Celebrity Mystery in London -- IHIP #3

Celebrity Mystery in London — IHIP #3

Celebrity Mystery in London — IHIP #3
(Part Three of the “It Happened in Plainfield” promo videos.) The video is a part of series of promotional spots I did two years ago to publicize my free online comic mystery story “It Happened in Plainfield (Or, Henson Ray and the Secret Society of Celebrities)”. The book is still available to read for free at www.ithappenedinplainfield.com, though it is recommended for the PG-13 audience. In this episode, reporter Fritz Freewhenever travels to London to investigate some strange happenings among former reality TV stars.

About “It Happened in Plainfield”

“It Happened in Plainfield” is a FREE web serial that follows the adventures of quirky NYC graphic designer Henson Ray, who moves to Plainfield, New Jersey after he receives an unusual offer from a mysterious benefactress. But life in the suburbs is anything but dull, as Henson soon finds himself embroiled in a real-life mystery involving famous celebrities, peculiar neighbors, RAMBO parties, and a secret society bent on his destruction.

“The story is an over-the-top romantic fantasy set in Plainfield, NJ,” says author Michael Latshaw. “If you can believe such a thing is possible.”

Following the exploits of “everyman” Henson Ray, the comic-mystery takes readers on a wild journey through the suburbs of New Jersey and beyond. Along the way, Henson crosses paths with some real-life celebrities like Julia Roberts and George Clooney, as well as many unusual Plainfield locals who either help or hinder him in his quest for the truth. A truth that proves to be more bizarre and unbelievable than anything he could have imagined.

“It Happened in Plainfield” first premiered in April of 2007, with a new chapter released every Monday morning. To find readers, Latshaw promoted the story on social networking websites like MySpace and Gather, as well as targeted Forums and online Bulletin Boards. After that, fans of the story began telling their friends about it, and that’s when readership really took off.

“Viral marketing is a very important factor in the story’s success,” Latshaw admits. “I have a core group of readers that is very loyal to the story and the characters. They’ve contributed significantly to the website’s popularity.”

To access the story online, please go to

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hello this is fritz free whenever across the pond in London England to track down information on yet another shocking celebrity mystery only this time the celebrity in question is of the reality show variety wait cut I want to try something a little bit different Giulio this is fritz free whenever reporting from jolly old England where it seems an alarming number of reality show stars appear to be having run-ins with the law so why are these Kwazii celebrities or real Lebanese as they're known in my household having such a difficult time acclimating into mainstream society again but benim many reality shows here in London and in some parts of Europe I'm quite famous no well I must never have been to those parts because I've never heard of you but then again you're not really from London are you you're from the states aren't you I can tell by the accents dead giveaway dead giveaway and of course those sneakers that you're wearing now it says here that you are on the shows um battle of the bullocks the amazing face lift and pop that cherry pop that cherry that's not some kind of exotic cooking show is it oh no no not even close up but for legal reasons I'm really not supposed to talk about that one oh that's right because of the upcoming paternity suit I'm sorry sorry about that governor oh but I did have one question is the actual father of the child going to be considered the winner of the reality show or the loser um I'm here today with British talk show host dr. potato who's going to try and give us a personality profile of the typical reality show participa actually it's pronounced patata well you say potato I say potato let's call the whole thing off a most of these reality show contestants are Type A personalities but some are type B and some see most are taipei after all and what is type D all of the above no I'm standing with Hortense padiddle an employee of the Mary milk maids cleaning service who is the sole witness to the rather bizarre beating of local ventriloquist handy popping cork all the more bizarre when it was discovered that his attacker was none other than Big Brother housemate Tyson cardigan it was ghastly I mean no one should have to suffer such abuse so the ventriloquist was beaten up pretty badly was he no the ventriloquist was fine but his poor dummy was completely decapitated are you saying the Tyson cardigan beat up the dummy yes it was awful I mean his poor egg was rolling around on the floor his severed body spitting out cotton and string all it was like something out of our will remove the the contestant of this personality type believes that it's all going to lead somewhere that they will remain famous I thought it would all lead somewhere in fact the only place it leads to us back to the petrol station or the strip club from whence they came well surely those aren't the only occupations allowed to participate are they why are you talking like that talking like what nothing now would you say participating in these reality shows has changed your life in any way well it has yeah I lost my job and surely after that I lost my house my kids my dogs my wife but that wasn't so bad they think they're so special just because they're on TV a few times up big deal I wish they all were just drop dead well that's rather severe don't you think why don't you just drop dead to get to the point their cv their their resume a will not be enhanced at all by bug eating or shoveling cow dung yeah but surely those would be fun occupations don't you think your assets has changed no tips yes it did no no II didn't don't things down there how did you find me my secret london hideaway I'm very resourceful now just answer one question why do so many reality stars seem to be getting in trouble with the law lately well it's all part of a bigger plan isn't it a plan to destroy your precious little secret society of celebrities before ever so there you have it reality stars on a rampage and a secret society of celebrities what could possibly be next to find out more log on to www and I'll keep touring around Europe looking for more tchotchkes until the next time this is fritz free whenever reporting from jolly old London back to you sasquatch


  1. @1sam234 — It's so old…the first series I actually did. It used to be on another channel before I became partner…and each video had like 20,000+ views. But then I put them on this channel, and hardly any views at all. So who knows?

  2. @bastardvideos — I believe I'm reading from my notes. Interviewers tend to have their questions on a notepad or something that they can refer to during the interviewing process.

  3. Hey Michael. This is good stuff! Fine technical quality. Both you and the interviewees do a great job. Some of the faces you made were hilarious. I can't imagine how ya'll kept straight faces long enough to record these three vids! I'll have to check out the book now! Well done there Fritz!!!!!

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