Arjuna Stories - Gurudakshina - Short Stories form Mahabharata

Arjuna Stories – Gurudakshina – Short Stories form Mahabharata

Gurudakshina –
This is the tale of the Gurudakshina that the Pandavas and Kauravas give to their teacher, Guru Drona. On the request to their Guru, they seperately wage war against Draupada, the King of Panchala.

Arjuna, the third of the five Pandava brothers, and the son of Kunti and pandu, is revered in Hindu mythology as a just ruler and a brave warrior. One of the Key figures in the Mahabharata, a few of his adventures are highlighted in these unique stories.

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the education of the princess of curriculum had come to an end guru Drona wanted to display the skills of his students hence he arranged a tournament at Aston appalled hearty welcome to the people of hostel are poor we are here to decide who's the champion at archery here the target start the fight pick the yellow fish hit the flow fish hit the green fish start the fight let the fight start Arjuna's gillen archery was extraordinary bhisma and drona were impressed there's nobody to match the skills of my beloved pupil the feudal princes the Kauravas and Pandavas had completed the education and it was time for them to pay guru Dakshina I want you to conquer Drupada the king of Panchala and bring him to me alive the Kauravas and Pandavas separately tried to wage war against Lupin my lord there is a message from the code of us yes go on your majesty the Kauravas are going to wage a war against us the code wash have no reason of course to wage war against us but if they are ready so are we sure Oh you soccer's we won the battle Duryodhana and his brothers fought against Drupada but they failed now it was the turn of abundance your majesty that's a message from the Pandavas yes go ahead the Pandavas are going to wage war against tough very successfully defeated the cow laws now the Pandavas are waging a war against us let us fight as bravely as we fought with the counter during the battle the Pandavas fought bravely they used the new strategy in which no soldiers vector they captured Drupada alive and took him to Drona third uses Yas King Drupada this pod was captured you honor my instruction do you remember how you had insulted me that is why you are here now Drona I feel sorry for what I have done to you my sincere apologies Drona and Drupada reconcile but Drupada still had something in his mind I shall go and do a severe penance to get a son who would kill Drona and a daughter whom I would get married to Arjuna drupada goes back to his kingdom kampilya with a heavy heart and the revenge on his mind


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