Book Haul - All One Author | caitliterature

Book Haul – All One Author | caitliterature

I bought every book by an author whose writing idek if I will like hehe just idiotic booktuber things ANYWAY hope to see you all at the tjreidalong liveshow at the end of this month and further along the journey as we all having fun reading the rest of her work! Love to you all and to the beautiful three who created this fab activity xo

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  1. OMGMGGG you're on your way to be a TJR trash SDJKSSSKKS i have only read daisy jones and that wasn't it for me but ive heard from SOOOOO many people thaat her other works are full of hits so im super excited to get into them. YOU'RE SOO BRAVE CAIT OMGGG thats how im tryna be–faithful. after i do sounds really good, i agree. 

    i like stories about people taking a break particularly because i dont believe in taking breaks, but lets see about that. why do all her early stories appeal to me SOOOOOO MUCH. im screaming so much what the heck skdjssks you're gonna make me a TJR trash too bc m screaming about maybe in another life as well 😮


    why does she have so many tragic disasters LMFAOOOOOOO whats happening taylor LOLL. im ready for some pain. ive loved the name Blaire for so long particularly because of gossip girl LOL. OMG if you love BOSTON then you should watch Katie's BookNook because she lives there and sis is THRIVING i like vicariously through her lol.

    I dont know how I'll feel about the seven husbands bc everyone loves it so much and everyone loved daisy jones so i dont even know. but her older stories are about to get snatched so fast HAHAHA. i will say the UK edition of daisy jones is gorgeous WOWZA.


  2. I bought Evelyn and daisy, read those, and then bought all of her other books and the hardbacks of daisy and Evelyn 😂😭 she is deffo in my top 3 fave authors but daisy jones is probably my fave of hers and then Evelyn's a very close second and I can't wait for what her next book will be about omgg

  3. okay taylor jenkins reid AND the taylor jenkins reidalong need to hire you as their publicist!! go off marketing queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (also u look so pretty xx) ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  4. I am working on my first book! I hope that one day someone ends up buying my books and giving it a chance! I’m a new small YouTuber trying to build a platform. ❤️ Good wishes on your channel!

  5. i never really considered reading anything by tjr (the hype wasn't able to convince me just yet) but the fitting spines are sooo satisfying and i would lie if i said that it does not bother me that her last two books don't fit the rest of them hahaha! I definitely hope you will enjoy at least majority of these books and i am already looking forward to the next tjreidalong liveshow because why read a book when you can just hear other people talk about them?

    also, those earring with the matching sweater are a LOOK hahaha

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