American Singer & Actor Elvis Presley - Biography and Life Story

American Singer & Actor Elvis Presley – Biography and Life Story

Musician and actor Elvis Presley endured rapid fame in the mid-1950s—on the radio, TV and the silver screen—and continues to be one of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll.


Born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley came from very humble beginnings and grew up to become one of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll. By the mid-1950s, he appeared on the radio, television and the silver screen. On August 16, 1977, at age 42, he died of heart failure, which was related to his drug addiction. Since his death, Presley has remained one of the world’s most popular music icons.

I remember watching this guy walk through the door as a regular human being talking to us just like a really nice guy and the night before he was master onstage he knew how to leave that persona on stage that hysteria whatever it is that magic and came offstage and just be person Alvers president is an American icon that ushered in a music revolution that triggered a global cultural transformation he became known as the king and controversially gave birth to rock and roll in an era of conservatism and conformity through his music Elvis opened the door for black musicians and sparked greater tolerance of open sexuality Elvis used to talk it used to say we're not never one to marry and how you going to be remembered by the time he died in 1977 Elvis had starred in over 30 Hollywood movies and reinvented himself in Las Vegas as a kind of all-american superhero to this day Elvis Presley remains one of the most influential figures in American music and culture I wouldn't want to fashion myself after any one individual because I'd like to would like to develop my own own technique Elvis Presley lives on Elvis Aaron Presley was born in a humble family shack in East Tupelo Mississippi on January 8 1935 sadly his twin brother Jesse was stillborn and his parents Vernon and Gladys were financially challenged and at times relied on welfare just to get by it was the middle of the Great Depression and East Tupelo was a haven for poor sharecroppers and unskilled factory workers Elvis's family life was turbulent during his early years largely due to his family's poverty from an early age he was inspired by country music that he heard on the radio and the gospel music that consumed him when attending church each Sunday morning whilst attending high school he developed a passion for rhythm and blues and imaged himself with long grease down hair and sideburns Elvis was regularly teased and harassed by his classmates his passion for music became all to consuming his schoolwork faltered and he became a straight C's student when aged 18 he recorded a number of demos racks at Sun Studio and caught the eye of the owner Sam Phillips Phillips signed Overson had him record the song that's alright it was a hit in Memphis and Elvis's first single steadily climbed up the country-and-western charts he quickly gained national attention with his forthcoming singles and his sensual performing style raised eyebrows throughout a very conservative United States his fans mostly teenage girls loved and idolized his revolutionary rock-and-roll music and performances all of us learn to play to the girls teasing them with his body movements and making them scream each tiny swiveled his hips in 1955 Sam Phillips sold Elvis's contract to RCA Records moving to RCA was a major step in Elvis's career gaining national and international promotion and distribution the release of his first album simply titled Elvis Presley sold over 360,000 copies in just over a month and became RCA's first million-dollar album by single artist Elvis Presley also became the first album in music history to sell over a million copies the following year Elvis was seeking a bigger and more explosive sound this resulted in the recording of what would be two of his signature tracks hound dog and don't be cruel hound dog sold over a half a million copies and climbed to number one on the R&B charts don't be cruel became the biggest two-sided record hit in history it climbed to number one and held that position for eleven weeks longer than any other single released in the rock and roll era his unprecedented sexual performances became a nationwide controversy the New York Herald Tribune called Alvers unspeakably untalented and vulgar the criticism prompted parents and religious groups to condemn Elvis and rock-and-roll music by associating them both with juvenile delinquency this was a time when even jazz musicians were considered risque many people see the world of jazz is one of hysterical teenagers and Deb cigarettes is just the true picture well that's the dope cigarettes and I've never met the Morgan Lee ones making a cough quite enough in the morning and as for the hysterical teenagers unfortunately no not only was Elvis's image and performances considered repulsive by some but was considered modern music what do you think of their modern music if you can call it Ted how do you feel strongly about it well I like a good deal of it and well I think it's awful hard to generalize about it and say everything's good or bad but I like a good deal of it what about the the outer not rock and roll do you like that I don't call that modern music offices performance on The Ed Sullivan Show made television history when the censors decided to shoot the rock and roll star only from the waist up the media dubbed him Elvis the pelvis never before had an entertainers hair been the subject of so much attention Elvis's hairstyle was criticized because of its length and the fact that so many teenagers emulated it he truly was a trendsetter in a bid to transform easy reach to reach an even greater audience he made his move into Hollywood movies it was a master story a phenomenon recalling Marilyn Monroe's sensational debut in show business mr. teenager is on his way to attaining a popularity unparalleled in theater history but here this are you young at heart the handsome king of rock and roll will soon be seen in his first picture titled lug me tender it's a CinemaScope attraction with Richard Egan and Debra Paget that will be released during the Thanksgiving holiday period and if he proves to be as naturally talented as a dramatic actor as he is as a singing entertainer audiences enthusiastically received Presley and the films are a great platform to promote his soundtrack albums jailhouse rock maybe Elvis's best film because of the way it captured the rebellious rock-and-roll attitude of the 1950's the young rebel not only changed the course of popular music but also gave a generation an identity and an attitude jailhouse rock was the first single ever to enter the British music charts at number one Elvis was riding the crest of a wave of popularity chart-topping records hit movies sold-out concerts fan hysteria and near constant controversy all helped him to become the biggest star on the planet but at the pinnacle of his success with the world in his foot Uncle Sam came calling the temple is hut two three four for private Presley he's at camp chapter king of rock and roll will be keeping time tuned on hip bugle calls hired a gyrating guitarist departure from the public eye left his Blue Gene fans all shook up so we hear but Elvis doesn't seem to mind at all the news of Elvis's induction had sparked competition between the Armed Forces for his services the Air Force wanted him to tour their recruitment centers and the Navy even offered to create a specially trained Elvis Presley company but presently wanted no special treatment and was happy to serve as a regular GI he was meant to report for his induction into the army on January 20 1958 the very same day he was scheduled to start filming King Creole paramount contacted the Memphis draft board requesting a deferment until the shooting of the film was complete the draft board had already been gel used by letters from angry fans who saw the Conscription as a government attempt to sabotage Elvis's career President Eisenhower even received letters regarding the Elvis Presley draft situation in order to end the tide of criticism the draft board agreed to grant Elvis a 60 day deferment after completing the King Creole film Elvis reported to the local draft board to begin his service in the United States Army the enlistment process turned into a media circus dozens of reporters and photographers as well as a film crew were there to document the historic avenge flash bulbs popped constantly as Elvis went from station to station he was asked questions examined and tested pronounced fit private Elvis Presley serial number us five three three one zero seven six one was understandably upset about leaving his distraught mother and father behind his lucrative career as rock-and-roll king interrupted for a while Elvis Presley begins his military service at Fort Chaffee Arkansas just another GI to become acquainted with those interminable army lineups Marvel Sam doesn't play favorites and those celebrated sideburns which were his trademark are sacrificed to military uniformity marks his fans would love to touch shorn and scattered on the barbershop floor with the haircut goes $78 a month he made a cool million last year subsequently issued with his US Army uniform private Presley was assigned to the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood Texas for basic training whilst Elvis was in the middle of his training his mother grew seriously ill Gladys had not been healthy for some time she'd always wanted the best for Elvis and loved watching his singing and acting career takeoff however as his popularity grew he was home less and less and Gladys sank into a deep depression to deal with her loneliness and fears Gladys drank heavily while Elvis was away sadly Gladys loves miss Presley died of a heart attack when she was only 46 years old but Elvis had to soldier on after completing his training he and the 1,400 other members of his company boarded a train to New York where they would have a brief layover before being shipped off to West Germany pulling into Brooklyn was a very important person none other than Elvis Presley private Presley soldier nowadays in Uncle Sam service the one of the fans and an army of press men were on hand this was indeed an occasion the Rock and Roll King was about to embark for foreign service 18 months in Germany how the army would stand the impact of mr. Presley was a big question months ago but not now as Elvis explains Elvis sir since you've been in the Army how the boys giving you kind of a rough time in the barracks because of your past career would you say no sir I was very surprised I've never met a better group of boys in my life we probably would have if it's been like everybody thought I mean everybody thought I wouldn't I wouldn't have to work and I would be given special treatment in this and that when they looked around and saw was I was on KP and I was pulling guard and everything just like they were well they figured well it's just like that the conservative press men took their last opportunity to quiz the king of rock and roll about his music and it's possible demands Russell rock and run has been around for many years it used to be called rhythm and blues and as far back as I can remember it's been very big although in the last five years it's gotten much bigger but I personally don't think you will ever die completely out it because they're going to have to get something mighty good to take its place as far as the young people are about what about cleaning it up were or at least improving it morally and maybe taking the wiggle out of it perhaps where you took the wiggle out of it it's finished you out of the answer though why is the wiser well rock and roll music if you like it and if you feel it you can't help but move to it that's what happens to me I I can't help it I mean I had to move around I can't stop stuff I've tried it and I can't do it Elvis was then asked to answer his many critics they claimed that he was a bad influence on his young fans yes sir I have I don't I don't see I've tried to figure out I don't see how I could think they would contribute to juvenile delinquency someone are they singing and dancing I don't see that because if there's anything I've tried to do I've tried to live a straight clean life and not set any kind of a bad example over the other side is the students are I will say that there are people that are going to like you and people that don't like you regardless of what wasn't as your aunt what you do you cannot please everyone aalverson shipped out of the Brooklyn Navy yard's aboard the USS General Randall bound for Rimmer Haven West Germany on the eve of the departure Elvis was promoted to private first class unbeknownst to Presley he was nearly as popular in West Germany as in the United States nearly 2,000 screaming German fans greeted him when he docked in Bremerhaven I was very surprised at the reception I wasn't expecting anything that quite that that big and I don't regret that I didn't have more time to stay there with them but maybe someday I can come back my army tour is up as an entertainer and then I'll have more time and I'll have an opportunity to make myself at home of it whatever day well that's a tight Elvis was assigned duty as a jeep driver the perfect assignment for a man who loved cars as much as he did he was rewarded for his diligence by being promoted to corporal despite the public hype surrounding him Elvis behaved just like any other soldier he carried a gun and he pulled KP and even did God Judy which was not a wise assignment because Elvis was so famous in Europe whenever he was exposed to the public they appeared in droves one night a huge crowd gathered when Elvis was doing guard duty at a military entrance he was standing as ordered but was surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of fans it practically took a platoon to rescue him Elvises army MOS was as a tank gunner which seemed to be a more appropriate assignment Elvis loved guns and these were big ones but there was a problem because the guns were so loud he began suffering from ringing ears and at times seemed to be deaf eventually Elvis was taken out of the tanks Elvis was permitted to live off-base with his family during his tour in Germany he rented a modest house where he lived with his father and grandmother regularly he'd invite fellow soldiers over for jam sessions one of Elvis's army buddies invited a young girl named Priscilla Beaulieu it was love at first sight when Elvis met the girl that would one day be his wife for Priscilla dating Elvis Presley was a dream come true but the romance came to an abrupt end only a few months after it began Elvis's tour of duty was over in the press she became known as the girl he left behind when questioned at a press conference back in the States Elvis denied that any type of romance was going on between him and Priscilla well before he came home America had already begun preparing for the return of Elvis Presley even though he had spent two years without making a record or a public appearance Elvis still ruled the record charts I understand that you want to become a dramatic actor is that right well so that that's that's my big ambition it takes a lot of time a lot of experience but I hope I'll make it that's what I want to do and do you feel that you want to fashion yourself after Sinatra or perhaps James Dean I wouldn't want to fashion myself after any one individual because I would like to would like to develop my own own technique don't get me wrong I mean admiring a mr. Sinatra I think he's a great actor all that but I would want to I would want to pattern myself after individuals all this means of course that some of your music will lose perhaps you'll be doing fewer records in also it doesn't mean that because I wouldn't want to give up singing I'm only saying that I would like to become a good actor he was coming home to the United States as an even bigger star than when he had left when Elvis returned to the public spotlight in 1960 it was obvious that he had matured both physically and professionally as Tom would tell Elvis was a changed man when he emerged from the Army he surprised everyone by trading in the frenzied trappings of his rock-and-roll use for a more mature image built on the good publicity from his tour of duty Elvis you plan to make a picture about your experiences in the army or about the honor at all my first picture is called the GI boom oddly enough and the story takes place in Germany but it's not about my actual experience the success of his forthcoming movies and pop music albums were testament to the wide appeal of this new more mellow styled Elvis Elvis was honorably discharged from active duty on March 5 1960 he received his mustering out check of 109 US Dollars and he could now return to the life and career he had left behind Presley had now won the hearts and minds of his mainstream press and general public when I was released his biggest hit ever it's now or never he received airplay on conservative radio stations that previously didn't pay his records thus exposing him to a wider adult audience Elvis wasn't the only Presley to find a new love in Germany his father Vernon met D Stanley whilst living there Dean returned to America with Vernon after Elvis's discharge and the two were married in Alabama Elvis did not attend his father's wedding which led to speculation that the marriage caused friction between the two men Elvis not only gained a stepmother but he got three stepbrothers as well Billy Rick and David grew very close to Elvis Elvis wasn't only their big brother he also became their role model and protector when I was a kid in school I didn't get along with people too well everybody I thought was trying to use me I mean everybody was trying to get to me because of Elvis as a result I didn't have a real good attitude about high school Elvis saw this rebellious streak in my life and he said hey David forget school go to work for me drop out of school go to work for me and I'll take care of you Elvis's first television performance after his discharge was on the Frank Sinatra tymek special welcome home Elvis the program received phenomenal ratings gaining a 41.5 share for that evening Elvis was paid a staggering 125 thousand US dollars for a total of six minutes on the air but this would be his last television performance for eight years when Elvis's fans wanted to see him now they would have to go to the movies in May 1960 Elvis returned to Hollywood to begin shooting GI blues the film was enormous ly successful and the soundtrack album reached number one quickly remaining on the chance longer than any other Elvis Presley album movie critics approved of his new image and predicted he would find plenty of new fans amongst older women Elvis didn't share the critics enthusiasm for GI blues he felt that there were too many musical numbers and believed some of them made no sense within the context of the plot he was also concerned at the quality of many of these songs were not as good as the music in his earlier films his manager pushed prison into a heavy moviemaking schedule focusing mostly on low budgeted musical comedies Elvis at first insisted on pursuing more serious roles but his attempts to be a dramatic actor in the flaming star and Wilde in the country both flopped at the box office he then reverted to the low-budget soundtrack formula the 27 films he made during the 1960's were mostly canned by critics but were consistently successful at the box office seven years after Alvis first met Priscilla he proposed the wedding ceremony took place at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas and took less than 10 minutes two months later it was announced that Priscilla was pregnant but after the arrival of their daughter lisa marie the relationship broke down some years later they held hands during their divorce proceedings and remained friends recently priscilla reflected on her time with the man she held so dear to me the times I cherished were the times that we were alone and you know there was only so many people in the entourage at all times and we lived and breathed together with the entourage travel together ate together and experienced a lot of things but the times that we were alone and when he really revealed himself during his time in Hollywood it was often rumored that Elvis dated his co-stars something that Mary Ann Mobley strongly denies you know we never dated we did two movies together we were great friends that we never dated in fact I never saw him off the MGM lot which was my home studio except on two occasions and once he and the boys were taking me home because of my heart my cart my heart my car was in the shop and then once when he invited my husband and I to come to Vegas for one of his concerts but always one of the boys would call and say ma and we got a new number at the house and Elvis wanted you to have it in case you ever needed us he was a very loyal and loving friend in the late sixties Elvis's career began to falter due to a string of mediocre movies and soundtracks after he decided to stop making movies in the late 1960s Elvis returned to its first love music and recorded How Great Thou art the recording proved to be a milestone in Elvis's career winning him his first Grammy Award after Elvis felt the excitement of singing for a live audience during the performance in his TV comeback special he was keen to return to the concert stage he was invited to play at the new International Hotel in Las Vegas he was terribly nervous about performing in front of a live audience in Las Vegas but despite his nerves his performance was an enormous success the hotel offered Alvers a five-year contract to play two months a year at a salary of 1 million u.s. dollars per year 6090 opens in Vegas the family's there in 14 he starts turning 1970 now I'm a Beatle stone I'm a rock and roller and here's my big brother the king of rock and roll and I begin to realize that when I saw those shows started touring with him and watching others respond to him not necessarily just an audience of fans but other rock and rollers who would meet him and just wow this is this is the King Elvis comes back and walks into her dressing room he sent us flowers good good wishes and everything and really talk like they're sewer you knows how are you all doing and I remember watching this guy walk through the door as a regular human being talking to us just like a really nice guy and the night before he was a master onstage at least to me my perception the guy knew how to shut it off he knew how to leave that persona on stage that hysteria whatever it is that magic and come off stage and just be a person after his successful engagements in Las Vegas Elvis took his act on the road and toured intensively for the next few years by 1971 Elvis was on the road more than most other acts in show business he would tour for three weeks at a time taking no days off and doing two shows on Saturdays and Sundays Elvis in his entourage would arrive in a city and depart again in less than 24 hours such a demanding schedule took its toll in terms of Elvis's desire to update or change the material in his act eventually his performances became standardized even routine despite this Elvis concerts were almost always sold out his dependency on a variety of prescription drugs and the non-stop touring started to take its toll on Elvis Presley's physical and mental health in 73 74 75 we were having some great years Elvis was involved in prescribed medication that went from use to abuse for example Elvis was like 165 168 72 73 up until 74 75 about 200 76 77 255 these were results of medications prescribed by doctors that Elvis took on a regular basis this went from a used to abuse scenario hugely overweight and his mind significantly dulled by the drugs that he took daily he was barely able to pull himself through his abbreviated concerts when on stage he was so nervous he could hardly talk Elvis's overuse of drugs evolved into a frightening level of abuse and he was hospitalized several times personally downhearted and paranoid Elvis grew bored and dissatisfied by 1976 it was almost impossible to get Elvis into a recording studio despite his contractual obligations sadly Elvis Presley died on August 16 1977 in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion in Memphis Tennessee he was just 42 years old Elvis had been on the toilet but fallen off onto the floor where he lay in a pool of his own vomit Joe Esposito Charlie Hodges Vernon Presley sandy Miller a couple others were there and they had converged on him and they had just rolled him over and I realized that he was gone there was no mistake that on that day I was Presley had left the building paramedics said what do we have they came they started working I automatically blurted out it's a drug overdose now that's a controversial issue with a lot of people but it's funny how the world's tried to become an authority on my big brother I was there I lived with this guy for 17 years I turned with him for five years I knew his habits medications winds where's do's don'ts that day he took too much and it cost him his life the news of Elvis's death not only stopped a nation it shocked the whole world within an hour after our versus deep fans began to gather in front of Graceland by the following day when the gates were opened four mourners to view Elvis's body the crowd was estimated to be twenty thousand and grew to a staggering 80,000 mourners at the close of the day much like the day that President Kennedy was assassinated everyone remembers where and what they were doing when they first heard the news Elvis is dead President Jimmy Carter issued a statement the credited Presley with having permanently changed the face of American popular culture eventually so many mourners arrived that it was impossible for them all to be admitted to Graceland law enforcement officials were there in force concerned that the crowd might get out of hand but fortunately although the gathering was at times hysterical it remained peaceful the stifling Memphis heat and the emotion start on that day took its toll on some the official coroner's report states cardiac arrhythmia as the cause of Presley's death but later it was admitted that his death was caused by a cocktail of ten prescribed drugs taken in doses no doctor would ever prescribe I think people always sensed an illness that ml is the sense of kindness and and love that he had I mean he was also fun but he was much nicer than I think most people even realize those who loved him he was just innately a good person the one thing about Elvis was that he didn't really understand what made him great I think that there was a time when he questioned it and he wondered what am i doing what do I have what is this and then I think later he just accepted it Elvis Presley's funeral was held at Graceland approximately 80,000 people lined the processional route to Forest Hill Cemetery where Presley was buried next to his mother following an attempt to steal his body he was reburied in Graceland meditation garden the following year thousands returned to Memphis to commemorate the first anniversary of Elvis Presley's death a hundred thousand fans are here from all over the world almost every one of them will spend most of one day queuing to see President Bill Graham Rogers to the Graceland mansion have continued to this day to commemorate the anniversary of his death people from all around the world come together to take part in the emotional experience and participate in candlelight vigils although Alvers didn't perform in Europe many make the trip across the Atlantic to pay homage to their king possibly because I think we missed out excuse me because I'm going to get emotional because he never came okay we wanted him to come so much : Colle Camuto Metro Raphael charisma is as a from his repo ADIZ toes who hundred percent charisma nephew tell Anna Karenina she emailed Isaiah high on violets leonesse Monsieur totally torn from the book limbo for our fee McCullough hardcore candidate Malayala hawaika the fans willing to make the journey to Memphis and not only Europeans he truly touched the hearts of people in all corners of the world I don't see elders as an American Idol you know I think he is international because many people in my country they don't speak English but they love this song I don't know why they don't understand the lyrics but they love the songs I think is his voice and his feelings you know he was a soul singer I think that's why and we are all having a blast here it means so much to us to be here – me personally my dream come true is to play a small part in carrying on Elvis's legacy of love we we love him so much and this is my first time being here and it just means so much to me well I come from Australia and I've been coming twice a year since 94 and just for the love of Elvis and the friendships we make here – it's like a big family and it's not be coming back here to them all it's very sort of safe and peaceful and it's just Deezer graveside is really another hmm I just love the feeling up there yes it's just amazing all the people out here and the devotion they have to him and all the candles lit and just it's just fabulous it's fabulous everybody needs to do it once Priscilla Presley made an appearance as part of an event marking the 30th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death during a sold-out session she spoke of her love of his music every song he's saying he put his heart and soul into it and it's hard to have a favorite song because just when you say oh this is my favorite then you hear another song and you go oh god this is my favorite and then you hear that song you go oh that song brings back memories I really like that song you know I don't know I when you grow up or you grew up listening to Elvis songs there's a really a special meaning to all of them it's been going on for 30 years it doesn't look like it's ever going to stop I don't know why I think Elvis just was one of those magical dudes man I mean he he was a highly spiritual individual he had a tremendous charisma and magnetism about him that goes beyond explanation I mean if Elvis Presley walked into this building today I would feel the presence of him I mean that's how strong his presence was and that's an unexplainable phenomenon that I think in 30 years from now I'll be 80 something years old and we may be still sitting in this room talking about why is Elvis Presley so big the 30th anniversary saw not only loved ones and family members reflect on Elvis's life but also Mary Ann Mobley who gave a personal insight into what Elvis thought about his own legacy I do think that Elvis would have been surprised Elvis used to talk of used to say you know you ever wonder marry and how you're going to be remembered and I think he would be very surprised pleasantly so to know that our thirty years later that about 50,000 people will be coming to Graceland on the anniversary of his death Elvis has made a lasting impression on some of the most unlikely of fans a former Japanese Prime Minister is a self-confessed Elvis maniac he was terribly excited when he took a tour of Presley's Graceland home with President George W Bush visit here is an indication of how well-known Elvis was around the world a lot of people still treating Elvis Presley songs here in the States and there's a lot of people who love Elvis Presley man including Prime Minister the prime minister who actually shares his birthday with Elvis demonstrated his vocal talents I thought you did this wish Elvis's daughter Lisa Marie and Priscilla clearly enjoyed the antics of Kazumi during their private tour you lisa-marie has been actively keeping the present music tradition going in 2003 she released her first solo album titled to whom it may concern' the album received positive feedback from her peers in the industry Puff Daddy called me out of nowhere one day and was like saw the video and was saying just from one artist to another I think it's amazing and you know you have your own thing going on and it's great who else I don't know a few others Elton John sent me flowers which I was very happy about that was very sweet saying you like the record Riley Keough Elvis's granddaughter has also kept the showbusiness tradition alive in the family when aged just 14 she made her catwalk Daboo for Dolce & Gabbana at two fashion shows in Milan before it was really scary then when you get out despite her nerves she impressed two of the biggest names in the fashion world Nora tranquilo rapper DNG era nervosa / que la prima Volta well fat hola Prima la prima Sita tato Reilly's mother Lisa Marie made history when she married another musical king the King of Pop the late Michael Jackson it's been said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery that being the case Elvis is truly an admired entertainer all around the world fans participate in Elvis Presley impersonator competitions you Israeli Elvis impersonators regularly gather at a petrol station known as the Elvis in near Jerusalem the plum and Israel love it love this song there's a lot of we have a lot of four styles and all original blues and the gospel and I think his ring grandmother was a twist that's why I heard few celebrate Elvis quite like the Japanese young and old male or female like the Japanese passion for karaoke it seems everyone likes to take center stage when wearing an Elvis costume some even say him as a god-like figure kami no koto stay Mari ten a super race in DES do me Malta homos heiko Sega Thomas a homicide cómo se submit your Vista Service the Elvis craze has even hit the shores of gore in India and it's good for business entertaining locals and tourists alike the sponsors very good very good I don't have because it people are shouting at me I don't know how to cope with it we still live this is the most greatest thing that ever happened to me Filipino Walter Perez is just one of many die-hard Elvis fans that put it all on the line in the hope of winning a trip to Graceland after whether he likes it or not he is the king of rock'n'roll he's the king of balance he is the king of the music he is a soldier koala loompa played host to the Malaysian leg of the same competition and enlisted a professional Elvis impersonator as chief judge of the auditions I'm very impressed I'm very impressed with the way the important eaters have actually come up with their own version of Elvis you see as you can see everybody remembers Elvis in different way and today they've come to show it their way 50 Elvis Presley look-alikes took to the streets of central London to celebrate what they believe to be the 50th anniversary of the birth of rock and roll this is the 50th anniversary of Elvis's for a song but it's not just the 50th anniversary I was song it's the 50th anniversary rock and roll the defining moment in history is when Elvis went into that we calling she don't son and sang that's all right me for Elvis it's the the crossover appeal the fact that he can cross over to all races and color which is which is to have that kind of talent is extraordinary as well it seems Elvis's riding around in a double-decker bus was not quite i catching enough for the english on what would have been Alva sirs 70th birthday 77 Elvis impersonators crammed into a department store in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records well today they set a Guinness world record by having the most Elvis impersonators singing on location as you can hear behind me they had a 77 embassies all fully dressed with their wigs and their glasses and their singing voice to me is great the ongoing Elvis phenomenon is largely due to his following of loyal fans today his influence is still felt by performers from all generations he was definitely a pioneer of trying to do a little bit of everything of being a triple threat acting and singing and dancing and just being a full-fledged entertainer so um I guess I'm trying to follow in his footsteps in a way hound dog was one of the first records I had it was a tiny little little 45 and it was hound dog I used to listen to it all the time all of them Sariah Elvis a big part of my my musical education yeah I think he just had amazing charisma really and great performance and and you know people recognize that and could feel and his passion in what he did but obviously can't you know escape his his image his persona and always done for the music as a whole I put our songs that are inescapable appears that are fantastic songs I think we know we learn from each other along the way don't we from from him but hundreds of others along the way we will take our little bit and learn from what's gone on in the past the king of rock and roll had humble roots in the American South but from then went on to embody the American Dream becoming nothing less than the most popular entertainer the world has ever seen he gave the world a revolutionary musical stone he broke down barriers and continues to inspire millions to this day John Lennon once said before Elvis there was nothing the legacy of Elvis Presley lives on


  1. Decided to google Elvis and learn more about him. It's safe to say that almost everyone in the world knows who he is but I wanted to know more. And he seemed like a real nice guy and revolutionized so much with his music. He also seemed to not care that he was pretty much at the top of fame, he acted like everyone else. That's very rare these days.

    Then the drugs. But with his very busy schedule and all that I don't blame him for having something extra to buff him, but they are highly addictive so he fell to the trap like many others.

  2. Hello to all of u friends an Elvis Aaron Presley fans all over the nation im Michael Phipps listen up for hundredth time as ive bn sayin for the longest time i know an i can prove Elvis Aaron Presley faked his own death back n Aug. 16,1977 an he swore everybody to silence includin his only child Lisa Marie an his money ex wipe Priscilla Presley n Aug.he ordered an expensive wax dummy to b placed into the copper lined casket w/a small air conditioner at the ft.of it to keep it from desolvin an on Aug.16,1977 the casket was placed into the real hearst an they took it to wherever it wet w/16 white caddilacs followin behind the real hearst the way Elvis had prearranged to make it look as natural as possible an the same night a fake hearst backed up against some big bushes i call them hedge but anyway as i was sayin the fake hearst backed against some huge bushes an the very back door of the fake hearst opened up an the real Elvis Aaron Presley crawled out an he wiped his face an from then on Elvis went into hidin an i also know the real true story bout why he faked his own death an i also know who it was i know more bout Elvis Aaron Presley than anybody n his whole family i know where he was livin after he faked his own death i also know all bout the sneakin lyin stealin so-called col.tom parker too that's all im sayin for free cause it took me nearly 41yrs.investigation to find all this out as i was sayin that's all im sayin for free for the rest of my whole true story for any comment txt me at 931335-1868 it's worth the price an ive had offers but they wasn't reasonable enough

  3. He was an icon ! He thinking he wasn't he was amazing even n death ! International he was looking down Elvis you can see you are still missed and loved !

  4. elvis…the tale of the boy that was sold and turned into a product, killing him in the end. fuck greedz america and everything being turned into business. never mind art or human feelings.

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