A Conversation with Waiting for Johnny Depp's Playwrights

A Conversation with Waiting for Johnny Depp's Playwrights

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hi hi I wrote waiting for Johnny Depp because deedie forced me to what I did not okay threatened yeah basically Janet and I waited ten years for a major music industry deal to come through it would have been totally life-changing it would have been totally life-changing oh my god it was supposed to happen by July first we were gonna get a million dollar advance each but then July first turned into August 29th yeah but remember our lawyer said he had some kind of meeting so then he turned it into October 27th but it was gonna close by Christmas for sure that's true and then the next week and then the next week next week next week that's one of the songs in waiting for Johnny Depp by the way that's right and then 10 years later the company decided they didn't really want to be in the music business after all yeah then during that whole time I lost my house I lost my home basically we lost our minds but I remembered that DeeDee and I had been talking for years about writing a musical together it's truly were and I I wanted to take this gigantic lemon and turn it into something I said Janet let's make some lemonade and let's do it by let's do it by July 1st let's to buy my birthday which brings me to my original point did you force me to write this show that's a very serious question I know I'm trying to learn what's subway to take to get to the lower Eastside and I'm hoping to learn where the best pizza places nearest to the theater oh and we're both trying to learn how did we get so lucky to be blessed with major Broadway star Donovan V No starring and waiting for Johnny Depp we're also hoping to meet a lot of wonderful new friends yes so please come down to the show and give us a big hug well telling this story now is actually a forever now moving into the future because this musical is truly timeless in addition to the hilarious antics there's a very real theme running through waiting for Johnny Depp about having to learn what really matters in life and not taking your loved ones for granted because you could wake up and find that it's too late now that we've made everybody cry we want to remind you it's actually a very funny show it is and everyone can relate to the struggles our lead character encounters because no matter what field you're in you're going to encounter some struggle waiting for Johnny Depp has had rave reviews in three cities so get your tickets now for me the best part of writing this musical was being able to work with such extraordinary talent it is such an honor to work with people I admire so very much and Dee Dee and I have been close friends for so long because it truly is more like play than work and the fun only tripled when we brought in our other dear friend Betty Ross to help us with the music that's right but the most humiliating part of this process would have to be getting on our hands and knees friends and family for money which by the way we're still doing so check out our IndieGoGo campaign it's a natural progression for me for as long as I can remember I've been acting in plays writing songs building sets lighting makeup and you know theater is just a combination of all those things it's really the ultimate art far booth and for me as a songwriter I always knew that you had three minutes to tell a story but with musical theater so come take that journey with us in waiting for Johnny Depp


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