American Authors Interview with Halloran 91X

American Authors Interview with Halloran 91X

American Authors hopped on the 91X Tour Bus to chat with Halloran.

19 american authors are a band out of Brooklyn New York we're gonna go hang out on benign TX a toy to tour bus we'd ask them questions like Brooklyn seriously isn't every man from Brooklyn okay as I said outside the bus american authors are here we've wrangle them onto the bus this is the first time you guys have ever been on a bus this massive with such a cool personality like me we've been on the chinatown bus yeah that was pretty cool you yeah you try to us in an order for the one here Nelly going from Boston to New York you can find some pretty cool personality and that's great really but I think I think a guy that was bad I tell me about you guys formed all of your Berkeley together yeah and berkeley the music school about the school for educating people rice is the fred segal ferry right now right so it's like it's like summer camp for big kids so you're not all originally from New York now there's no way absolutely love it so where are you working from I grew up in Minnesota so sorry I'm actually very happy for you got out before okay so we've got opposite ends of the country San Antonio Texas I feel less sorry for him now that meets in an antonio that's crazy and you went to Berkeley get your head get on San Antonio absolutely okay absolutely makes total sense that's a trash talk when we don't let me guess for Kip see wow there's equal relatively close pretty pretty good jersey really Jessie new jail is completely making that up that's crazy today so you all in that enroll in this thing to end what what what were you there to learn magic magic it's like my words is that what they teach there now three months man because you have to learn how to play an instrument to make the magic happen so you go out get a record deal and then go out to something right there make things appear and disappear but no you know trusting we all went we all had different majors but I think at the end of the day we knew that we wanted to start a band and we wanted to write songs and do that for a living so we kind of even know we had different majors we went you know kind of trying to go and meet other like-minded musicians right we wanted to play in a band and do that and then you know we kind of started playing together about six years ago doing a bunch of different projects writing sessions and all that stuff together we moved to Brooklyn New York three years ago and about a year and a half ago that form the American operates you were called something different before yeah yeah we had a couple other groups that way around what about other names that you skated over because Coldplay yeah you too Coldplay I can see what you change that with and a great name where Metallica are called metallic overlook that one just didn't have like a good link to the right thoughts so American authors stuck manna which is Hillary I was it wasn't that hard game word like you there was a car came back in the old days where they had like authors they had holidays are probably different in the blood while there were things like you know punk rock bands made flyers I didn't know I don't you would go cook it the collision world out there now oh yeah that was it when you're when you were putting this stuff together in the in the old days coming up with a name is a lot harder for bands now because I was the war everything's taken everybody but I'm surprised American authors hasn't been taken again where's Lee rises him yeah you know it was a little tough to Google at first but I think now with the fence what makes you find us up sanded you then you are the person now we're the first thing that comes up at first it was like all I want to see I want to find that band American authors Google and just you really want it is definitely worth it we really wanted to ruin all history teachers progress with their students right and writers progress English teachers especially right is the first thing the students look up is American authors boom when your teacher says you need to do a project on American author first person that comes up we did it crazy band but lives in Brooklyn New York are you staying with him you stay in it has real and was it because i'm standing outside the tour bus the intro was every band live in brooklyn now including bands from san diego like delta spirit you have to ask oh yeah when you get home when you tell them to get their asses back here yeah she was the old is fine you know Brooklyn's bigger than I think most people think yeah it's quite a big space and everybody kind of lives like seven reallusion away not really I mean it's like you know that some of my father out than that so there's i will run it's very Bushwick yeah we know you're blushing rose bush what bills we oh man welcome to box I'm shooting my sis best eyes were like right on the establishment right border of course and when you were living tell Ashley ain't no idea what Ben Stein men oh and now you're I mean I know you're wrapping it i'll tell you what i did not i do I know how to wrangle an alligator though you did sir jeantel asking this holy there he never he never seen a building towards I stores yeah until he moves the boss I no idea when I first got into my first part of building I was looking out the window it's been like oh and moly look at this you can see forever right he stills that way yeah we said they get that kind of Utah so you have to climb trees yeah like that don't that spirit on ya in 10 years gonna pay you know when I'm interview backstage someplace some massive haul as to what you go i love how to the top of the infield alicia buy em from really tell me are there any other fans out of your berkeley here era that we should start looking for buddies of yours that you play was going on the hall geminal gentleman help people you kicked out of the band because they were good enough we have this wrong about this one guitar player for a while his name was John Mayer we kicked him out magia yeah there are ways I think greater than ours see China starters on something I don't think worked out yeah he's got a weiner company yeah I heard like you didn't know I was another starter mayor come on I am back it says I love to take a run yeah yeah baby we were just school of music okay luckily that's okay the music that music is ok that's the way it's supposed to work goes what oh yeah our front side over towards heart it when once you see me a RTS hey RCS ok look for to them good peeps and now the even on the road pushing yourselves around the country doing what you do is there anything that us sandy Aegon's need to know about things elsewhere in this country is there some cool things you guys did while you're on the road cool places you played where you want man this is a man are you like sir need to know what surfing we went surfing yesterday and not a fighting no time so that's good yo cliff diving yeah where were we when we snack catching that was nothing what's engineer how to snake weeks what should I think what's Regina yeah yeah West Virginia spinner com I caught a water moccasin as well yeah and do they fit say got him again man Taylor was 0 that was no place me a lot of great cities obviously skydiving ya know here yeah Chicago is always fun auto Colorado's always went to the pole mount yeah yeah yeah yeah we love going to Philadelphia today did like a big outdoor festival yeah it's all good man we're always trying to enjoy this Eddie don't get too I don't wear anything interesting where San Diego we bought that number Tijuana that's true we actually did you yeah that's where our transmitters oh I just crossed that border six times a week really why you're looking at me like a movie lying I like what is going I'm not waiting that you know what you were crossing that border yeah those days it was crazy all right rasa influences why who influenced you how did they influence you and do is to include sure that your kid growing up musically in friendly brothers and sisters neighbors pornography okay you're on to something yeah okay it was um my personal one yes um I big one probably I have to say you do you too I've say they were a big influence on me and I guess my dad really loved four tops that was what I was 22 I'm going up okay old-school Motown all that good stuff there's a correlation dan you to motown geologically something like that good singers general it's so crazy if you ask me that excites have so many different things that just from the other yeah and I think we all do at the same time we love current we love old-school we love everything I don't think I can really pinpoint one personally Motown in YouTube that's good that's good it's good how about you my padre hardest working artists working single parent ever he was awesome and he really pushes like the beatles on me so good job he's a good guy he used to be in a band when he was young they were called hookers green and they would they would play beatles covers that's like all David you Beatles and Elvis so I'm glad to get the name workers green you know never asked him I never asked him that I thought it was a pretty cool name okay about time we get back to the building i want i want that answer I'm gonna call her he probably sure it was probably hopping over to Tijuana probably was he born raised out here now Texas in Texas in okay this influence I grow a plant blues guitar like Albert King now see Stevie Ray Vaughn Hendrix but naming hendrix song by song solo so the way yeah candy can you play it backwards upside down yeah again place my teeth I would never want my first concert no this is so cheesy enough my first concerts when I was I think I was like 15 I think I I was playing but I pulled the car play the soul of my teeth and that's rested Effendi I'm really mad it was right-handed so you gotta yeah why do you have a foot that look cool I thought it looked cool 290 as we were getting just out on but in a brace after a while yeah right Holly I'm very nice just ruin the show yeah a little uh you know the Prado going on great I'm just trying to get it okay so hazards and obviously the replacement for Chris right yeah Minnesota definitely has a lot of great lot of great bands he does from the past and the present but um musically you know it's kind of all over the place thank you the biggest thing that influence we don't live with my mom knows she's always such a supporter my music she was the one who supported me going to Berkeley she was long to support me dropping out of Berkeley to pursue this band and Percy music as a professional upload something that's good well your parents will thank them I'll thank them and you guys I love my parents you heard half mile in heaven real ahead mom dad I love and that's where your dad for a while she taught you more than your daddy was adopted by Jimmy alright can use your American office after you don't see that will I live anywhere they play them in America if you're watching this in another country go see the plant pay if they play there but thank you very much ladies room yeah oh yeah I thought we were all doing slow clap that's right you


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