Arjuna Stories - Bed Of Arrows - Short Stories from Mahabharat

Arjuna Stories – Bed Of Arrows – Short Stories from Mahabharat

Bed Of Arrows – This Story reveals the inner torment that Arjuna endures when he goes into battle with the Kauravas. In this tale, Aruna displays his generosity of spirit when he comforts Bhishma in his last hours..

Arjuna, the third of the five Pandava brothers, and the son of Kunti and pandu, is revered in Hindu mythology as a just ruler and a brave warrior. One of the Key figures in the Mahabharata, a few of his adventures are highlighted in these unique stories.

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on the ninth day of war Bhishma launched a fierce attack on the Pandavas as though to conquer them Krishna had motivated Arjuna to fight with all his heart to combat the fierce attack ouch you're not fighting as usual without attacking Bhishma you cannot dream up victory against the code of us Krishna I don't want to attack my great-grandfather who has brought me up from childhood Arjuna please understand the realities in war on the battlefield there is no place for sentiments do your duty as a chaplain I haven't follow your advice Krishna I will attack my Bhishma look at Bhishma his body is covered with arrows because of Arjuna's skill Bhishma has fallen down from the chariot and is laid in a bed of arrows waiting for his last heart sons I am blessed with the power of juicing the time of my death Ivan leave this world when the Sun turns to the north till then I will live on this bed of arrows Arjuna you can help me rest my head properly sure grandfather vomited by great thirst can you give me water o grandsire kindly have this water and fresh fruits son I have given all worldly pleasures so I can't have delicacies Arjuna can you help me cook here grandfather son Arjuna I am proud of you and thank you for breaking the river Ganga to drench my thirst it is on your blessing grandfather Duryodhana you are dear to me lease dot this war and compromise with the bond of us otherwise juries will be doomed


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