British and American Literature Lecture# 66

British and American Literature Lecture# 66

Q. The Conduct Of The Allies is a famous work of? Ans. Samuel Johns
Q. Where we come across, “A lioness has whelped in the streets, and graves have yawned and yielded up the dead?” Ans. In Shakespeare’s play Romeo And Juliet
Q. Gordon Riots took place in? Ans. 1780
Q. The name of monodrama by Tennyson is? Ans. Maud
Q. The abstract theory of Utilitarianism is the theme of Dickens’ novel? Ans. Hard Times
Q. The character of Thomas Hardy which is much like Oedipus and King Lear? Ans. Henchard
Q. Withdrawal from the world either to death or to an ideal world is the theme of Tennyson’s? Ans. The Lotus Eaters
Q. Philip Wakem and Aunt Pullet are the characters of George Eliot’s novel? Ans. The Mill On The Floss
Q. In Memoriam by Tennyson is? Ans. A collection of elegies
Q. Meeting At Night by Browning is? Ans. Dramatic Lyric
Q. A pioneer in psychological analysis in fiction is? Ans. G. Eliot
Q. Dickens gave a tragic picture of the French Revolution in his novel? Ans. A Tale Of Two Cities
Q. Love of political freedom inspired Byron to write? Ans. The Prisoner Of Chillon
Q. An aesthetic delight in art and a streak of extreme sadistic cruelty can be observed in Byron’s poem? Ans. My Last Duchess
Q. Who said, “18th century is an age of prose?” Ans. Mathew Arnold
Q. Edward Fitzgerald’s The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam inspired Byron to write? Ans. Rabbi Ben Ezra
Q. Shakespeare uses soliloquy for? Ans. Revelation of character
Q. The Battle Of The Nile took place in? Ans. 1798
Q. Hyperion by Keats may be classified as? Ans. An Epic
Q. G.B Shaw’s principles of criticism are similar to those of? Ans. Karl Marx



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