British and American Literature Lecture# 60

British and American Literature Lecture# 60

Lecture 60
Q. Act of Union between England and Wales passed in? Ans. 1536
Q. Whose dying words were, “Crito, I owe a cock to Asclepius, will you remember to pay the debt?” Ans. Socrates
Q. Who was opium addict? Ans. Coleridge
Q. For whom did Samuel Beckett work as secretary for a long time? Ans. James Joyce
Q. Where was Albert Camus born? Ans. Algiers
Q. The lines, “The bright day is done/ and we are for the dark” are from? Ans. Shakespeare’s play Antony And Cleopatra
Q. Which American dramatist wrote Desire Under The Elms? Ans. Eugene O’Neil
Q. Francis Thompson wrote poems about? Ans. God
Q. Eugene O Neill won Nobel Prize in? Ans. 1936
Q. Where was Charles Dickens born? Ans. Portsmouth
Q. Why are we indebted to James Boswell? Ans. Because he gave us correct details of Johnson’s life
Q. Who was the first noteworthy poet of Romantic Revival? Ans. Thomson
Q. Who called Romantic Movement “Liberalism in Literature?” Ans. Victor Hugo
Q. The last poem of William Cowper was? Ans. The Castaway
Q. William Collins belongs to? Ans. 18th century
Q. Richardson, Fielding and Goldsmith are considered to be the pioneers of? Ans. Novel
Q. Who wrote the autobiographical novel Confessions Of An English Opium Eater? Ans. De Quincey
Q. Who wrote the romantic novel Rosamund Gray? Ans. Charles Lamb
Q. Which novel of Jane Austen is considered the best from literary point of view? Ans. Northanger Abbey
Q. Sir Walter Scott’s book The Talisman deals with? Ans. The Crusaders



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