtitle of Mayor of the Casterbridge is life and death of man of character and there's a very very important line in this novel which says that happiness is but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain and this would ask the new G C net exam that this line is taken from which Norman also you must remember that this novel is important because in this novel the central character sells his own wife the protagonist tells us who owned by unknowingly so basically the normal deals with how a man's choice affects his life the second important normally which must be read is Tess of the d'Urbervilles Tess of the d'Urbervilles talks about the moral sexual morals during the Victorian period also there are certain scenes which are very important the scene when test writes a letter and slides angel is not able to read the letter because the letter gets in gets under the carpet that scene is very important also it is important to know that s is a noble which normally talks about the Victorian society but also talks about the condition of female and how females would treated during Victorian society the third important novel is Jude the Obscure due to obscure is important normal because here June the central character is compared to a character from evil the character from Bible's name is Joe and Joe compared to June so this comparison is important other than that years within several other novels like far from the madding town he is within poetry also duckling thrush which is important we talk about all the major novels somebody important characteristics in my online course so if you wish to study all the important novels in detail then you've enjoyed my online course the details are available on the website you can also go and like my Facebook page because we are running a bonnet with every day you can subscribe to the YouTube channel because every Saturday and Sunday I post new videos for UGC net aspirants at the same time if you want to know more about me my educational background magnet certificate the links are given in the description box below you can go and check for a list of writers which are important from that point of view you can get the list on my website www.africanelements.org implicature


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