British and American Literature Lecture# 67

British and American Literature Lecture# 67

Q. Papal aggression took place in? Ans. 1850
Q. Who said, “My love is like a red red rose?” Ans. Robert Burns
Q. Who considers the play Hamlet to be an artistic failure? Ans. T.S Eliot
Q. Which influence is shown in the work of G.B Shaw? Ans. German
Q. T.S Eliot shows a bent towards? Ans. Victorianism
Q. Mrs. Dalloway is the masterpiece of? Ans. Virginia Woolf
Q. The central figure among the Victorian poets is? Ans. Tennyson
Q. Robert Browning is known for? Ans. Dramatic Monologues
Q. The Arcadia by Philip Sidney is? Ans. A Romance
Q. Who wrote The Crown Of Wild Olive? Ans. Ruskin
Q. In 1857, Mathew Arnold as professor of poetry at Oxford gave his inaugural lecture in? Ans. Latin
Q. The second generation of the romantic poets (Shelley, Byron, Keats) was dead by? Ans. 1825
Q. Who said, “I deal with all periods but I never study any period but the present?” Ans. Joseph Conrad
Q. Hero And Hero Worship is written by? Ans. Carlyle
Q. Which poem of Tennyson was particularly liked by Queen Victoria? Ans. Charge Of The Light Brigade
Q. Hardy’s nature was? Ans. Vindictive
Q. The personal name Lucy in Wordsworth’s poetry stands for? Ans. Nobody. It is taken from folk song heroines
Q. Indian mutiny took place in? Ans. 1857
Q. Oscar Wilde believed in? Ans. Aestheticism
Q. The correct date of French Revolution is? Ans. 1789-1799



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