Angry Celebrities & Paparazzi  Compilation 2018 HD

Angry Celebrities & Paparazzi Compilation 2018 HD

who's the man who's the lady with you guys I can't hear you so just shut the who's the fire lady with you who's the barn lady with you man you're the man oh come on that's not being nice do you think that Kim Kardashian thinks that her baby is more important than locates please proceed to gate 23a you think about that enough they're just a new boys my children please yeah I'm not doing your toga I better keep your hands away from me just like these stay away from it I'm gonna ask you once why fell baby okay I'm a big tipper Oh watch out she's blind now get it pan down of this dress this you said it's le top beautiful yeah it is and it's ombre it's like ombre teal it gets lighter to the bottom and that purple shoes on because why not I just wanted to show the legs because as I was telling you ahead of time you're gonna walk home with more than maybe just a trophy tonight I think lots of men be just a trophy tonight I think lots of men I'm not gonna walk home with any men tonight I'm gonna go hang out with my friends and then I go home to the cats no men allowed men get me in trouble I don't Oh see how old the kids are the car there too and sex so I guess along it's not against the law bro I'll do what I gotta do to get money for my dog I don't harm your kids is there a reason for that and you saw the results of the Senate investigation into Microsoft's tax affairs and the allegation that about four million dollars worth of taxes a day wasn't being paid because of the way that Microsoft managed their affairs what did you think I I think that's about as incorrect a characterization of anything I've ever heard it was the allegation that was known no it's just simply hogwash okay which aspect you sold whoosh the idea that Microsoft didn't pay its taxes it's not that Microsoft didn't pay taxes it's that they could have paid more taxes voluntarily yes by choosing to organize their Affairs differently rather than running them through Puerto Rico yeah your numbers are just completely wrong so listen let me walk my dogs in peace this is my house is right here you're basically at my front door I just want to walk my dogs in the morning in peace and you come here and you this close closer I just want to walk my dogs in peace connect loose yeah you know the rules are sat I paid more taxes than any individual ever and who wisely saw I should pay more but I paid over six billion in taxes how do you persuade people that it's their political or moral duty to pay more tax in order there can be some sort of redistribution you you make sure that they they follow the law and pay their taxes if they don't you put them in jail it seems to work Bill Gates thank you very much I'll get the French doors off appreciate it back here said have a nice day it's been an inspiration as a full-figured woman what is the most inspiring story that you can remember where you were inspired someone I don't I don't know I don't know I've gotten I'm sorry [Applause] Kardashian and now JLo right damn it whoa jell-o jell-o is that your image do you always do that that's amazing man Thank You Man Danny aren't you on probation or something for the Kardashians the baby's already been shot I don't care don't take pictures of the baby you hear me what do you want me on Madison Avenue go sit oh yeah be it grown you don't say your kids are going to premieres and and big stars now you used to tell us that 25 years ago and now they're out there you know there's no [Applause] Oh [Applause] whose decision was it go south you hear me get out of my face [Applause] [Applause] oh no what you doing why it's not even with you what's your problem it's not even with you I'm not even bothering you you just got here Francesca why you rude about it you just walked up to me how do you know i won okay shout out to act King Brandon he just sent the tweets a damn nigger go to jail shout out to you you whack it in a motherfucking I fuckin along and they're gonna go to jail no black mass you want another black man to go to jail you clown ass nigga you could told me go to hell I've respected that more you fake ass nigga I hope your mama coming room to smack you right nigga this nigga King Randor gonna put damn didn't go to jail you know what Jill no no no stupid motherfucker every real nigga know that you know what y'all know you anymore bitch-ass nigga if you won't know I go to jail Monday old bitch ass nigga I'm settled I'm fuckin injure my freedom until then coward as everybody fucking Brandi yeah queen Brandon Queen we bring princess Brandi Brandi sweet okay can you see a lovely smile from you please what's up guys thank you Katie you're looking great [Applause] you guys know the deal I take your picture and I do whatever but you don't follow me okay all right put it down on the place looks fine thank you thank you mining yo can you guys come here this is disrespectful and rude I just got back and being in hate eating and I'm trying to enjoy my day you got a picture now huh I hear that no no I understand you I just you know you pious and I mean right and I'm going back to my house you're not gonna get a picture right now I'm going to gates I'm going to my parents house I'm it's not gonna you're not gonna be getting any pictures the neighbors already pissed the neighbors had called you complain because of you guys and everyone sitting on my street just you've never seen before I've seen because I see you guys all hanging down with the bow we're waiting on Ryan Gosling so you passed by I mean do Ryan Gosling let's go something that's nice yeah no so I I mean no disrespect you know I just just wanted to get but your job is disrespectful if you got a picture now they got a picture now so can you leave me out on my way and they're still filming dude you don't want this you don't want this perfectly free in life dude it's fucking you make people feel horrible and people hate you for it that is not a good life there's like way better things you can be doing and way better ways to make money to be making people miserable and people hating it though it's thank you Kendall what do you want for christmas you figured out what you want for Christmas here Kendall did some Christmas shopping I said don't touch man nice man what do you walk hey bro bro bro bro please do me do me a big favor do me a big because the guys are doing think about I know John Theurer the world what what do you think of about the memorable tough man I'm just um John what do you think about them burning your memorable yesterday you know everything you'd be alright if you just said hello maybe hello maybe we're rude you've got the first time I've done this you look wonderful that outfit who are you wearing mama doesn't wear that but then it's awesome then I say got like a little fur bear he's gonna Ferb bear I'm sorry I like your pajamas yeah I do state we want to we want to be Sam so basically we want your love Wang some suggestions of the newer is you're a difficult guy to coach is there any to that I don't think so that's a very question for you to ask so why do you like that is the best plan team and if the coaches the thing is my father is that we're same standard is that leads the same year difficult because now we're saying I'm asking a question are you different the coachee family I don't think so okay I play Thanks it's such a giving it here why is that why is that he's always been like this what do you mean fit so it's not me saying this stuff like yeah all your important I'm supposed to do [Applause] hey big that's the price how much I'll trade with you can bless my face any time Thank You sandy still love your Doc's more than your daughter Lincoln to be the Thanksgiving Obama never met divided on that passengers can see show no experience Haylee pancakes or waffles come on pancakes or waffles French toast French so right Oh beautiful all right I'll take it ain't nothing wrong with that one foods the rest your life or would it be one food in only one thing you can't say pancakes


  1. This is from google, because i wanted to know:
    "It is perfectly legal to take a picture of a person when s/he is in a public location. You can then take that picture and put it in a magazine or on a website, etc. You do not need permission. "

  2. i hate the man that asked if kim thinks her child is more important. it’s her kid of course she thinks her kid is more important. also the fact that paparazzi won’t leave people with young children alone.

  3. Paparazzi are annoying . I know that they are just doing their job but they could at least be more respectful about it . If they tell you to leave you alone then leave them alone . Im sure that you have at least one picture that you can show to res of the world because we just want to know soooo bad that they are doing what normal people do too . Honestly now that i think about it paparazzi is such a stupid job to have .

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