BOOKS I WANT TO READ | February 2019

BOOKS I WANT TO READ | February 2019

Sorry this is late going up! Life is getting in the way of filming and editing, but I hope to get back on track soon.

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To My Soul by Jerry Folk

➳ I N S T A
➳ T W I T T E R
➳ G O O D R E A D S
➳ W E B S I T E
➳ F A C E B O O K

○ Where are you from/what is your accent?
I am Australian

○ What camera do you use?
Canon EOS60D for regular videos
Canon PowerShot G7 for vlogging

○ What do you use to edit your videos?
Final Cut Pro

○ What are you studying?
I am doing a Bachelor of Arts with a major in English & minor in Anthropology

○ Where do you work?
Bloomsbury Publishing Australia


  1. Lynette Noni's book sound so so interesting and fun and that cover OOF. I need, esp if it's giving sci-fantasy goodness!
    So excited to read Truthwitch with you and Red it'll defo be a super fun ride, esp with a focal point on friendships and relationships to discuss and with the community hype. The Gilded Wolves sounds so so intriguing and I cannot wait for your review as I trust your views.

  2. I’m going to be reading The Gilded Wolves too, I can’t wait! The Name Of The Wind has been on my TBR for 2 years, I really need to get around to it!! This would be a good opportunity to get to it 😂

  3. Truthwitch is such a good book! One of the best in terms of friendship and it’s pretty mature for a YA series tbh. Definitely stands apart from a lot of other books. Gilded Wolves is 👌🏻 And I have yet to pick up The Name of the Wind. 😅 It’s on the immediate TBR, don’t you worry. 😉

  4. I came back after aaa while…and now I remember how much I your accent 😊 (I'm from Argentina) and that last song "to my soul" (one of my favevourite songs) !✔🔥

  5. Absolutely adore your videos and excited to find new books to read. But can you please list the books in the info bar? It helps when I want to come back to find new books 🙂

  6. Hi! Love all your videos and all your book recommendations. I can not wait to read some of these myself. I read all of the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire you recommended and loved them all! 😀 You are my favorite Book Tuber! <3

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