Celebs Who Are Still Missing Today

Celebs Who Are Still Missing Today

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With the intense glare of the media spotlight, it sometimes seems as though celebrities are being watched 24 hours a day. We see everything they do and hear everything they say. So it seems impossible that a celebrity could completely vanish and never be seen or heard from again. But that’s exactly what happened to these famous people who disappeared — and are still missing today…

Bison Dele | 0:21
Oscar Zeta Acosta | 1:13
Harold Holt | 1:55
Lord Lucan | 2:35
Sean Flynn | 3:23
Ambrose Bierce | 4:11

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With the intense glare of the media spotlight,
it sometimes seems as though celebrities are being watched 24 hours a day. We see everything they do and hear everything
they say. So it seems impossible that a celebrity could
completely vanish and never be seen or heard from again. But that's exactly what happened to these
famous people who disappeared — and are still missing today. Bison Dele Before he changed his name, Bison Dele was
better known as basketball player Brian Williams, a 6 foot 11 man-mountain who left a trail
of fire and bruised egos through the NBA. He was also famously eccentric. When he quit both basketball and the United
States at the age of 30, he went on an endless nomadic voyage through Asia, living as a kind
of wealthy hobo, while writing beat poetry. On July 7, 2002, Dele set sail on his private
boat from Tahiti to Hawaii with his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, his brother, Miles Dabord,
and ship's captain Bertran Saldo. Dele, Karlan, and Saldo were never seen again. Two months later, Dabord was arrested in Phoenix
trying to buy gold with one of his brother's checks. Released on bail, he took his own life via
insulin overdose just across the Mexican border. Authorities believe he slew the other three
and dumped their bodies in the Pacific…but only the sea knows for sure. Oscar Zeta Acosta Legendary Chicano activist Oscar Zeta Acosta
was a big man with even bigger appetites. Immortalized by Hunter S. Thompson as Doctor
Gonzo in the classic novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Acosta was later portrayed by
Benicio Del Toro in the 1998 film adaptation. By then, however, Acosta had been missing
for decades. In 1974, he visited his ancestral home in
Mexico and simply vanished. Thompson spent years trying to find out what
happened to his friend, eventually concluding that Acosta had been the victim of a drug
hit, or possibly even a political assassination. Others think he might have suffered a nervous
breakdown and gone off the grid. The truth will likely never be known. Harold Holt It was one of the most shocking events in
Australian history: On December 17, 1967, the nation's leader went out for a swim in
the ocean…and was never seen again. Prime Minister Harold Holt was two years into
his term when he vanished into what friends called the highest surf they had ever seen. Holt was presumed drowned, but his body was
never found, in part because there was no official government investigation. That's because laws at the time made it illegal
to conduct an inquest without a body. That fueled numerous conspiracy theories,
with his disappearance attributed to everything from a CIA assassination to shark attack. Finally, in 2005, an investigation officially
concluded he had, in fact, drowned after all. Lord Lucan John Bingham, the 7th Earl of Lucan, was a
British lord so dashing, he was once considered for the role of James Bond. Turns out he would've made a lousy movie hero. On the night of November 7, 1974, Lord Lucan
attempted to slay his wife, Veronica Duncan, after a bitter separation and custody battle. She survived, but their nanny wasn't so lucky. Lord Lucan fled and was never seen again. His abandoned car was found, filled with incriminating
evidence, including the murder weapon, but no sign of the man himself was ever found. Some believe he fed himself to a tiger, while
others think he fled to Africa or India and lived out his days in secret exile. Lucan was officially declared deceased in
1999, but a certificate wasn't issued until 2016, finally allowing his son to inherit
the title 8th Earl of Lucan. Sean Flynn Errol Flynn was one of the most famous movie
stars who ever lived. His son Sean Flynn struggled to get out of
his father's long shadow, and those efforts may have cost him his life. Sean appeared in ten movies, but they were
mostly bombs, and his acting career never fully took off. Hoping to prove he was his own man, Sean became
a Time magazine war correspondent and flew to Vietnam. "Cameraman Sean Flynn filmed these scenes,
later went on patrol outside the camp perimeter." On April 6, 1970, he and fellow journalist
Dana Stone decided to photograph a Viet Cong checkpoint. They were captured by communist guerillas
and never seen again. It's widely believed they were held captive
for over a year before being executed by the Khmer Rouge in 1971, but no proof of Sean's
final fate has ever been found. Ambrose Bierce One of the most acclaimed authors in American
history, the true story of Ambrose Bierce's disappearance really is stranger than fiction. In 1913, despite not speaking a word of Spanish,
Bierce traveled to Mexico to report on the revolution and joined Pancho Villa's army
as an observer. In December, he reportedly wrote a letter
saying he was heading to "an unknown destination." He couldn't have been more right. Nobody knows where he went or what happened
to him, as he was never heard from again. Various theories suggest he was executed,
or was shot during a battle, or even that he ended his own life and the rest was a cover
story made up by his assistant. It's a mystery that will likely never be solved. Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know
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  1. Actually bison deles brother just showed when they stopped on an island in Hawai'i before reaching Tahiti. He wasn't invited like you've said in your video. It's said that his brother had written checks out to him by forging Bisons signature after the disappearances trying to pay crazy amounts of debt he had piled up.

  2. This comment section is full of low IQ specimen.


    a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport.'

    They were famous at one point, in their time.
    No celebrity today is famous or called a celebrity because you know them. It's because thousands of people knew or know them.

  3. That's what Flynn gets for simpathizing with the enemy in Viet nam! To bad the guerillas didn't take Jane Fonda as a prisoner and execute her stupid ass too! Isn't it funny how liberals spit on our troops who fought upon their return and called them baby killers, now liberals fight for the right to kill babies?

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