British & American Periodical Articles 1852-1905 Audiobook by Various Authors

British & American Periodical Articles 1852-1905 Audiobook by Various Authors

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A dozen assorted articles from British and American periodicals, including The Atlantic Monthly, Punch, The Chicago Record-Herald, Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal, Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, The Library, St. Nicholas, American Missionary, The Great Events by Famous Historians, and The Continental Monthly. (Summary by BellonaTimes)

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by ways of Europe a visit to the Balearic Islands by James Thomas fields British and American periodical articles 1852 to 1905 by various section one this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit a reading by bologna times by ways of europe a visit to the balearic islands by james thomas fields as the steamer Mallorca slowly moved out of the harbor of Barcelona I made a rapid inspection of the passengers gathered on deck and found that I was the only foreigner among them almost without exception they were native mayor Kunz returning from trips of business or pleasure to the continent they spoke no language except Spanish and Catalan and held fast to all the little habits and fashions of their ncle life if anything more had been needed to show me that I was entering upon untrodden territory it was supplied by the joyous surprise of the steward when I gave him a fee this fact reconciled me to my isolation on board and its attendant awkwardness I knew not why I should have chosen to visit the Balearic Islands unless for the simple reason that there lies so much aside from the highways of travel and are not represented in the journals and sketchbooks of tourists if anyone had asked me what I expected to see I should have been obliged to confess my ignorance for the few dry geographical details which I possessed were like the chemical analysis of a liqueur where from no one can reconstruct the taste the flavor of a land is a thing quite apart from its statistics there is no special guidebook for the islands and the slight notices in the works on Spain only betray the haste of the author's to get over a field with which they are unacquainted but this very circumstance for me had grown into a fascination one gets tired of studying the bill of fare in advance of the repast when the Sun and the Spanish coast had set together behind the placid sea I went to my berth with a delightful certainty that the Sun of the morrow and of many days thereafter would rise upon scenes and adventures which could not be anticipated the distance from Barcelona to Palma is about a hundred and forty miles so the morning found us skirting the southwestern extremity of Majorca a barren coast thrusting low headlands of gray rock into the sea and hills covered with parched and stunted chaparral and the rear sample complete ready to continue


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