Blueface | Before They Were Dating | Who Are His 2 Girlfriends?

Blueface | Before They Were Dating | Who Are His 2 Girlfriends?

Blueface | Before They Were Dating | Who Are His 2 Girlfriends?

Before They Were Famous:

The Rich Life:

Before Blueface’s 2 girlfriends would prove that this was true love by getting matching Benjamin Franklin tattoos on their hands.
Before Blueface would name his girlfriends Candy and Lollipop.
Before Blueface would kick his mom and sister out of his house because they weren’t getting along with his two girlfriends

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Before Blueface would become an integral player
for team City Boyz by dating two women at the same time Before Blueface’s 2 girlfriends would prove
that this was true love by getting matching Benjamin Franklin tattoos on their hands. Before Blueface would name his girlfriends
Candy and Lollipop Before Blueface would kick his mom and sister
out of his house because they weren’t getting along with his two girlfriends This is one of the more outrageous stories I’ve covered
on this channel, but there is no denying that Blueface has changed the game for polygamists
out there everywhere. T- Pain once sang that his girl had a girlfriend but Blueface is
living out those lyrics in real life. With every girl and their mother attempting
to have a hot girl summer, Mr. Face saw that the men in this country were in need of a
hero. And he took matters into his own hands, proving that you don’t have to find just
one true love, you can have two. And better yet, they can get along. Now I
can’t give Blueface full credit for being the first to do this because historically
there have been many brave figures to date multiple women at the same time. But he might just be the most famous to do
it. Another great example of double chivalry is Louis Williams who Drake infamously shouted
out on the song “6 Man” saying “two girls and they get along like I’m Louis
Will.” And it’s true… he has two girlfriends who both attend his basketball games and sit
next to each other. But back to Blueface. Who are the two women
who have dedicated their heart and souls to the “Thotiana” rapper? Well you clicked
on the right video. What’s going on good people in the comment
section? My name is Jeremy Hecht, I hope you’re having one Hecht of a day and welcome back
to before they were dating Blueface. If you’re new here I’m the LA host for this channel,
I’ve covered Blueface a few different times actually, I did his Before They Were Famous,
which actually was my first video to hit a million views so thank you guys for watching
that one, and I have also done his Rich Life and Top 5, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity
to dive into the stories of the women who are willing to date him at the same time.
Before we start though, I’ve got a trivia question for you that we’ll answer at the
end of the video. Today’s question is: “What do Blueface’s girlfriends hope to
get out of the relationship besides true love?” Stick around for the answer. Alright, let’s
get into the show!! Before we get into his new girlfriends, we
have to mention that this might not be the first time that Blueface has had two girlfriends.
In October of 2018 he posted to twitter with the caption: “Only rapper wit 2 girlfriends” I’m not sure if we can show the video or
not but if you can’t see it right now then I’ll describe it as two women in their underwear
busting it down for Blueface. And whether or not that was real or a joke,
it seems like his current situation is for more than just clout. It really seems like
the three individuals are dating. So how did the new trio meet? Well, Blueface was on IG
Live recently and claims to have met the two women while at a gas station. Then he said that he paid for everyone’s
gas and: Great story. But I did some digging and I
don’t think ANY of that is true. So let’s look a little bit deeper into who the two
girlfriends are: Alright, so first off we have Jaidyn Alexis. She is not new to Blueface’s life. They
have actually been dating for a long time. In fact, she is the baby mamma of Blueface’s
kid. So, she’s been holding it down for at least a couple of years. And their kid
is really cute I’m not gonna lie: Her first available Instagram post is from
December of last year where she is listening to a Blueface song and zooms in on the blue
Benjamin Franklin chain that she’s wearing. It’s the same one that Blueface would have
been seen wearing at the time so maybe when he got the newer, bigger chain, he gave his
girl the old one. A true gentleman. But Blueface rewarded her with some real ice
for being loyal throughout his come up. One of her next posts was of a busted down AP
watch that just looks… expensive. And a Cartier watch a few months later: In that post she calls herself spoiled, so
I’m assuming that Blueface bought that for her. Jaidyn posted that she was proud of her man
for buying a new crib. The same one that she would move into. But don’t think that she is just here for
the clout and the blow up, she’s been around for the come up. And Jaidyn is a ride or die because she Retweeted
this and it must have been tough dating the dude with the Benjamin Franklin tattoo before
he was famous. Plus, if she seems familiar, then you’re
a big Blueface fan because she appeared in the “Next Big Thing” video where she showed
her acting skils: Next up, we girlfriend number 2. Online she
goes by the name Jigg but her real name is Andrea. And while they may not share a child together,
they do have a little dog. And he’s adorable. And it seems like she is getting her busted
down watch from Blueface real soon: Somebody better take care of that baby in
the background. But things appear to be working out for the
trio for the most part… Well, besides the occasional problem: Jigg tweeted that she gets to have a sleepover
every night but I guess sometimes she just sleeps for too long! And it seems like they know how much the world
is entertained by this stuff because Jaidyn is hoping for a TV Show. And there you have the answer to your question
from the beginning of the video. Would you guys watch that show? The crip-wives
of Blueface? I don’t know let me know in the comments down below?
But it seems like they are calling themselves the Bleeders, so the show could be called
Blueface and Bleeders. But things got messy between his girlfriends
and his family when an altercation escalated on Instagram live. Blueface’s mother was
filming while Blueface and his sister were arguing. And in the video, Blueface kicks
his family members out of the house. He posted on his story, saying: "Sheesh you know it's getting hectic when
yo own momma do it for the clout," And she replied on Instagram saying, and I’m
gonna clean this up a bit. “Moms visiting and I’m waiting for my
apartment that’s ready tomorrow. Ain’t no free loading period. Everything you see
me do I did for me. Sad what a woman can do to a guy’s head. She must suck some mean
D.” She continued saying: “You only got clout cuz of mommy stupid!
How you think you got here? Saddest thing is she paid all those studio sessions when
you was living in your car! She deserve ALL THE CLOUT RUN HER SHIT UP @karlissangelic All those football camps and trainer she been
breeding you since birth! Meanwhile she penny pinchin!!! FUCK A BLUEFACE I WANT JOHNATHAN
BACK ID RAHTER US BE BROKE AGAIN. FUCK BEING QUITE IM HOT!” I think she meant to write Quiet not quite
but I got you. Blueface’s mother made a long post that
I won’t read all of but I’ll read a portion: “These are my children and I brought them
into this world and I’ll take them out! You will respect me rich or poor! I sacrificed
my life for them to be who they are and they better not ever forget it! My son has never
disrespected me or any adults as long as he has been on this earth… The person I exposed
was Mr. Blueface that was not my son and I made sure he knew it.” She said that she regrets pushing him to the
point of anger but also feels like Blueface is trying to destroy her son Johnathan. She
also asked for our prayers. Blueface released the since deleted surveillance
footage, which allegedly showed his mother and sister arguing with him before his sister
grabbed a knife and threatened to stab him. Blueface claims this is how it went down.
He said his mother brought Blueface’s sister over to his place and Blueface refused to
let her stay because he had already bought her an apartment. He refused to let her use
his car and she got upset. He wrote: “I was homeless in my own car for years
ain’t nobody wanna let me stay at they house” “I had to thug it out but I C my fans ain’t
real fans y’all turn like corners” Blueface followed that up with a post on IG
story saying: “When you broke they love you. Once they
pulled them knifes out that family shyt went out the window” He also accused his sister of trying to get
a modeling career off of the clout. According to his sister’s Instagram live
video, her and Blueface’s mother weren’t very big fans of his new girlfriend Andrea. I hope that they all sort that out, but it
seems like it will be a little while before things go back to normal. In his most recent
snippet on Twitter he raps: “On my momma and my sis… Had to kick my
own blood out… They must have forgot I was a crip.” The guy is clever. But hopefully they can
patch things up. What do you guys think of this whole situation? Fellas, would you have
two girlfriends? Now think about this, it may seem nice at first but you also have to
deal with two women which could be a lot more than you can actually handle mentally physically
and emotionally. But there would obviously be some perks. And ladies, would you share
your man with another woman? The jealousy thing could come into play and you’ll only
get half the attention but what if he was paying for your lifestyle like Blueface is. Let me know in the comments down below because
I genuinely wanna hear your thoughtianas. Alright that’s enough I’ve gotta get out
of here. However you want to swing it, Blueface looks
like he’s living a one of a kind life and it seems like the guy is happy, so who are
we to judge? I can definitively say after looking more into his story though, City Boyz
are up by 40. But that’s it for this video, I’m Jeremy
Hecht follow me on Insta and let me know in the comments who we should cover next. I’ll
see you in another video. Dream Good, Live Better, I hope you have one Hecht of a Day.


  1. Hate when a parent says that dumb shit…I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD AND I CAN TAKE YOU OUT. Yeah, no. You can't take your kid out bc they pissed you off or disrespected you.

  2. I don’t get whats the intrigue here. My girlfriend and I been dating another girl for about a year and we’re happily in love together… I know others that do this also and maybe for me it’s normal because of that. Always surprises me to see how weirdly many react to our relation.

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