Author: The JT LeRoy Story Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Laura Albert Movie

Author: The JT LeRoy Story Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Laura Albert Movie

Author: The JT LeRoy Story Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Laura Albert Movie

The story behind literary persona JT LeRoy, the fictional writer created by American author Laura Albert.

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JT Leroy is a twenty one-year-old writer… With two books of fiction based on his experiences as the son of a truck stop prostitute. Hi. I'm JT. Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy. There's not a lot of discovery in publishing William Burroughs. Genet. Allen Ginsberg. To hear a new voice was exciting. He doesn't like to show his face to the press. JT, I just thank you from the bottom of my heart. Some people think that JT Leroy might not really exist. My name's Laura Albert. And I am the writer JT Leory. I felt like a misfit. I didn't want to write as myself. JT Leroy was created from my dream. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy turning tricks, living on the street The books were taking off. JT had to walk amongst us. Savannah was over at my house and I said, "You look like JT Leroy". You'll wear the sunglass, a blonde wig. It was like Frankenstein. "Let there be life." JT Leroy is a literary it-boy It was a revolving door of celebrities. I see Bono giving JT industry advice. Suddenly, JT is the go-to person for the fashion world. I showed just enough to make them interested. The media was tugging pretty hard at the curtain. It turns out he may not be a he and may not even exist. I didn't know how to shut it down. It feels like the whole world is watching. Suddenly I've got a call. He says, "I'm gonna get you." He knows everything. There is a huge tornado that's about to hit. All the headlines are saying "the biggest literary hoax of our time". It is not a hoax.

  1. How was it a hoax? I knew the stories had to be fiction, because a lot of the things she wrote about would've made headlines in the news had they been true. Lots of writers use pen names, and there's nothing fraudulent about creating a persona. But I do think that the author had an emotional problem and she did deceive her agent.

  2. When the hoax hit the news, I felt like I'd been socked in the stomach. Seriously. I wasn't bugged about James Frey, or especially surprised about Beatrice Sparks' stupid 'Anonymous' diaries, but I loved JT Leroy's books. I knew 'Sarah' was too far-fetched to be a real story, but I thought JT Leroy was a real writer and that 'The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things' was a memoir of sorts. It appealed to my darker side. Clearly I was far from alone.

  3. This women pretended to be a gay boy who was forced to be a prostitute and had aids. So a liar about a situation so fucked up is celebrated. WHY? She scammed all you out your money. I don't understand how she was ahead of her time. Maybe you mean the lying to the masses the same way trump does and is still beloved. She used all of you to line her pockets. Now that I think about it she is a genius cuz she took all you fools who take shit a face value the same way trumpers do. Ahead of shims time YUP

  4. This story proves how the looney Libs will entertain ANYTHING to make money . Laura Albert did nothing the music industry & Hollywood doesn’t do on a daily basis … takes nothing & makes a star out of it. The people were pissed because the money train was ending NOT because JT wasn’t real ! This story shows what losers run & control our media industry!!!!

  5. In an age when the boundaries between gender, identity and reality are more opaque than they have ever been, the only ‘crime’ that Laura Albert seems to have committed was being 15 years ahead of the curve. Now that this film has begun to redress the balance, let’s hope it sees Albert get the recognition she so rightfully deserves.

  6. A wonderful, unique look behind the scenes at a compelling story that rocked the literary world. It's enlightening to go beyond the headlines of "the hoax" and understand the creative process, the wild journey of JT LeRoy. The story behind the story sheds light on so much about life, writing, publishing, the way the media and celebrity operate, and more.

  7. and the film by Asia Argento, starring her as "sarah", and as "j.t", cherry vanilla, twins dylan and cole, and the younger j.t, I forget his name but he was brilliant.
    "the heart is deceitful above all else", well worth watching.
    has she got facticious personality disorder, I wonder, or just an extreme imagination and ovaries of brass.

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