Christopher Hitchens live tv compilation best bits no2

Christopher Hitchens live tv compilation best bits no2

Christopher Hitchens appearing on various TV programmes and news shows, being frank, honest and down right entertaining.

here but in this country when you say things like that in a lot of places people just gasp why why is America so far behind Europe for example on this issue oh I do think it's true I think people just lie to the opinion polls try it stand in the center of any American town or city north or south on Sunday morning see if the place is 80% empty it's not there isn't enough room in the churches anyway but people are mowing the lawn and having a martini and if they're lucky sexual congress with the spouse or if it's a really good Sunday all three they don't they tell the pollsters they believe in Satan more than they believe in Darwin's theory of evolution but they don't know anything about either and when they go to the hospital they ad as if they think Darwin is probably more likely to be right so I think it's hugely exaggerated everywhere I go I find that everyone who comes to the meeting thinks they're the only other atheists and they're amazed to find that everyone else is one too yeah I find the same thing I whereas if I was in Europe and my country of birth in England the queen is the head of the church as well as head of the state you have to pay for both when she dies her slobbering weak chin no fan of a son will be the head of the Church of England and he wants to convert to Islam in the mean time this is what you get when you found a church on the family values of Henry the eighth and in Germany you have to pay a tithe to a church whether you want to or not we are very lucky in this country we have a better tradition we have Jefferson we have Thomas Paine we have the First Amendment we have the Virginia statute on religious freedom we're the only country in the world that says the state common good conservative wet he says boarding for me he's boarding for McCain because he'd rather lose an election than lose my bearings well that sounds as if the bearings have have already gone just look at what was just said it's as if our taxes are not likely to go up not because one candidate proposes or another we're not babies to be talked to like this but because the country's credit has imploded and that was not as it happens on Barack Obama's watch so it's it's it's it's childish they promise everything to everybody like this I want to go back to what you said about the fruit flies because actually it's very important Sarah Palin not funny large years about jeers about this because she thinks genetics is a joke on its own in itself we have every reason to think that she thinks that dinosaurs lived on the same time as humans did she certainly advocates the teaching of creationism in schools in other words the deliberate planned state financed stultify patient of American children at a time when our lead in matters of science and science education is not as robust as it might be this is a disgrace Larry it's not serious to have such a person the fruit flies deal with the big issues yeah she's a creationist and a religious fanatic she says she's been saved and some some tabernacle in Wasilla totally optional no one is forced to pray no but that's why the government shouldn't have a word to say about it that's why I can't be a national day of prayer that has any government sponsorship it's as plain as anything could be the First Amendment is written with admirable clarity Congress shall make no law respecting any establishment of religion I look out of my window in Washington I can see I don't know how many churches everyone can go to them all the time if you're Muslim you are supposed to pray five times a day just don't bother me with it and don't ask for the government is afraid of being accused by people like your guest of being socialist and secular it's the same reason why James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine my name is because I'm very sorry to say sir that people with overstretch even of Benjamin Franklin as well as mr. Paine mr. Madison mr. Jefferson well there had to be very careful to keep their opinions to themselves because your equivalents in those days threatened them with persecution if they were honest about the Finney I don't have any relative to al-qaeda none blowtorch Christopher twisted their reference a blowtorch it's fine any any example you want to come up with with al Qaeda you see there are three things one is point very well made by Senator McCain the torture regime himself what becomes of our prisoners if if we say that anything goes that's a self-interested point as well as a principle what do you think we're protected by that code I think it could now be increasingly unpleasant to be in American POWs and you can see the justification they'd come up with I thought McCain Ranch point that uh justification for cutting its head off Danny Jennifer do you think they had to read the papers together oh well now we can cut its head off because look at the Americans are doing it no they they don't need an incentive to behave I'm not making I wouldn't allow them that excuse but once the United States has said anything goes to a prisoner of ours you concede it makes it could make life uncomfortable for an American prisoner the fate of Richard Pro is danger yeah of course of course absolutely this agree on that and then the second point obvious is that those of us who've criticized this is saying it opens the door to rougher stuff yes that's the reason for the Geneva Accords of course you know this Michaels was I'm not teaching you I'm not patronizing you know all this was so that we would have some sense it's so so good tell me why the need to write this book but it's not written by me it's gets written by great thinkers and philosophers and scientists Stanley Johnny is those who don't believe that God intervenes in human affairs and those I think we have to take responsibility for ourselves basically why now well because of what the parties of God are doing everywhere you look whether it's trying to acquire nukes in Iran or trying to destroy civil society in Iraq or trying to bring on the Messiah with crazy settlers on the West Bank or trying to teach nonsense in American schools under the under the guise of so-called intelligent design or hold up stem-cell research all of this kind of thing I think it has created a healthy backlash response which is why this book is already on the bonnet paperback bestseller list as soon as it was published it's not because of my blue eyes you think it's very important that Mitt Romney starts talking about his faith yeah I think he has to be asked a number of very important questions one is what was he thinking until 1978 when he was a year when he was well into adulthood which is the year that the Mormon Church officially ceased to accept via racist organization up until then it wouldn't it wouldn't really admit a black person to any office hundreds and hundreds doctrines that's very important question seems to me we don't know either where how sincere the church's revelation but it shouldn't be doing this anymore was because they've really changed just in time to come into conformity with the law as they had with previously polygamy and then there's the question of the church's elders and then the so-called prophet who needs issues whose authority is supposed to be higher than that of any other human in other words Thailand the US Constitution so we want we need to know what mr. Romney thinks about that too Christopher it's willie geist here i know you've been following that story out of the Sudan very closely were British school teacher they were extremists calling for the death of a school teacher because she dared allow her students to name a teddy bear Mohammed I guess this sort of proves your thesis is that the way you look at it in a way it does in the way it doesn't anything via the whole business of not representing the profit have any pictures of him or or idols or images of them is initially quite a good idea it's supposed to stop by dietary there's supposed to prevent idolatry but now of course it's become a form of idolatry in other words you can you can't have a rational discussion about the profit without someone quality of death now you don't think this using hate crime and in fact you went so far to ask the question in your piece quote why are we so scared of offending Muslims yes well the the two things are very much connected first contrast the semi-literate language of the statute you just read out from New York State to the very lucid and beautiful language of the first amendment to our Constitution which which guarantees the right of freedom of expression that may very well involve and in fact was designed to protect criticism of religion may be expressed in a very vulgar manner in this case but if I don't like a book by James Joyce or Karl Marx or Iran and I decide to spit on it or throw it around it's not the sort of thing I'd be likely to do but it's nobody's business and legally but if you and use it as an act of intimidation I'll give you an example someone sent us send us video of a Koran being shot that wasn't a hate crime but that same person took the Quran that was shot and threw it at the door of a Tennessee mosque in an act of intimidation that's when it crosses a line into a hate crime no I'm sorry I'm very sorry mister but I don't see where that's an act of intimidation it may be the worship and intimidate them bring it back to patient I think the play I'm sorry yeah mrs. Ahn I'm sorry I thought that question was for me not from mr. not from mr. Hooper the second thing is this as the as the American Muslim lobbying organization which defends for example people like the crooner Cat Stevens who under the name of Yusuf Islam has publicly called for the murder of a novelist now living in New York mr. Hooper would be mr. Hooper would be much better much better employed in attacking what really is intimidating which is the the awareness among everyone in this profession including CNN which told me last year that it wouldn't run the cartoons from Denmark because it was afraid for the safety of its bureau chiefs let's see where the real intimidation is coming from as long as this kind of thing is licensed in the name of religion mr. but you're going to have to expect that people can also be offended you won't just be the only one to say that you're shocked or upset some people will say that they are fed up with religious bullying it's right by the way they did you got used to it the question is supposition that if we've made a nice offer of creating a modern and developed society the Taliban might have been nice enough to accept it has a long way to go before it's even naive that the people like the Taliban are often said to be the product of poverty and unemployment that's not the case at all they have the deliberate cause of poverty no employment they for example begin by sacrificing and repressing the talents of 50 percent of the population and that and those also making war on other Muslims the genocide of the Taliban against often forgotten the Hazara population the generally Persian in origin generally shear a large population Afghanistan practically put to the sword Iran nearly invaded Afghanistan stop that happened we have a quarrel with al-qaeda not just about its nasty habits of terrorism but about its creation of societies that are failed to begin with and it's out of failed societies that rogue societies come so we can't be neutral about that any more that we can be neutral about their turn to enslave the women of Afghanistan we'll put one of its ethnic minorities to the sword our signature on the Genocide Convention alone mandates that we take this kind of thing let's not forget we were already committed in that part of Asia and we always will be – among other things and I would say most importantly our alliance with India a great when will we withdraw do you think well I would say as long as we maintain a real alliance with India a serious secular multi-ethnic multicultural when do you think we're probably the the we will I think yeah yeah you didn't ask me a question yet I'm sorry retirees against this is little quick there's no withdrawal from our alliance with India you can't nor should they it shouldn't even be discussing


  1. He's bitching about creationism being taught in schools. Like teaching creation had to be supernatural and done by a supernatural creator is so illogical as opposed to creation happening naturally. Then ask how creation could have happened naturally and you get stupid answers because it's a stupid thing to believe. Hitch and his dumbass followers though don't want such teaching. It ALL happened naturally. Then the dumbasses claim there is no proof of the supernatural. And there isn't when you wear blinders and act like a snot-nosed brat repeating over and over, "There's no proof. There's no proof. There's no proof."

    –Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.–

  2. Mel Dobra
    Mel Dobra
    1 day ago
    Dear Tim hi .The evolutionist fraternity of Science keeps insisting to the present academic world that the teaching of evolution is a credibility document of the viable proposition of how things evolved and came into existence.Their theory over and over again is proven only in microevolution. Their gaps of macroevolution have holes as big as the distance as there is between galaxies. The evolutionistiic teaching has hijacked the academic world with their false proposal that they have all the answers.When questions are put to Dawkins about the origin of life and many things He says we Don't know we are learning and we will finally will solve these questions with scientific answers. At the present, in our academic institutions like ostriches with the heads buried in the sand, they are pushing their microevolutionary theory in our colleges as a macro answered evolutionary theory which is a lot of nonsense. When professors like Dr Behe and Dr S Meyer try to open the door for greater research dialog into further macro research every door is bared and every avenue is being blocked. Where are the open minds among other peers and Scientists for honest open dialog? Boris Dobra.

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