51 Astounding Animal Facts - mental_floss on YouTube - List Show (301)

51 Astounding Animal Facts – mental_floss on YouTube – List Show (301)

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at awesome, astounding, and amazing animals!

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Hi, I’m John Green. Welcome to my salon.
This is Mental Floss on YouTube and yes, I do know that I need a haircut. But did YOU
know that bats account for one-quarter of the mammal population in the world? There
are 1,100 different bat species. Well that’s the first of many astounding
facts about animals I’m going to share with you today! Archeologists have discovered a man’s grave
in Jordan who was buried with his fox 16,500 years ago, meaning the Middle East had pet
foxes before pet dogs. Weasels eat about one-third of their body
weight every day. A jellyfish can still sting you, even if it’s
dead. And Reindeers’ eyes change color through
the seasons. They’re gold during the summer and blue in the winter. Also, bonus fact — on Christmas, their noses
are are red! In 2013, scientists created a prosthetic tail
for an alligator who had lost his (probably due to another alligator biting it off). Lemur communities are usually matriarchal. And the antlers of a male red deer grow up
to an inch per day. But they also shed and regrow them each year, so they don't get you
know, like 30 feet long. Moose have very sensitive antlers — in fact,
they can feel a fly landing on them. And one study suggested that those who have antlers
actually have better hearing than those who don’t. Jules Grévy, the president of France in the
1880s, received a zebra as a gift from the Abyssinian government. And then, the species
“Grévy’s zebra” was named after him. Which is good to know, because previously
I just believed that those zebras hated dry turkey. There are forty English words for the cougar,
including mountain lion, catamount, puma, panther. Also Demi Moore. Speaking of which, there's actually NO such
thing as a panther. It's a word we use to describe cats like black jaguars or black
leopards. Jaguar, by the way, comes from a Native American
word meaning any large predator. Like it’s sometimes even applied to dogs. In 2011, two artists from Winnipeg started
going out to sea and playing music for beluga whales with an underwater sound system. And
the whales actually gathered and enjoyed the music in large groups. They went to a concert. Ah, the simple life of being Canadian. Mark,
did you ever play music for beluga whales? One of the most critical components of building
the 250 million dollar national accelerator laboratory was a 35 dollar ferret named Felicia,
who saved the government thousands of dollars by cleaning the pipes. Until she was eventually
retired for a robot. BYE FELICIA. That's my Ice Cube impression. By the time she died in 2007, Washoe the chimpanzee had learned around 350 words of American Sign Language. The spotted hyena laughs to communicate fear
or excitement. Other hyenas can hear the laugh from up to three miles away. An animal you might never have heard of, the
Australian quokka, has a permanent smile. Another animal that looks so amazing that
a picture of it is enough: the pom-pom crab. Geckos sometimes shed their tails. And then
they often eat them so they can regain some of the nutrients. That's how my son feels
about boogers. One of the Australian Aboriginal groups, the
Yuwaalaraay, had a creation myth that the sun was created when an emu egg was thrown
into the sky. And speaking of Australia, around 80% of koalas
are infected with chlamydia. In fact, in 2012 there was concern that a koala may have infected
two members of One Direction — Liam and Harry — during a photoshoot. But I want to be clear,
that concern came not from doctors, but from Directioners. It's worth noting, Liam and
Harry were also concerned saying that they never would have held the koalas if they'd
known about the chlamydia rates, although really, Liam and Harry? Is that your greatest
chlamydia risk? Really? In 2004, a black bear raided the cooler of
some campers in Washington and he drank 36 cans of Rainier beer, specifically avoiding
the cans of Busch. Basically, bears have better taste in beer than humans. Sea otters have a LOT of fur — up to 1 million
hairs per square inch. Also vultures urinate and defecate on their
legs to kill bacteria that are living on their The kiwi is the only bird with nostrils at
the end of its bill. Seals use their whiskers to sense what’s
going around them in the water. They can feel a small submarine from 130 feet away, for instance We've got a seal. We named him Seal, after
the singer. In the late 2000s, reports came from Japan
of Macaques learning how to use vending machines. Ostriches are faster than most horses. And pregnant giraffes will sometimes try to
give birth where they themselves were born. You guys better now get pregnant or you're
gonna have to go back to that plastic giraffe factory. Now lets move on to kangaroo uteri. So female
kangaroos have two uteruses and one pouch and three vaginas, which allows them to
be perpetually pregnant. You know that thing when a rabbit jumps around
and twists in the air, it’s known as a binky. Also flamingos have 19 vertebrae in their
necks. Opossums don’t usually get rabies — only
around 1 in 800 have it. They’re also at least partially immune to rattlesnake and
cottonmouth venom. A group of rattlesnakes, by the way, is known
as a rhumba. Raccoons are very dexterous — they can even
unlace shoes. Although they can't tie them, so we've still got that on you, raccoons. Scientists have found evidence that walruses
lived off the coast of San Francisco around 5 million years ago. Iguanas have a third eye on top of their heads.
It has a retina and a lens, but it only detects light, dark, and movement.
You know, you don't need to be watching football in HD if you're an iguana, you need to be
like, is that thing gong to kill me, can I eat that thing, and would that thing be appropriate
to mate with. Those are the basic questions. One of the biggest threats to lions are porcupines.
If a lion gets too close, it can get quills stuck in its mouth and nose. According to a study done in 2012, goats have
accents. Goat bleats sounds different depending on which group that goat belongs to.
Goat accents are of course also related to whether that goat is listening to Taylor Swift. The word “peacock” only refers to males.
Freaking patriarchy. The bird’s real name is “peafowl.” And females can be called
“peahens.” In 2007, the Iranian army arrested fourteen
squirrels. They believed the squirrels were concealing spy equipment and had been sent
across the border intentionally. An anteater is capable of eating around 30,000
insects per day. Whatever, so am I. I choose not to, but I could. When manatees rise above the water to breathe,
they replace 90% of the air in their lungs. To compare, humans doing the same thing replace
about 10%. Baboons have been known to find stray dogs
and keep them around as playmates. It’s illegal to import most mongoose species
into the U.S. because they can ruin the population of birds and rodents and many other small
animals. In Kenya, there’s a Camel Mobile Library
— camels transport books from the capital to villages that are up to 400 km away. Every year, the southern United States there's
around $100 million in property damage caused by beavers. The elephant’s closest living mammal is
the 4 kg or 8 pound rock hyrax. They’re small and furry and yes, share an ancestor
with the elephant. I mean, I guess we all share ancestors if we go back to single-cell
organisms, but they share a recenter ancestor. Eels typically live between 15-20 years, but
one eel in a Swedish aquarium lived for 85. And finally, I return to my salon to tell
you that female wallabies can produce two different types of milk at once. They have
different compositions — one more suitable for the developing joey in their pouch and
one for the joey that has left the pouch. I know what you're wondering — but do wallabies
have 3 vaginas? They do not. Thanks for watching Mental Floss here on YouTube,
which is made with the help of all these nice people. Don't forget to check out our other
shows and subscribe. As we say in my hometown, don't forget to be awesome!


  1. Ok so at the end he's like "thanks for watching mental floss, but I thought he said menopause, which was Donny considering he was just talking about wallabies not having 3 vaginas

  2. As someone firmly on the North side of the North/South rivalry I was delighted when you said that cougars have over 40 names and panthers don't even exist.

  3. "Walruses lived in San Francisco"
    You know, Mythbusters is filmed in San Francisco. Seems like there was a huge wasted opportunity to make a Jamie Hyneman joke here.

  4. Do an episode on how reticulated pythons have completely turned the fauna diversity in the everglades and how they are endangering many animal species, after a bunch of them apparently got away from research centres.

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