Best of Sarah Silverman & Andy Cohen | Writers Bloc | WWHL

Best of Sarah Silverman & Andy Cohen | Writers Bloc | WWHL

Check out the best moments with Andy & Sarah Silverman from the Writers Bloc Q&A at the Montalban Theater in LA.
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‘Watch What Happens: Live’ is Bravo’s late-night, interactive talk show that features guests from the world of entertainment, politics, and pop culture. Hosted by Andy Cohen, the series includes lively debates on everything from fashion, the latest on everyone’s favorite Bravolebrities, and what celebrity is making headlines that week. Past guests who have joined Cohen in the Bravo Clubhouse include Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Liam Neeson, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Anderson Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Lance Bass.

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I wrote an intro because I didn't know if I was supposed to introduce sandy and so and I like everything I take to have its time so I'm gonna read it because I want to Andy to hear it Andy Cohen grew up in the st. Louis with dreams of moving to New York City and living a life saturated and pop culture he moved to New York City and began interning at CBS News clutching the Warhol Diaries and little by little making his dreams come true author of the Andy Cohen Diaries a deep look at a shallow year please welcome author host producer rocontour and professional liver of life Andy Cohen thank you so I had this revelation on the bait Pat at Howard Stern's birthday party and what I realize I love I'm a huge Howard Stern Show fan and you are and you're so good on that show and yes and I realized as I was sitting there and it was the night for me was more exciting than kind of the Golden Globes or any big Hollywood event I just thought it was incredible and you were there and it was amazing and I realized wow if there's a show out there that I would eat want to align mine with watch what happens live it would be the Howard Stern Show and I think that the model is there because the housewives are my whack pack and they are my bread and butter and there two nights a week and we go heavy and we go strong we go crazy and then the other three nights a week we have Sarah Silverman or or Meryl Streep or cher whoever else it's so true I mean because the thing about the whack pack for Howard and for you is that there are these fringe people that only use like through you we see how they're special and amazing and fascinating and interesting and but you truly care for them it's not you know and yes the only difference is like your wack pack is extremely wealthy yeah it's like Howard's is is basically living on nothing yes Doritos and one thing I noticed as you the book ends and your every day towards the end you're worried about Joan Rivers and she's in and it actually three days after the book ends she she passed away yeah and I know you had something planned with her yes it's weird how much Joan came up in the summer I I was developing a show which she and a buddy of mine michael roark we were we developed a show for her called what's your problem where it was kind of a Judge Judy type show where Joan would be um passing judgment on people with kind of housewives like problems like you know you ruined my daughter's Bat Mitzvah you know or whatever and then she would hear the case and then she would rule on a verdict you know it's you whatever and it was so up Jones Ali I mean it was like she got you know it was immediately perfect we were going around pitching that show and she had been and she had been she had been on my show uh three weeks before she passed away I saw her at a wedding uh in in early August and then yeah it's weird there there there are moments that happened through the book that are just kind of weird moments that I had through the year as you do that wind up touching you in a really weird way and kind of teaching you about life or you know the sadness of it and Joan certainly was one and she was someone that I never took for granted as as having a about having a relationship with and being in my life I loved her you joined tinder I did I joined tinder while I was um while I was writing the book I joined tinder and so I love there's a big Bridget Jones element to the book it's a little Andy Warhol it's a little Bridget Jones Diaries and so I love dating stories and I include my own on tinder but attenders fun I mean I I always kind of wind up dating people who are wildly inappropriate for me usually age wise but um but there there's certainly good stories yeah whatever happened to I was on their mind the the guy who was really cute who had like gay dads your age oh that was a kid that I met um a kid no but this is right I was my friend Dave sir Wacha is here in the audience and I was at his wedding in New Orleans and I'm sure he doesn't know the story but I took a walk in the French Quarter that day and I met this very cute cheerleader I love a male cheerleader um and I got in this long talk with him and he said oh yeah I'm going to meet my gay dad and his partner to go to the gym with them and I was like Wayne what's happening like this is amazing of like I need to hear more and we walked up going and getting tea together and I was thinking this is so bad this guy's dads would be killing me right now because the dads are who I should be talking to of course anyway nothing happened but it was a fascinating day yeah what's wild is am I fit Singh I have a Schmitz now I got another thing in the bookcase you're so on it you're just like I hope I don't sweat too much what well because you don't feral huh right you know you really if you like watch what happens live in the book you can't really actually find out maybe too much about what I was thinking when certain people are on and I found one commonality is and I have it with late night show host when like when Kimmel your ex was on my show I was really nervous when um when Will Ferrell was on I was really nervous I get nervous around really accomplished great dude comedians for some reason because I don't I think I'm kind of situationally humorous I'm not a comedian I may be situationally humorous and so and I and so I feel self-conscious about trying to be you know funny in front of these guys and then I start sweating and then my EP in my ear is like a lip lip lip wood so if you ever and then I get the tweets that are like oh my God look at you you're so it's so bad tonight I I crossed Barbara Walters once did what happened um is that Howard Stern's wedding and I was going out to smoke a joint with I think I can say Mary McCormack and some others and as I passed Barbara Walters table I went I'm going outside to smoke a joint like that like in her like that to her cuz I know she's you know she's cool and she can't had the greatest comeback with literally not even a beat went by and she just went your mother's must be so proud oh it was so sad good it was she shut me down the housewives are rich right are they well usually usually when they're cast they are usually affluent and then you know what's happened to them as it's kind of a weird mirror to of part of society where some of them have foreclosed or gone broke or you know struggled and so I think you've seen them go up and down I think OC is the one that's kind of had the most kind of eviction notice and it's you know sorry because it's like this is how the other half lives you know and they and they are rich but then there's all this bankruptcy and jail is that just because a lot of rich people go through that and we're seeing it or is it because yes it's very common among rich today very common to my group I don't know and endless you know like does does Bravo ever pay for like Kyle's white party or any of that Kyle wanna die it's so funny I was looking at that white party and I saw specifically the the flame thrower the other night I was like wow Kyle went all out yeah we're not going all out cuz no they're not you have a love in your life and it has four legs walk uh yes I do this is keeping you from human contact it may it may actually I this is the book is I mean really if it is it's a love story between me and the dog and I got him about six weeks into writing the book and it was one of those things where I go to meet him after I had seen his picture it's like tinder it's like Dender tinder for dogs Dender um and I I had seen his picture online and then we went to have our date and I brought with me my ex-boyfriend and I met wakka and I just thought um I was like oh no this dog is too big and he's too Shetty and he's licking me and he's he's popping a boner all the time and I was like there's only one boner in this house you know and so um I I was like it's too much and my ex said I know exactly what you're doing right now you are running from commitment and you I go I don't think I'm taking him like I can't take this dog and he goes no you're taking you are taking this dog and he made me take him and that night uh I was like I love you I love you this is it he we turn on the Cardinal game because they were in the playoffs and uh walk because I'm so much and Waka uh and the dog had to pee I guess and he went and he got his leash and he brought it over to me and I was like oh my god you're trying to make this work you know like you want to make this work and I was like oh my god and that night and the name comes from the the pitcher Michael Wacha was pitching that night and I and everyone in st. Louis was like walk walk on they were trending on Twitter uh was walk on I was like I think that's a good name for you so I named him that and Joe Kelly is here he was a pitcher for the Cardinals and he now is a Red Sox pitcher and he told me before the show the show that uh he told me before tonight that he he affirmed to me what I was scared of which is that Michael Wacha is actually super creeped out by me and by me like going on shows and calling this dog like and the Instagram thing you were in Gaga's video Gy I was I was did something terrible I was in Gaga's uh video it was a weird year I have to tell you so she I played Zeus in Lady Gaga's music video and I was there and I kept thinking this isn't going to be a big deal you know whatever Gaga's not even to be there they're shooting me in front of a green screen and I get there and they're like Oh LG will be in in a minute and I'm like LG is here and that's what we call her and she came in and she had an anthrax t-shirt on and a leather jacket and a do-rag and uh she said she was kind of prepping me and she goes oh you also need to know this other song cuz we're gonna mix it in and you need to have heard it you know it and I go no and she goes here give me your give me your phone I'll find it and she goes into my iTunes and she goes oh where's um where's artpop and I hadn't downloaded that album it was so there are so many awkward moments in this book and I am the butt of every joke in it and um and I was like oh I downloaded applause that was hello Lisa it was so bad it was she's like okay no that's fine the finally oh that was the only Gaga sign you hadn't was Joan applause yes but I thought it was just like a sound effects of applause yeah uh I go which I need which I truck when I go to airports I like to be applauded in my ears it's just what I do my mother who's really the best character in the whole book besides my doorman surfin why does she hate real time oh no she loves my mom is so funny she loves Real Time with Bill Maher but she thinks that I am intellectually inferior and will not be able to keep up with the dialogue on because she Revere's Bill Maher as one of the great minds and he's amazing but my mom Skyped me once every two months and it's like listen I gotta talk to you I've been up half the night I beg you do not go on Bill Maher and I'm like mom once again there's no offer I do not have a firm offer to go on Bill Maher it's not this is not happening okay and then I kind of get into it with her and I'm like what is your fear about me going on shake you can't keep up you can't keep up she goes I don't think you're dumb but it gets really like so on April Fool's of this year and I love playing pranks on my mom if you read my first book there's a you know 30 page incredible prank that my friend Graciela and I played on her where I convinced her that I was convinced that I was up Shawnee Indian descent it's a long story but it would took place over a year of my life the poor woman so um anyway on April Fool's this year I the day before I texted her I go oh you'll never believe who called me let's talk tomorrow she's like great so the next day she Skyped me and which is our mode of communication and she goes so who came out who came out cuz she always thinks someone came out if that's what I if that's my news it's like who's gay I told you they were guys she's ready and so um I go no no no one came out I'm guess what I'm going on Bill Maher like yo when and I'm like no you know it's a week from Sunday and they were gonna be in Europe and she goes well thank God I'll be out of the country me what do you talk about him like gay stuff what do you mean gay stuff you do you know the gay anyway I was like no just kidding but the button of that story is that we were at that wedding this summer and Joan Rivers was there we got an old great open mic with Joan which I write about in the book and and I said uh and my mom goes can I ask you a question do you think that um he should go on Bill Maher and Joan said it's actually she's like it's really tough she goes I don't think I don't know she goes I'm scared to go on Bill Maher and Joan as you know was so well-read and so she's like I would be scared and my mom's like see so now I mean if they ever asked I just can't now in the memory of Joan do you know the first time I ever met you first time I met you it was so quick it was at the Webby Awards which were chipper eonni downtown and I went outside for a second I look on my phone probably and you were there and you said do you wanna um you gave me your roach and you went back inside and I was like she is the coolest person I'm so gay I got you what I was gonna throw away yes I one man's trash is another's treasure I mean I was a stern believer of that so many boyfriends have been that but um hey Andy welcome to Los Angeles Sarah nice to see you my name is Steve so of all the mail Bravo liberties which one would you shag which one would you marry and which one would you kill and and and no pleading the fifth okay okay thank you sir great question great question uh I would marry Derek Frederick's uh husband I would steal him from Frederick I would shag Apollo I forgive I forgive all for that that's fine I like a jailhouse moment and I would I kill the problem is I'm in Simon I say Simon cuz on it so Sarah took my kill and he's not thank you very much thank you Steve thank you are you Jewish no I'm not no you have any Jewish in you no but I'm sure Andy would like some German in them but you what would you like some German in you outside your book later greetings ah the housewives are great and I enjoy watching each of the different shows I wondered if there might be at some point in the future a crossover you like I think that when the show really starts skidding and I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon by the way I'm very bullish on all of them we'll just throw eight of them on an island or like a train or something hello how are you good are you really excited I'm trying to calm down uh Sarah first I have to apologize to you because I called into the show when you were on Andy show and everyone got a big laugh cuz it sounded like I was more excited to talk to Andy than I was to you but I was equally excited to talk to both of you it just came off like I was thanks for finally apologize felt like I had to I had to get that off my chest thank you tonight it is Andy's night to shine so go ahead you look amazing both of you Andy you ask this question a lot two guests on your show was there a moment when you felt like you just kind of stopped and paused and looked around and felt like wow I've made it or this is a big event or uh six out 9 when watch what happens live got picked up five nights a week that was a very big deal to me I felt like this is now what I'm really gonna be doing and it felt I felt the show to me is so personal and it's such an extension of me it really is uh it feels like it couldn't be more me if you know it's just very me Andy you are just so adorable if my son was gay I would have brought him here to make you give me a shot at him maybe I can turn him well he is a gingy he's a ginge you know I love a JIT I know you do and Sarah you're so smart and amazing just love you I can't I'm sorry what's your question ice Jewish boy okay so I know Jewish ginge yes there's lots of them out there so they're swarms like the two bears right here I know that you would love to have Howard Stern on watch what happens live but he kind of shut you down yes you shut me down twice so top three people who you really would covet to get on your show there's so many I mean there's so many people who haven't done the show and I will say I mean I always want Sarah back because it's a holiday when she's on the show um but I would say Michelle Obama Madonna and Beyonce uh my question is actually for Walker I was wondering what his Real Housewife tagline would be oh my god what would Walker's Real Housewives tagline be uh it would be hey Andy I'm not Jon Benet stop trying to make me famous last question of the night my name is Amy I'm from man Diego hi I'm Amy from man Diego push the microphone down so we can hear I am short um okay I just wanted you to know that you are my Susan Lucci and my my question to you is if the Andy Cohen Diaries was made into a movie who would you want to star in that film if the nd Cohen dire well let's just say it when the Andy Cohen Diaries is made into a movie um I would want Mark Ruffalo to play me yes because we he and I feel that we favor each other a little bit yes thank you Sarah so much thank you guys so much made me feel so good


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