Baby Signs Australia on A Current Affair ACA 2010 | Baby Sign Language | Baby Signs Program

Baby Signs Australia on A Current Affair ACA 2010 | Baby Sign Language | Baby Signs Program

Baby Signs Australia is featured on A Current Affair with super signing Australian baby Sam.

Baby Signs Australia offers Australian families and their babies the world’s leading baby sign language program, the baby signs program.

The Baby Signs program is created by world’s leading baby signing experts Drs. Linda Acredolo & Susan Goodwyn, best selling authors of Baby Signs: how to talk to your baby before your baby can talk, Baby Hearts and Baby Minds.

Drs. Acredolo & Goowyn’s research into using simple baby signs with babies before they can talk begun in the 1980’s and has been tried and test for over twenty years. So much so that all baby signing programs have fashioned their programs on the Baby Signs program.

The Baby Signs program has proven to:
– help babies be smarter babies
– boost babies self-esteem leading to a happier baby
– support a babies social and emotional development, making them easier to be liked as children

You can view the Baby Signs program research on our website.

Or go to our site to find out how our program can benefit you and your family and which baby signing products are best suited to you and your baby.

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welcome back while our next story might be the answer to every exhausting parent's prayers imagine being able to prevent your baby crying or your toddler throwing tantrums the miracle fix is sign language giving children even babies the ability to tell mum and dad exactly what they need imagine being able to say goodbye to the terrible twos come on thank you thank you no more embarrassing Tantrums in the shopping I'll stop and what if your bundle of joy could tell you when he or she was hungry or even tired reading those telltale signs may be much easier than you think good bye little Sam Hamilton might only be 15 months old but he's already communicating with his mother tomorrow using sign language this is despite the fact he has perfect hearing it's called the baby signs program and baby Sam is part of the worldwide phenomenon which has been launched here in Australia this little fella already knows up to 30 words and he learns a new one every other day more good boy beep good boy besides that beep is tapping your chest Apple yeah on the cheek and the side for banana no no it's like peeling your finger none which one would you like banana or apple you want the Apple ok we'll get to the airport Janene burden and Tamara Hamilton are the Queensland based mums behind baby signs Australia they have first-hand experience of its success in the home with my daughter I didn't have to think about what she wanted what she needed she didn't use the crying and the 10 T's she reduced the signs so we knew exactly what she wanted the program was created overseas by child development experts it's being featured on Oprah and was also made famous in the movie Meet the Fockers l.j are you hungry Australia's baby sign a little Sam has starred in his own home movie on YouTube this footage was taken when he was just 12 months old why not use something that is just so easily adapted all it's at night and far from delay a child's speech these mums claim the program has proven to increase their skills as is the case for tomorrow's oldest boy Bobby flower by two years old his vocabulary was quite amazing and continues to be at four years old the words he uses even mr. fires medicines if parents were going to use any form of sign language such as the baby sign program then we would say it is essential that they are talking to their child as well speech pathologist cabe Fleming we would usually advocate using a number of different methods like playing with the child interacting with them talking to them and interpreting their nonverbal messages I think any medium by which a parent more effectively communicates with their child whether they're a toddler a teenager is a good thing Jackie's chaud has signed with both of her children her youngest Charlie started at nine months old there was really an immediate sort of success with it all those sorts of things that you usually have a tantrum over you don't have to have a change from over because you can just tell mummy what you want I think it works naturally O'Brien teaches baby signs classes that there's Gymboree childcare center in Melbourne she says if they're here with young and old parents love the program they see them dancing along as well and to science with their children which is what we learned Bebo saying he wants it's the world leading baby sign program for a reason because it's simple and it works and we're finished


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