Bank Holiday Book Vlog | Claire Fenby

Bank Holiday Book Vlog | Claire Fenby

Last weekend I filmed a reading vlog with Ben, featuring a trip to the library & a day in East London. You can follow me on Instagram @Claire_Fenby – more social media links below.
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today I'm gonna do a reading vlog and not just today it's going to be over that weekend I think and it won't just be about like what I'm reading I'm gonna be taking you places at the moment in London the weather's awful and it's like tipping it down rain so we're basically sitting in today is actually minor bangs anniversary you got me a very lovely lovely card but some of you may may already know that we live to anniversaries this is a day that Ben counts as our anniversary and so we've just had lazy morning I've been reading the flatshare by Beth Leary and I'm definitely you talk about my love or falling in love with like contemporary romantic fiction because I'm really feeling it at the moment and but Ben has been playing Jurassic world on PlayStation and there's been getting very annoyed at the velociraptors and yeah I thought I would just keep you with me this weekend so let's see what we get up to rate Ben's gonna make us some lunch are we gonna have to live because it's carrying that keeping down we ready it is awful yeah last weekend we had like a really good weekend internally it went up now absolutely thing actually did buy and this especially half of königsberg please published by HK but I put it in the bookshop at work because you get like to think 60% off then it's gosh which I know everybody's been loving and actually one of my colleagues said that it was like a really really good book and he's Holly's recipes and we've been looking through because we've actually like made little who are they like what I call them bear when you fall down they kind of don't get it all the pages yeah the ones that we frankly doing and tonight we are going to do we do the world in Boston current Essbase spicy everything so what he doesn't like our genes I actually kind of fancy it because I feel like that we've been faithful where and say I want to show up it I'm basically showing everything is good so if yeah like so don't if you slow it down frame by frame we're giving you free recipes do you see that I'll get fired yeah yeah close actually pirating this right now right the copyright law to be said when they go to like oh you see Woodsen's again a new place they used to work who doesn't like go and have a look at the recipes and make notes because they're hungry so just sounds like completely moaning about the weather I don't know why it's big feelings of it on me even do oh my god or when doesn't so dirty but look at that completely completely blue sky then is very seriously playing Jurassic boys it drastic world evolution yes yes it's like Jurassic Park you you wanna Park and this time the dancers don't get out hopefully how many velociraptors have you lost took you thinking the it's not losing the velociraptors it's losing the guests to the velociraptors cuz they keep breaking out which you told me with you starkly inaccurate that that the Raptors a historically inaccurate only the fact that they equal that Vickers probably practice the actual ones are about the size of cats or chickens and will feathery so you know you probably got a cap well as a pet would be a great pet but you know you could have and but we're going to the library mainly because like libraries are being completely shut down and we're really really lucky where we live in CAV a really amazing library that also has like an archive and stuff and hoping I'm gonna be doing more things oh the archive in future I hope well I just actually realized been that I'm cosplaying then I'm cosplaying the the sofa because I'm literally like look oh that looks so much lighter than anything and then I thought anyway but if you go and get a library card you're showing that you kind of care at the library and like wanna use the facility and so I think it's important for us to get a library card better I actually like it's a voracious reader and he will really like save a lot of money by obviously getting my books out and I'm really interested because their library you can also get ebooks for and I really like reading on my Kindle and often buy paperback books but I really love the feeling of reading on an e-reader so I think I might get a library card and then borrow the ebooks of some of the big books that paper books paperback that I caught and he was tossing this game and sir oh look at them god I was over here I mean can we feed the Triceratops yes sir horses yeah favorites Oh always socializes look at the time babe I probably have named them I have suddenly dinosaurs I could and I'll say Ben it was tiny one of the first I named wonder dinosaurs tiny which I said him and he died do dine it whoa you really think didn't you kill tiny tiny died of old age tiny is there but for the grace of God I mean the flag does give you for not meeting my dinosaurs however I give you call bite marks the Surat Soros and so where is he happy birthday I don't know they thank good at that areas and all sort of no shopping no you need to find a name that goes live like Trotsky like Trotsky then I have Cotton's they're like okay I'm trying to help I thought I'd also really quickly as well Ben's just play bit more this game show you some books I was sent these are all in the British Book Awards to newbies and this is the debut fiction for list so we have little bye bye Lilith's lomani and published by favor dear mrs. bird by AJ Pierce and published by I think pick a door yeah the sound s of eBay whoops the seven decks of even Hardcastle at the bitter Ravens books which is part of Bloomsbury then we have Ruth Jones never greener published vice was a Black Swan which i think is part of trans world literature stuff our flips and I have Kevin Morris as I feel like a bunny is up a book and then we have the mermaid mrs. Hancock by Imogen Hermes I always get this wrong even though when I met her like she taught me how to say journeyman it's not even hard it's a gala like power in Gower Street yes so this is the debut fiction short list and I love the mermaid mrs. Hancock and it's in short list of to so many different awards and really a bit kind of it wins this but to be honest I have a feeling it might be literature's Ashe wits I really am desperate to read this I love with Jones down with Stacy it's one of the best things that's ever seen and that was the sitcom she did with James Corden this is also a really imaginative and piece of like fiction inspired by Agatha Christie and it's just it's like Groundhog Day and I have read some of this finish it so I'd like to return to where am I am feeling like a if it looked like a commercial wound fiction at the moment and then this book made me actually have a dream that my baby had died and I actually felt really really well on my way to work when I was a bookseller I think it wasn't what I don't know if it's one of the books of the month but it was a book that I chose to champion I remember one month Ben got me some tulips this morning right anniversary and but then we both realize that like neither of us know what to do with tulips like there's a really pretty flower they've got so many leaves like how I really need to learn flower in Jing it is known as skill I possess now it's really sunny Ben I think we should head out should go to the library yes let's go let's go get some books library yeah and I thought tell you what picture do you want to be fast sure so the first one is lost civilizations of the Stone Age by Richard roughly I think it's that for historic human history I quite like sort of like ancient history and stuff but I'm a bit of a hipster about it because it seems like 90% of ancient history books is Romans and then the ancient Greeks get a little bit of a lock-in and then it's everyone else and that slightly annoys me but yeah like I'm very very interested in sort of it sort of like Mesopotamia in Assyrian history yeah so ingenuity has always been very very something that's interests me a lot and then for my second book bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum mr. Brandon send me a son snd so making the sender yes of all of my sons sadly some make him so sandy borough suppressor first number one mr. Sandin sent me a son uh sandy so make him a sending yourself all of my son bring me the son do Sandy son mr. Brandon Sanderson my head because that's how my brain that's what my brain does for like a year yes that's that's a hundred percent original song content so yeah the other book [Laughter] the book I got was the alloy of law by Brandon Sanderson I do the next verse the barbershop quartet going on okay okay here I am no that was that was me done right if you want to crush my talent yeah so this is follow-up to the Mistborn trilogy which is is probably the most well known works it's um it's a fantasy novel but sort of a bit more kind of gothic II slightly Victorian inspired society rather than traditional swords and sorcery style fantasy and I think this one's a bit more like a Western but I haven't read it yet so I'll see and that's the puzzle what I got and I think I would get really left like the ebooks and but I actually picked up on which his and the walks through lost Paris and by Leonard picked and basically it is I should say that we're going to Paris next week actually well we got the note yeah and I think that time I upload this daily multi-beam yeah and that I love Paris when I hit cities and yeah I kind of just do it but actually you don't know that much about the history and so it basically takes you on books and food parents but it also kind of has a lot of pictures of like buildings as they are now and buildings they were then and I'm just hoping for us to come pick out some slightly different pieces to go to and discover because I think we've both done like the you know the toy spots hmm and though I really love them and even you can't get any better than Paris I feel that's like a toy city but I would like to discuss it's like in you and I'd shown that subject a book that I didn't get from the library but I might report from gala Street which is one of my favorite stones shops and it's carries in stride yeah it is the best the best shop but yeah Paris and strike this is another walking guy beautiful illustration so I'm going to kind of use both of these to put together a plan for us and also I would like to make a video we are going couple times a year so I am hoping that I'll actually really be able to use both of them and I'm like go back again and the good thing is with live reasons that they have like travel sections and you can order books in obviously to the library because in reality there are places that I knew that are probably only gonna once in my life and I don't really want to spend like 20 quid on a travel book so the library is perfect for that the other thing is I don't even know what you'd let you actually call this this is anything oh my god I'm the first person own it second sis I'm second peasanty booked this out but that was me Wow like last love it's pretty cool yes to me all months okay anyway so I picked up is the Croydon advertiser special old and new Croydon Illustrated and it's May 1894 and I am fascinated by social history and I really wanted to learn more about South London and I am actually gonna be working on a series about discovering local history and I realized the dishwashers on so that if you hear that that's what it is it's washing em dishes it is hopefully hopefully but it has like loads of the kind of architecture that like I've made taste them like me go into like Croydon and I'm just kind of entering it again to see like this one in particular actually thank you under you go go see this that I will make an actual video this is just like a building on a high street and it's now but hoped I think like a web the spoons but it was actually like a very big like established like shopping department store and it was actually really like high-end so I'm just intrigued by the history and I want to use this members have starting pulling and it has low stuff if you are geek like me you'll find really interesting like the advertisements and so you can kind of see the prices around the area and watch the local the trade was like so yeah anyway I'm gonna use this as a starter for that and so that is our unlikely haul hmm I liked life actually yeah it's nice this busy as well today we're just good to see these people but you will say that like things like Jenny use I'm like I've never library where it's not near though it nearly everybody was on a computer working people were like like working at tables and stuff like that and I really because we don't also have child heartlessly going to at the children's area but but I was a kid I was like obsessed with my local library and like when you do see it so many books like nothing you the same with you yeah I hello just my school library did you give your local library well so much yes yeah our local IB was like my mommy's took me every Monday after work swim it in there like that no no Kippur and I would let you like a pile of books and so it's quite nice to think that we'll probably have children here and so you can't think I mean excited to take them to the library and pick up their buns and stuff anyway so I'm gonna stop it now and we've been shopping and we're gonna and except for a bit you can do it one day I'm ready for me Dame and probably be on my Instagram more than L do every day oh yeah see internet see you soon so it's now Sunday and I thought I'd actually sit down before we get started on hard day and actually do stuff because all I've been doing this morning is just like sitting and Benetton playing dress-up Park we actually did watch drastic park last night and I just have ever seen but yes so we are actually gonna go out today because we've had quite a lot of like indoor days like we've both needed a little bit of downtime but yeah and before we head out I want to talk about romance fiction I realize how I look today is not stereotypical for someone who's about to talk about Rome at fiction because I've got like my black lipstick on it was a black lipstick day but yeah this is how I felt today so this is how I representing myself um I have been in a reading something I mentioned previously and I've actually really enjoyed getting back into reading at the moment and I've been reading a lot of like contemporary romance fiction like commercial fiction and it has been like a little awakening and I think because when I was doing my MA and before that reading was linked there had to be almost useful to me at the same time like it couldn't just be enjoyable I had to learn something from it and I think I have me actually like pressurizing myself to like you know you have to read this classic or you have to read that book or that history book whatever because you need to have that knowledge and when I finish my May I did have that's right so I don't acquiesce as I've discussed in a different video and when I felt like I just didn't want to lose the knowledge I've got for my MA really on like 18 in 19th century society and so I read a lot of wanted a lot of facets in history books when I finished and actually I think I was just tired I think that's what led to me not reading and even they're like classics I love I love them but I did feel like I made like reading classics my identity and I think actually that had stifled me a bit in terms of actually just enjoying meeting um and so my correcting to reading this all started again with the rules of seeing by Joe Heep this is published by HarperCollins it's published on fiction I've never worked on this book by the way in this hopper : it's like nothing to do that I I actually did a video Beecher heap I've actually I understood that last night and this morning and it'll be up now it was a really great conversation I think and I really loved the video that's good like half an hour so if you wanna go grab a cup of tea listen to people talk about a book this I personally think totally virus I think it's quite a good video and but the rules are seeing I was back I was actually slightly wary off because it tells the story of Nova who is born for birth and she decides to have an operation that will make her see and it is a queer love story and deals with a lot of serious topics including domestic violence it's just incredible it's probably one of the best books I've read in a while actually it's definitely gonna be one of my top of 2019 I loved it and I read it so quickly and it captured me in a way that actually novel hasn't captured me in a really long time I think that's because I just let myself enjoy it and I do feel like romance fiction in particular is has a bad like reputation because like the literary establishment and let's be real is very patriarchal and it's like dominated by white cisgendered straight man you know all of the privilege I use like romance fiction is seen as a lesser form of literature because it's often written by women centers women care female characters and as often stories about the female experience and I just don't think it it just really annoys me because some of these look so incredible and very much fiction can deal with with really serious topics in a beautiful way and I think they're really accessible as books as well and I'm a person who believes that we should be making reading more accessible to people and getting more people involved there and so if you kind of dismiss stuff as like Chiclets or as kind of you know fluff or just as guilty pleasure books it also didn't dismisses to people who are reading them but the walls are saying and I can't recommend enough it was I think beautiful character creations the narrative was really it was such a page-turner it really made me think and and view the world in different way anybody else do this when they're redoing harbucks I always take off the thing so this is the flatshare by beth O'Leary I realized that you probably won't go to see but I've got a you can I've got all my grubby grease marks because I'm like a massive skin cakey and so I always do my routine and that includes like some products and this book because I tend to read at night it's just covered in oil mix of uses a flatshare but I'm really really loving it so far and there is why what do you think I find like very much fiction which I I don't like as much as that I'd like the characters always have really weird like nicknames like they're called dirty or tiffy or whatever and I just haven't I just don't meet people in my life who are cold like I know gertie they always just have really like I want to say like cutified names but that is not a word yeah I just sometimes find the name choices you know what was quite weird and it's about tiffy who works in publishing and it is really funny and I think genuinely reached it view of working in the publishing industry I love that aspect of it was actually really captured me and for well she's broke up her boyfriend who was like a complete dick and she needs a new flash uncle of money and she lives in London obviously so it is ridiculously expensive and she sees an advert for a flatshare but it's technically a bed chair and it's with a guy called Leon and he is he works in a is there like part of care unit um and so he is basically he just nights so she has the bed during the night time chance to flat during the night and then he has it during the day and it's been worked out all by mainly by Leon's girlfriend so that they never meet and when they lived together and they start writing notes to each other and it starts with just like little stuff like oh I made you know mmm the dinner was too big me I made too much like you can have this list leftover bit and then those notes become more just you know they get to know each other through writing and I thought that was a really interesting way of doing it and I love the fact that the book is split between their two perspectives and there are tiny little gems that you have in like one of their perspectives that kind of peers in the other narrative and so I just sort of really seamlessly done um I am only about halfway through though so I don't quite know what I think of it yeah which no idea I love it at the moment but I I don't really like to say normally that I absolutely love a book until I finished but at the moment this is I'm really enjoying it yeah again a completely under for the captures in the same way I did with no fur and Kate actually in the mall so seeing and I think ferments fiction is often very a character-driven and I I think people see that even thinking about it I was like slightly snow best about but something like character-driven because I kind of felt like reading had to be something where I as you know like I understood the world more or whatever but I'm having a great time reading and when you can kind of get into bears and you're excited about opening up a book and reading and being with these characters like what is better than that genuinely I don't know and I don't always get that with like classics so where my section is definitely winning winning my heart over the next three books I've got on my TBR pile and I think the next one I'm definitely going to read is a proof and it is by Laura Jane Williams and it's called our stop it's oh never happens but it's published by Avon and I've heard a lot about it I love the fact that this breed has like the pink eye Jeff I actually don't oh I should have totally I'm actually gonna I'm gonna do the thing that no no like Frogger should do I'm gonna read the blog Nana gets to 7:30 train every morning without fail well except if she ever sleeps or wakes up I have found Emma's after too much wine Daniel really does get a 7:30 train every morning which is easy because he hasn't been able to sleep replacin since dad died one morning Nadia's eye catches sight of a post in the daily but in the daily paper to the few girl with a coffee stains on her dress I'm the guy who is always standing near the doors drink some time so begins are not quite romance of near-misses true love and the power of the written word I love this proofs I actually also skin on yellow it really stands out and as someone who lives in London and is kind of obsessed with those and other people must do this sometimes when I like to see a stranger I always like think well what about if not now not now see now I'm like happily happily engaged value issues have that moment University and not even like I actually liked person but sometimes folks on a trainer or whatever I see someone black what about if after you know we get up and we talk and what about if this happens I such a romantic and a hopeless hopeless romantic an absolutely dreamer so I am interested and I think this is gonna be my ex read another book but actually I never even thought of reading even though I love Reef Jones I know I talked about this yesterday because it was in the shortlisted part the record people the British Book Awards people sent me with a pile of the books and the EJB shortlist Gavin Stacey is one of my third things that has ever been created I think it is one of the best like rom-coms ever it is I think the one piece of like comedy on TV but I just think they've like every line is perfectly written and so I'm really interested in seeing and what we've James is writing styles like and I knew my mum who is also a gallon Stacy fan and relax with Jones I know that she'll like this so I'm gonna try and meet it potentially polka and see my mom so she can then read it if you've been to any surface house which was like the best experience I've genuinely ever had and in Spitalfields East London and it's basically a time capsule of a house and like my mind was blown I actually found it like really emotional daily service it was an artist and it's kind of set up like a steel my giant man's and the idea is that the family as soon as you enter the room they depart you really feel like there has been people there and you're part of it a slightly voyeuristic looking history so we just burn in our sitting down and half with a cup of tea and coffee for Ben and we went to Dennis service house as you will have like seen and I'm still not over it was like the best day of my life it was I think the best thing I've ever been to is now like at the top of my list of things to recommend people if they're coming to London because it was yeah what did you think I thought was amazing like it's a really really like thorough and authentic collection of basically various parts of the house through generations it was really good and then we ended up at Brick Lane books I thought I would like show you the to book you didn't buy any books did you not not today no um actually the two books I picked up very briefly also got a take back so you can totally see that I was inspired by the house because I picked up behind closed doors by the historian Amanda Hickory I really like him and if accretion is a lot of like BBC documentaries and it's basically at home in Georgian England and the study of social history and also materials but every time I do anything related to my late I'm like straight back to the history books and then I picked up a historical novel which I've read quite a bit about Mary and fate imbecille and by Alice Jolie or jolly this book was actually recommended in like my one of my favorite magazines probably my favorite magazine which is out calmly and so I've kind of been looking out for it is a fictional autobiography and it's basically found it's basically about creating a narrative working-class narrative and let you Rick says about kind of queer theory and queer history is that you have to meet against the grain and you have to find the histories and so it is a fictional working past narrative but I didn't actually pick it I didn't actually open it up until every where I think on the ground yeah and it's written really interestingly it's not written like a normal Java or like you know to both feel almost out like poetry I thought would be a good chance to actually talk about what Ben has been reading because I have like they want you quite a bit like new things very invasive I'm sherry sherry oh do you want to yes so this weekend this by holiday weekend for me has been themed on ancient history and even ancient history ancient ancient uh that's that's a real word yeah so I think I'm imagining this idea pick us up from the local library on Saturday it's lost civilizations of the Stone Age by Richard Bradley or ugly brush something like that I don't know his TV series you have to see if you can find it oh yeah our secrets of the Stone Age I don't think nothing as BBC yeah yeah I also recently finished I can check them now the rise and fall of the dinosaurs by Steve preset I also rewatched Jurassic Park and have been playing a Jurassic Park video games I can I have a dinosaur mark so I'm just going all in on on this theme so I sort of Charles the emergence of dinosaurs about 150 million years or so ago to when the asteroid hit them about 70 million years and the sort of the evolution and they ecology and things like that yeah that's great I really really enjoyed it yeah Bennie's now like we obsessively looking out for any new books of the dinosaurs and you really want a new walking dance or and you documentary yes please if anyone has any recommendations you have anything dine-saw related relatively new I think like ancient history but not Romans or weeks a ridiculously I mean maybe it's just because I'm a very slow medium watch a lot of Teen Mom but then it's like really fast you're gracious we don't like you need lows and very fast whereas I be very very slowly but I am on season three of Teen Mom only started a day ago so that's that's a quality time management so you're gonna reach balance answer is go thin any books that you're performing to that coming up in the future a part of me Game of Thrones books which may or may not arrive the the long distant future I mean it's already out but I'm a big fan of Magic the Gathering as well so I do want to pick up the new Ravnica novel by Greg Weisman Weisman so grab that at some point and then also I just finished reading Sam Sikes yeah see stains red and the sequels at the mall tally and got this last breath and that also has a trilogy name that I can't remember but if you don't follow Sam's likes on Twitter follow him cuz is hilarious and then I think the other recent finger read was a n-gage Emerson's broken ass trilogy which is a really really really good fantasy trilogy the trilogy won three Hugo awards in three consecutive years and is a sort of fantasy novel concerning a mother and her daughter in a world that is wrapped by constant volcanic activity and basically always five minutes away from the end thank you for watching have a lovely day and tell me what you're reading and if you liked this style of vlog please let me know because it was a lot of fun to film if you don't like it just keep that to yourself we don't need that energy no I don't yeah only positive vibes only positive vibes only from say bye oh thank you yeah it was fun I'm also reading more on James do you wanna say that I'm also reading black leopard red wolf by Marlon James that's my walk read that I read on my lunch break yeah Bendis like I did anything I'm read it free it's how it's how I read thoughts at once I just cheap and have different books in different places we predicted we're doing it you're never a bad book hmm yeah say what are you doing is it's good no he was yeah brief history of seven killings that got the Man Booker you know is anything as you mean I'm pretty sure yeah okay leave me alone I'll go to end and then Ben without any protective bye too late now Ben Oh times gone


  1. I've only just got around to watching this (because I'm terrible) but I loved this chatty, more relaxed style video. Always lovely to see Ben too! Also, a bit of a strange question, your bedding at 20:50 is lovely! Where is it from? x

  2. I very much enjoyed your style of vlogging especially getting to see the Library and older parts of London. I've never been to the UK so nice to see different areas from a local's perspective! You and Ben are so adorable! It's such a shame that some don't feel Libraries are relevant or necessary when they are both. I am a huge supporter of Libraries and make frequent trips to check out books. I tend to read quite a bit myself and usually have multiple books going at once. Thank you for the recommendations on books and areas to visit in London!

  3. I loved this vlog! So many books!
    I wouldn't say it is the Dutch way, but I learned from my mom that you should take the biggest leaf of the tulip and leave the little one – almost always they have one leaf that goes to the bottom, and you just pull that one off and then you only have some leafs but not all of them. Yours look very pretty ❤

  4. Loved it very very much! Can't wait for more videos from you) You both are so cute and cozy together, and books, and the library, and London… What can be better? Btw, I'm currently trying to make a plan of my future trip to London and I'm definitely going to include the museum into my list. Thank you for recommendation!

  5. Hello Claire & Ben. I so enjoyed your vlog! Book chat, field trip, sing song extirpate London shots etc chock fun of lovely bits. Takeaways… I can’t believe book lover you Claire, dog ear pages 😲 oh the horror lol *passes sticky notes (they have fun ones at Paperchase/Amazon lol) loved a trip to the library. I am def a library girl. Dennis Severs house sounds fab. Sent the info to a friend. Brick Lane book shop added to my list. About to start The Five – Hallie Rubenhold. Have you read it? Keep up the great job. Looking forward to your next one 👍🏻🙋🏼💜

  6. This was such a lovely video! I enjoyed the combination of vlog/chat/review/haul. I am currently reading Women Talking by Miriam Toews and it is excellent. Thank you for sharing bits of your weekend!

  7. ok I loved this a lot and would love more reading vlogs in the future if you enjoy making them! The Jurassic Park jokes during the video game and that Brandon Sanderson parody song were awesome! I think I mentioned this when you posted the pics on Instagram but I have both the Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle and Dear Mrs Bird on my spring/summer TBR and I am so excited for them :D. The outting looked very fun and talking about the history books makes me excited for the history and historical fiction books I'm hoping to read over the summer. Does Ben like ancient British history at all? and Claire is your favorite 18th and 19th century history? i majored in history in college and LOVED it and my favorite is Tudor/Stewart(Stuart) Britain but Victoria is my favorite monarch weirdly enough. Right now i am reading a lot of different things, I'm listening to Last Chronicle of Barset by Anthony Trollope, and reading Snowdrift and other stories by Georgette Heyer, Roar by Cecelia Ahern, Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley, and I've started Queen Victoria by Lucy Worsley but i'm in a major reading slump with that one and need to pick it back up. Ok, sorry for the novel of a comment but wonderful video!

  8. I'm from Brazil and I love vlogs like that, because I love getting to know bookstores from other countries, especially from England, that one day I still want to meet!

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