Australian Crime Fiction TBR & Recommendations

Australian Crime Fiction TBR & Recommendations

Hi guys! I’ve been reading heaps of crime fiction lately, so thought I’d share some of my fave Aussie crime writers – as well as some that I haven’t read yet, but would like to. Please offer more recommendations in the comments, or let me know if you’ve read any of the authors! x

Bonnier Echo Publishing –
Peter Temple –

Books mentioned:
Resurrection Bay by Emma Viskic –
And the Fire Came Down by Emma Viskic –
Dead Cat Bounce by Peter Cotton –
Dead Heat by Peter Cotton –
Goodwood by Holly Throsby –
Cedar Valley by Holly Throsby –
Truth by Peter Temple –
Jack Irish novels by Peter Temple –
The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey –
Into the Night by Sarah Bailey –
The Dry by Jane Harper –
Force of Nature by Jane Harper –
The Lost Man by Jane Harper –
Scrublands by Chris Hammer –

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hi guys my name is Julia welcome to book time today I'm going to be doing a video about Australian written crime fiction and some of so I'm gonna go through five or six authors I've read some of their books and I'm going to talk about those as well as the other books they've written that I want to read but also some office that I haven't read anything of yet so it's sort of a mix of my recommendations but also books I would really like to get to and also if you guys have read crime novels particularly Australian one well they don't have to be Australian I just like crime fiction please let me know below because I'm always looking for new tips so I've got my list here the first author I want to talk about is a movie sketch she wrote Resurrection Bay which I've just read that's the first book in her Caleb zelich series so Caleb Selleck is a private investigator and I talked about that in my recent wrap-up so I'll link that down below but essentially he is a private detective and in the first novel investigating a series of robberies with his colleague Frankie and as it turned like it sort of escalates and his best friend who was a policeman gets killed that happens at the very start not a spoiler and so they are investigating how this policeman got involved and where the other policeman they're involved in this sort of web of organized crime so it was a really good book I would say the mystery and crime element was not particularly complex but what was really nice was the characterization of Caleb Frankie Caleb's ex-wife cat and a bunch of other characters so it often became about the drama and tension in the relationships that emerged as a result of their investigation into this crime so that made it worth definitely worth reading even though the actual crime element once you got to the reveal wasn't that complex I still really enjoyed the book so I do recommend that one and what I would love to get to next is the second book in that series called and fire came down so what I haven't yet mentioned is that Caleb is profoundly deaf and has sign like he speaks with sign language well actually he I think he can speak but he also uses sign language and a movie sketch actually learnt how to sign and a lot of research and how to you know write a thoroughly drawn character who is also deaf and it's really interesting because I feel like it's not just chucked in there to have a disabled character he's deafness you know it's all about how it affects his sense of self in positive ways in more frustrating ways for him how he negotiates his career as someone who is deaf it's really interesting and well-written so that's really cool now in the second novel I think the Kickstarter is that a woman who is I think she dies but she pleads to Caleb for him to rescue her in sign language that's the Kickstarter of the story and I think again the mystery draws him back to his hometown Resurrection Day and again I think there's going to be some intrigue around his relationship with his ex-wife and you know how the crime affects his relationships with other people in the town and stuff like that so I'm really looking forward to that one and Emmett visits just books are published by banya echo so echo publishing is a I think it's a Melbourne based very small independent press but they publish really great stuff so it's really cool that she's getting a lot of attention and that this series is continuing the next daughter I won't talk about is Peter cotton he is a Melbourne based writer he actually happened to be a good friend of Mines landlord for a year or so and really nice guy anyway before long before that I had read his first novel called dead cat bounce which was a crime novel set in Canberra now Canberra is Australia's capital city you obviously if in Australia you will have heard of it but if you're overseas you may not have because it's very small and has its own territory the Australian Capital Territory and it was very interesting to me that he set a crime novel there because generally enough hint from camera but this sort of like stereotype of cambro is that it's really boring and nothing ever happens there because it's just kind of the political center which makes it sound interesting like Washington DC or something but that's not how it's perceived in Australia like you wouldn't think of a crime novel being set there anyway it was a really interesting novel and it was sort of about the alleged assassination of our prime minister the detectives name is Darren glass and it was really gripping I really enjoyed it I highly recommended it was really well-written really sort of tight prose and I was really impressed that he made sort of a political crime novel so interesting set in Australia because it's just not what you expect and there's as far as I know there's not many novels like that so that was really good so now the second novel in that series so I think it has the same Detective Darren glasses out and that's called dead heat so as far as I can tell this one's about Australian an Australian Aboriginal woman who body is washed up in Javas Bay which is a real town and Darren glass is called in from Canberra to govern investigate and I think he links that murder to another case of a missing Navy sailor and so he's teamed up with a navy officer and the two of them investigate these crimes and I think they might be taken in to Central Australia and there's you know they have to work with the indigenous community there but there's also a biker gang involved and it sounds really interesting and I'd be really interesting to hear how he handles the indigenous element and how that's written so I'm looking forward to that one as well I hope to get to that soon the third author is someone I haven't read any of her books it's Holly Throsby she is actually well I knew her as a musician a singer-songwriter I don't know if she's from Melbourne but I remember seeing her play at pubs around here you know ten years ago when I used to go see a lot of live music she has written two mystery novels the first one was called good wood and the second called see is called Caesar feather the second one is called Cedar Valley and they are both set in they're both sort of small town mysteries I'm not sure whether these are sort of traditional crime levels but they certainly seem to be mystery novels so in Goodwood where everyone knows everyone the most popular girl from school goes missing and then one of the town's most popular residents goes missing and I think the story follows all the speculation about what's happened to them and then one of the main characters who the story might be talking to her perspective also has her own secrets which sort of feed into this stuff so I think it's about sort of like small-town gossip and bruna and how that can be reconciled with the real disappearance of a couple of people the second one is called Sita Valley also set in a small town but as opposed to to be blowing missing two strangers arrive in this town one is I think just a local guy in a suit and the other one is a young guy fresh out of university and I think he's trying to find out some stuff about his mother and then the town is trying to work out who these strangers are but the strangers have also their own stuff they're trying to work out both of these novels are set in the 1990s I think the first one set in 1992 second one in 1993 and I'm just really keen to read them I I mean they sort of had mixed reviews and I don't think they're I think they're going to be quite easy reads but they sound sort of nostalgic and I think they're not funny novels but they sound a little bit fun if that makes sense yeah I think it would be nice a nice but good to read these books that are sort of set in small towns and really playing up the idea of the small town gossip and rumor and mystery maybe they have a little bit of a cozy vibe I'm not sure could be making that up if you've read them let me know and I will correct myself but I would really like to get to them soon the next novelist I would really like to get to and who I've never read before is Peter temple who's written a number of books including the Jack Irish series which has also been made into a TV show and also he's written a number of other books another like other crime books but not part of that series these novel truth one the Miles Franklin in 2010 and it won a bunch of other premiers literary awards as well so I'd really like to get to that one I keep looking down because I'm trying to read notes but doing inconspicuously and I'm doing it really badly I feel like I'm trying to focus at the camera while ignoring my notes Oh as it turns out truth is the sequel to another book called the broken Shore Inn by him anyway I'll link him down below because he's written a whole bunch of stuff I'm also really keen to get to the Jack Irish novels because they said in Fitzroy which is a suburb really close to where I live it's where my husband's parents live the TV show also sistar's Guy Pearce which is pretty cool I have seen some episodes of the TV show I never watched it properly but it's been recently popular and Jack Irish is not a cop he's an ex lawyer but I think he now solves crimes on his own oh I think he's a dick collector anyway I really like to read the books because he paid a temple sort of known as one of Australia's sort of great crime writers so if you've read any of them let me know how you found them the next author I want to talk about is Sarah Bailey who's got two novels out one is called the dark lake which has been an international bestseller I really want to get to it soon I haven't read either of her books the dark lake sounds good it has a female detective called Gemma would stop how he's laughing in his sleep it has a fearful detective called Gemma woodstock and i think she discovers an old like a woman she went to high school with face down in a lake and has to investigate this crime but it's she considers it quite a puzzle because this girl was extremely popular in high school very beautiful very beloved very successful and now her adult life is as appears not to be successful like she's living in a dingy apartment and all this other stuff so she's and it all occurs in quite a rural town so I love crime stories in rural towns so we'll see hopefully that one's really good there's also a second one in the series called into the night that's about GEMA Woodstock and a third one as well called where the dead go I'm not sure if that one's out yet but I'd really like to get to those I'd really like to get to his laughs in this loop again I'd really like to read these ones she's based in Melbourne I'm Sarah Bailey's based in Melbourne I love supporting Melbourne writers and has two kids and works in publishing so I feel like yeah I just I would love to support her by reading her books not that she needs my support I'm pretty sure her books are doing very well but I would still love to read them obviously the two I haven't yet mentioned a Jane Harper I'm not going to talk about her in great detail I've read all the books liked the dry really liked force of nature even more love to the lost man thought that was like definitely the apex of our work so far and I'm not going to talk about that much just because a lot of people on booktube have already read her or know about her she's talked about quite a lot for good reason I definitely recommend them if you haven't got to them yet particularly the lost man that the dry and force of nature are part of her detective series and the lost man is a standalone but it's it's really great all set in Australia in very different like physical environment so one's in a drought stricken country town one's in like the Victorian Forest which is very wet and muddy and cold and hilly obviously and then one is set in the outback the lost man sat in the outback yeoman I haven't really talked about his scrublands the novel by Chris Hammer I actually haven't read it but I really want to but the reason I haven't talked about it that much is because again that's very popular in book two but a lot of people have read it and that one is also about a drought stricken country town but a priest actually kills a bunch of his parishioners and then a journalist a year later comes up to sort of like an investigative investigative journalist comes up here later to investigate so I would love to get to that but again not talking about it heaps so that's just obviously there are so many more Australian crime writers that I would love to get to and love to talk about that's just a small smattering of maybe some that you haven't yet heard of something probably again if you've got any recommendations for crime from anywhere please leave it down below because my boys up for more tips thanks guys see you soon bye


  1. As a Canberran, I'm definitely getting the Peter Cotton books and the other books sound great too – some are already on my TBR. Chis Hammer is a local author too, although his novel is obviously set elsewhere. Helen Garner's Joe Cinque's Consolation was a true crime book about a prominent Canberra murder, well worth checking out as well.

  2. I have read The Dry but still have the other two to get to … Excited to read them ❤️ Xxx I don't read a lot of crime but will definitely add these to my list . I guess one crime / thriller I read recently and enjoyed was Th1rt3en by Steve Cavanagh so can recommend that one, although I have since found out it's part of a detective series so maybe look at the others first 😉❤️ Thank you for the recommendations xxx

  3. I love Emma Viskic. I've read both Ressurrection Bay & And Fire Came Down. They were both great. It would make a great tv series.
    Your baby is the most content little fella. He's getting big so quick. He's growing out of the baby sling.
    I'm trying to remember the title of the book written by Emily Maguire??? I thought it was very good.
    Thank you for doing this video. Lots of new to me authors 🇦🇺
    I've read all of Jane Harper. The Lost Man was unforgettable.
    I've also read Scrublands.
    Big fan of Aussie crime fiction.
    Have you read
    Denise Mina?
    Liz Nugent?
    Dervla McTeirnan?

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