Boris Johnson, "The Churchill Factor"

Boris Johnson, "The Churchill Factor"

Fifty years after Churchill’s death, the leader’s actions continue to shape the world. In his survey of this multi-talented politician, military strategist, and writer, Johnson, the mayor of London since 2008 and himself a former journalist and author of the inimitable Johnson’s Life of London, argues that history can be made by strong individuals not impersonal forces.

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  1. Churchill did two great things. In 1940-41 he saved Britain and the World. In 1951 he took the Tory party back into office and ended the Socialist state imposed by Atlee, Nye Bevan and Harold Wilson.
    By 1940 aged 66 he had acquired a lot of experience about war and politics. And have failed as Chancellor in the depression , he had a nine year sabbatical eating, drinking, reading and writing for the Press to think about it. As essentially unpaid backbencher he described himself as a journalist and had a lifelong interest in a free media.
    Within days of coming to power in May 1940, he found the Nazi army and SS on the banks of the Meuse, under the apparent command of General Guderain, his troop singing, ' we are sailing ( for England) . Winston asked his RAF Air Marshall's, ' can you provide some old obsolete planes, to expend. A 100 Battle fighter bombers, only 250 k. Right I order them to take out the house out that is Guderain's HQ on the east side of the Meuse, in the great tradition of the RAF and RN Capt of HMS Glowworm defending HMS Glorious from the Scharnhorst , they will take the German army and SS HQ by flying straight into. 20 RAF Battles went a straight into Guderain HQ, but it was actually next door, and Sailor was only shaken for a day. Rommel had taken the bridge . Churchill repeated the ordered in triplicate , if you find out were Rommel, Guderain or Heydrich's are
    , a 100 airborne immediately

  2. Churchill was a dreadful man, he hated the poor, described those from India as subhuman. During the 1st world war he was pulled from his position as he was sending so many soldiers to their death.

  3. We will get to see the real Boris,

    He talks a good game, as he has since he got to be the President of the Oxford Union,

    I want him to succeed but I get the nagging feeling it is all smoke and mirrors,

    In the top job, there is nowhere to hide the truth will come out.

  4. Very good to hear Boris in full flow in his natural element. He displays such genuine enthusiasm, born of conviction .
    He is actually far more serious than many people realize…his jokes are peripheral and a way of engaging the audience with serious matters, & history.
    What a profound contrast to Mrs May! We have had a dearth of intellect, a desert lacking in ideas & imagination .
    I hope so much he will survive the current attack dogs, and become PM.
    Of course he will err as all human do. But he has potential to succeed where many humans couldn’t.

  5. Benign version of Ottoman Empire. There was one. British agent Lawrence incited unrest and enabled Arabs to unite against Ottoman Empire. But that was because oil had just been struck in that region and they all wanted a slice of that cake.

  6. work with trump he is a great leader, eradicate opposes like Sadiq khan he is a mediator to Islam, it is not a race but a medieval ideology that disprove of all existence of all who are not followers, there third world beliefs should have been met by the law of our land and not with overthroughment due to a racist chant that does not exist, there are many race that conform to these barbaric beliefs and it should not be a practice that is accepted in our country, the bull needs to be held by the rains and I believe you will restore faith to the British public because at the minute we feel that we have no voice, respect and that we are judged as immature to the consequences of our actions, you think like us so act for us like us

  7. Boris, you’re entertaining, eloquent, funny and convincing, this stuff is wonderful. Please stick to history instead of trying to shape the future. Write books and articles and stay away from politics, please.

  8. Boris holds in highest regard a figure of such importance as Mister Churchill that it has been said he, Churchill, summarily saved Western Civilization. Counting then on Mister Johnson’s knowledge of now and his knowledge of the past he will indeed fill the needs of the present in Royal fashion. I only wish I could shake his hand.

  9. I was disappointed that Boris never explored his relationship with Jan Smuts an former adversary. Smuts a foreign member of the Cabinet brought Churchill back to be the Minister of Munitions and Smuts was fake with forming the RAF.

  10. He's so stupid… God! so ugly, stupid and just repulsive. He really does think he has some similarities, delusional pig… and he wants to represent GREAT Britain??? seriously?

  11. Yes BoJo knows his history but we do not want to live in the past 2020 will be a much brighter future with the wright man 👨 in the government . Be it Bo Jo or Nigel Farage the only two men with common sense and fore sight history is full of depressive lies so Boris go forward not backwards don’t the pass into the future it will be your downfall

  12. To mention Churchill and Boris Johnson in the same breath, implying There is some sort of Similarity Is a Bullshit. Churchill stood his ground, I don"t think Boris has ever stood his ground on anything. In fact I believe he has earned the title of the Karma Sutra candidate on the Brexit issue because of all the positions he has adopted.

  13. B…R…E…X…T

    is the wrong answer to the right question.

    Instead of blaming EU for our own failed policies, let us get together to find a solution to how to get economic justice and social change for communities length and breadth of UK that have been let down by our politicians.

    Solving those problems through Brexit will impoverish those communities even further, weaken the UK and isolate us in this global economy. there is a better way to do that. we can stay in Europe, change its immigration policies and focus on employment and development in our communities at home that have been left behind.

    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

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