Best Day Of My Life LGBT+ Pride Month/Coming Out Full MEP

Best Day Of My Life LGBT+ Pride Month/Coming Out Full MEP

YEEEE ! ITS FINISHED ! Thank you all for joining, all of your mep parts were beautiful :’) and I would like to thank the REPs ghostingcoloredits,finchii, Zack ; and Shoto The Legend ^^ HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE 🌈🚩

Intro: Mine
Part 1: Mine [R] Dedi. To Brady
Part 2: Lobitosve (Bisexual)
part 3: ghostingcoloredits [R] (Genderfluid/Bisexual)
Part 4: JunBlazeTiger (Biromantic/Asezual/Biroace)
Part 5: finchii [R] (Transgender/Bisexual)
Part 6: Copper The Lion Meps (Transgender/Bisexual)
Part 7: Zack ; [R] (Genderfluid/Gay)
Part 8: finchii (Transgender/Bisexual)
Part 9: Mangle’s Best Friend (Genderfluid)
Part 10: Shoto The Legend [R] (Panromantic/Demisexual)
Part 11: RDzNixieJ (Bisexual)
Part 12 + Outro: SagitsLife ;3 (Bisexual/Transgender) Dedi. To Chris

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  1. Hello Skailla. I need to ask you something. You can watch my video and tell about errors that you noticed, I want to be like you. But if you do not have time, then good. Anyway, the video is called:Lion king.Simba and Kovu.Xxxtentaction-King(Chediak remix) I will be glad to hear your opinion!

  2. Hello sis!❤
    !!Really i like you so much¡¡
    Amazing video great!!!😉💋
    And…I'm sorry about this … but I'm trying to tell you that I made you a video for a week now for you! and you know … do you want to see it?💛

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