Best News Interviews Ever

Best News Interviews Ever

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back here live at the waterfront village with my friend the zombie Jonathan you're looking good Jonathan just got an awesome facepaint job what do you think I like turtles alright you're great zombie good times here at the waterfront village thousands of passengers across the East Coast of course had to alter their plans and we spoke to one kid who was trying to cope with the delay I'm just sitting there on my iPod it's just so frustrating I want to be in Florida getting a tan on my back before we toss it back we got to go to the drew the farm kid how you doing there pally right now you know I know he can't say anything right now but you know he's saying right now he e equals mc-squared get that camera off of my face I'll take this cantaloupe Oh Oh Dan to make a motor shrine that's terrible I love your kid what did you think about the ride it was great you're probably I've never been on live television before but I've really sometimes I don't watch – I don't watch the news because I'm a kid and a pearl every time brilliant boy Potter's gives me a run on after we watch the Powerball it's the Powerball tell me about the ride where do you think about the ride while it was great because apparently you're spinning around apparently every time you get dizzy yes all your stools get dizzy yeah I've never ever been on my television I never ever be on my told are you excited yeah an apparently howdy went down the super slide when I went down one Oh scared half to death are you freaked out okay well I woke up to go give me a cold pop then I thought somebody was barbecuing I said Oh Lord Jesus it's a fire then I ran out I didn't grab no shoes or Nothing Jesus ran for my life I didn't a smoke got me I got bronchitis ain't nobody got time for this Eric Hubbard was sitting in a friend's car eating lunch when Friday's tornado came barreling toward them I was skate-off any the hamburger you took it well you know where is it I took your hamburger drink I don't know what is it tell me about the whistles the whistles got whoo what do you want a woman it's that whoo-whoo you don't say then you got the flows then each about the flow measures and decoration man just a decoration that's all man we do it for decoration on your car yeah I'll roll my cork it was being installed on their car some neighbors were saying way too loud that's only in the moment he possibly have cooking breakfast and son bonding so that's like alarm clock how's it feel to get the power restored it's been five days as more is if a I'm so then the power comes back uncle I was burning up lomasa pace said she was thrilled to see all the power trucks rolling down her street south military the whole street was lined up with the with them cherry pickers and all them crew I see you said hallelujah I'll go late hot dog look at that boy over there Stang how are you gonna sleep tonight you bet I'm gonna sleep like a baby bring me some good old kool-aid and drank me some some coolers big job of ice a cool and going to sleep like a baby Kelly Dodson was asleep with a little girl inside their apartment on Webster Drive when I was attacked by some idiot from out here in the projects you tried to rape me you tried to pull my clothes off well obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park he's clamming in your windows he's snatchin your people up tryna rape em so y'all need to hide your kids hide your wife and hide your husband anybody out here the attacker got loose and went out the upstairs window but he did leave something behind we got your t-shirt you two left fingerprints now you're so dumb you are really dumb for real you don't have to come and confess that you did we're looking for you we gonna find you I'm letting you know neck so you can run and tell that homeboy heard screaming I mean my McDonald's I come outside I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of a house so I go on the porch I go on the porch and she says help me get out I've been I've been in here a long time and like I say my neighbor you got you got some big testicles to pull this off bro cuz we see this dude everyday I mean every day how long they lived here I've been here a year okay you should come around I barbecue with this dude we eat ribs and whatnot and listen to salsa music you sound coming from and you had no indication that there's a road not a clue it was a reaction on the girls faces I can't imagine to see the sunlight to be rebel I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms something is wrong here dead giveaway do you worry Charles that giveaway thank you very much for your time and Jesus he homeless oh she got problems that's the only reason why she run to a black man Charles sac thank you for being there man curiosity leads to large crowds in Mobile's crichton community many of you brain binoculars can quarters even camera phones to take pictures to me look like a leprechaun to me hey I do look a bit of cheap plus in the local car say yeah eyewitnesses say the leprechaun only comes out at night if you shine a light in its direction it suddenly disappears this sammich ur sketch resembles what many of you say the leprechaun looks like others find it hard to believe and have come up with their own theories and explanations for the image my theory this Kazon a shadow from the other limb but that hold to the wrong stuff and it told me get up in a tree and play a leprechaun don't get down to the bottom of this yes get on there guy don't be afraid don't be afraid man this guy helping to direct traffic says he's prepared for his encounter with the leprechaun he suited up from head to toe this was all spells right here this is a special leprechaun flute which has been passed down from thousands of years ago from my great-great-grandfather who was Irish I just came to help out others just came to get lucky in hopes a pot of gold may be buried under this tree I'm gonna run a backhoe uproot that tree I want to know what it go like I want to go give me the go I want to go man go joke was was B size of a quarter doggone many said it sounded like nothing they've ever heard before it's like a pool yeah pull y'all and your boy that Hill just came in I look back my hoping my doing I looked at my door and saw him in my head I took all running ran to the restroom indeed I called my mama to see what she alright folks were told to stay off roadways unless absolutely positively necessary but they still came out to places like the Circle K gas station I want a donut David Grisham the leader of an area radical Christian group attempted to publicly set fire to the Islamic holy books snuck up behind him and took his Koran he said something about burning the Koran I was like dude you have no Koran and ran off I didn't make anybody stay here until 7 a.m. or 11:00 or whatever it is everybody finally left I didn't make this kid pass out on my floor people wanted to be here that was their decision call brats just like do you get the best barrels ever dude just like you pull in and you just get spit right out of them and you just drop in and just smack lip pull back drop down step off and then after that just drop in just ride the barrel and get pitted so pitted like that I ain't no robber type of person I wouldn't do nothing all innocent man I've been robbed I've been appeals to him that got that on fire I'm innocent I do nothing I don't know what's going on all I know it's my side of the story I kind of tend lower the score I'm innocent and mom I love you oh poor PLP already dad write these out blue pills for baby polite surveillance tape is catching a routine morning at this gas station on Bannister until chaos erupts I was putting one more cup of coffee in my coffee cup and now the corner of my eyes I saw two guys come in one with a black hoodie one with a white hoodie and the guy with the black hoodie said we want your money everybody up front down and I'm like oh oh I don't need cover now the guy in the black starts coming down and I'm like don't look don't look don't look so I'm putting my hair down you know and he comes right to mean he goes get down now and I go yes sir and I just dropped my knee never fell alone and I'm like oh my god so I'm back farther and farther away and I think maybe I should think but I don't and so then I'm thinking count to 2,000 again so I did and then I go me amigos me amigos nobody said nothing I'm like oh my god they're dead just minding my own business Wow hit me hard right from the back I was gluten my sheet over I could see the car for me I was bumpy hit him so I got a fair bit off his plate as I bared off this way guy who hit me waiver it off the other way and he hit the kerb flipped over a rolled over running to the electrical pole and I didn't know he had to pull all so I kind of stopped I was like wow and uh wires come down boom and then arc art man that fire was coming everywhere Arkin sparking blowing up I saw one ox arc go from the corner of my band up to the car behind me it was like a big rainbow boom it was come on boom boom it was like you so I opened up my garden took non-metal and as I come up my surgeon touch the top and a little spark jump I was at whoa I stepped out rest away look at in you burn more sorry oh it was crazy dude I was just sitting there and I was like oh reality hits you hard bro well the police wouldn't let me go to 300 122nd so I had to go around 119 and go and I was they let me look at the the lawyers building I know the vacuum cleaner man he's seen my tits I know that's not Glenn on TV but it's true it's true I'm not here to lie to you I was trying to get a hold him because I couldn't identify the business that window got blown out and I was trying to help the police figure out who to contact to secure that poor business yes yes yes he must have been gravely hurt he must have been badly were injured for three years so I am not the good judge of that wanna see my tits Lilly I was in the passenger side of this fuckers car and he comes over on there he was over by the recycling center he says oh when I was in the Virgin Islands thirty years old on a business trip III I fucked this 14 year olds like you would he's like I raped this 14 years search cry and gives me big hugs it's like fuck 300-pound guy was like oh shit you must be fuckin man like what's he talking about I didn't take him seriously at first comes driving down this way he's like you know what I'm coming to realize I'm Jesus Christ and I can do anything I fuckin want to and watched it BAM and he smashed into this fucking guy right there pinned them in between that fucking truck and so I fuck it I'll hop out I'll look over the guys pin there I mean like freight train riders know this like if you get pain between something do not fucking move that shit I watch you bleed out like motherfucker I ran in I grabbed the keys he fucking sitting there like nothing even happened and like fucking like man if you started driving that car around again man there would've been a lot of bodies around here fucking on hop on out and so I grabbed bag I threw it over by that pole right there and then fucking buddy gets out and these two women are trying to help him he runs up and he grabs one of them man like a guy that big can stop a woman's neck like a pencil stick so I fucking ran up behind with a hatchet smash smash some mash yeah who else is going who is walking there but who else how bad they are why don't they just walk the gutter in a farm up it's just 32 why don't you uh done if you want I'll walk ya come on why don't you uh well shit no you know you gonna put everybody else walk in the gutter why don't you just pop good I don't why let's go how about shutting that ass you be so goddamn fucking tired time he gets new hope you won't be strutting that ass you mean so goddamn fucking tire every time you gets new hope that she won't be strut that ass you'll be boom what's Meiji what's got you so mad today me yeah cuz everybody wants to run everybody wants to run that's good running we're here to gonna fall I'll walk I'll be right behind them and see how firing hood it's a chauvinistic Pig attitude this you're gonna do something because you work it to Arsenal and you got a fucking mercedes-benz and you ain't gonna walk every day so you're gonna get out and strut that ass strut that ass put that ass fuck that axe but that ass when you start walking my friend and you get 10 and 15 miles on highway you won't be strut that ass you'll be half dead every time you get that so it's a show and there's Pig attitude the Clintons got shook that ass strut that ass strut that ass strut that ass when you walk about 15 or 20 miles you won't be stunting that ass you'll be so fucking tired you won't hard to hold a SUP dude you won't be Spriggs phonetic


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