A Travel Writer Shares His Best Tips

A Travel Writer Shares His Best Tips

Travel can be so rewarding. It’s the ultimate way to learn about different cultures and meet new people. How can you make sure you get the most out of your next trip? Pico Iyer, who has been writing about travel since 1986, has lots of great advice to share. Join the thoughtful globetrotter in Singapore to learn why the best way to get around many destinations is on foot, the benefits of being an observant traveler and the value of reflection.

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I'm Pico aya and I'm a travel writer I've been traveling the world and writing about my travels since 1986 I've written 15 books and more than a thousand articles and I've been talking and traveling with the 14th Dalai Lama for 45 years over the years I've developed some tips for how to become a better traveler here they are tip number one walk walk and walk and walk letting a place introduce itself to you walking allows me to reflect while I'm observing it's a human pace Singapore is a perfect place to walk and to see cultures of East and West come together in always surprising words tip number two observe I travel in order to wake up to open my eyes so when I'm in a new place I want to see everything around me a hotel is a city in miniature there are short stories taking place in every room and on every corridor I love to observe dramas unfolding around me will this be tragedy or comedy or simple romance he keeps twirling his straw what's that toss of the hair mean what do they say tip number three reflect at the end of a busy day go to a quiet place to collect your thoughts and make sense of everything you've seen reflection is how you turn the sites you've seen into insights it's how you turn experience into meaning walking and observing how you gather the ingredients of your travel reflection is how you turn them into a meal if you follow these tips you'll return home a different person all the great travel books are love stories that's why the best trips like love stories never really end


  1. Basically, use your body, senses, and mind while travelling… Tip 4: Don't forgot to use what those three put together make. You. An ego, which you must develop so that you can interact and implement yourself into that world you are in as best as you can, be apart of the world you are exploring. If everyone did that, this world would be a much nicer place.

  2. Huh, all the comments are so negative but I thought it was a good video. I like to make sure I do all those things when I travel. Walking instead of driving whenever possible, observing the natural lives of the locals rather than trying to force a certain experience, and reflecting or journaling later to better understand what new wisdom this different culture has to offer. Sure it was totally an ad for a hotel in Singapore but it was still a cool perspective from a seasoned traveler.

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