CLASSICS BOOK HAUL! | Dickens, Tolstoy, F. Scott Fitzgerald & MORE!

CLASSICS BOOK HAUL! | Dickens, Tolstoy, F. Scott Fitzgerald & MORE!

I share some of the classics that I’ve bought recently!
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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens โ†’

Hard Times by Charles Dickens โ†’

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens โ†’

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens โ†’

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens โ†’

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens โ†’

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy โ†’

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy โ†’

South Riding by Winifred Holtby โ†’

The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West โ†’

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston โ†’

The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays by Oscar Wilde โ†’

Selected Poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson โ†’

Selected Poems and Prose of Percy Bysshe Shelley โ†’

The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald โ†’

Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell โ†’

The Awakening by Kate Chopin โ†’

Shirley by Charlotte Brontรซ โ†’

Poetry of Lord Byron (similar edition) โ†’

Anthology of Modern Poetry โ†’ Unable to find edition!

The World of the Brontรซ’s by Jane O’Neill โ†’

hi guys today I'm here with a classics book or it's been just under a year since I did my last classics book called video in fact I think that was the last time I did a book call I've done little unboxings but never a book oh I just don't tend to do them these days but lately I have bought a lot of classics I'm trying to be good on the book buying this year but I also wanted to do buy them now so I didn't have to throughout the year because that's what I get tempted to buy other things so I'm trying to be good and I bought quite a lot I bought them online I bought them in book shops was gift tokens I had I also bought some in charity shops so I'm gonna get into it and show you the classics that I have bought recently the first books I want to show you are once I actually featured in a recent video I did on penguin platform which is the new year new books tag I made all the questions and penguin invited me on to their channel to talk about things like my bookish New Year's resolutions and the books I'm excited to read so I'll leave a link to that in the description and in the endcard and up here if you would like to go and watch it so you can go and do that but these books are the brand new vintage Charles Dickens which I have completely fallen in love with they are so beautiful and I love vintages editions they also did the Austen ones the Bronte ones which I own and they've done Virginia Woolf which I don't own and also some Russian classics which we'll talk about in a little bit but these are brand new they came out at the end of last year and they look like this so we have great expectations which I'm currently reading I started this yesterday and absolutely loved it so far I'm so pleased I started reading it and can't believe I haven't already it's one of the books I want to read for my classics I want to read in 2018 so I'm glad that I finally started reading it because I knew if I didn't do it now I probably wouldn't I love the sprayed edges on these and I think that the font is a really nice size in them to they're not too small because sometimes classics can have quite small fonts and the endpapers are really nice just absolutely amazing there's also hard times which I'm hoping to read this year and a Tale of Two Cities which is another one I'm excited to read I don't know if I'll get to this one this year but it is one that I have really wanted to take off my bucket list so I do think I'll get to at some point if I enjoy great expectations a lot then I'm probably going to be more likely to read more Charles Dickens this year than I originally intended there's also David Copperfield which I can't sound too excited to read is one of the ones I'm probably not gonna read anytime soon and then Oliver Twist I really like this cover I think it's really bright and vibrant and I really want to read Oliver Twist because I've heard of the story but I don't know a lot of the details so that is why I would like to read it and then the final one is a Christmas Carol which I featured in my end of year TBR but never read so I think I'm gonna read it anyway this year even though it's not Christmas anymore I still feel like I want to read it so this year will be the year I've read a Christmas carol I am sure because I'm trying to challenge myself this year I bought two books that let's be honest really really intimidate me but I feel like that's a good thing you have to read things that are outside of your comfort zone and that is definitely something that I want to do so these are the vintage Russian classics and I got war and peace and Anna Karenina both by Leo Tolstoy I just can't believe how big these books are you could use these as doorstops this is a war and peace I love these covers and I'd quite like to collect them but I feel like I'm going to read one of these before I buy another one and do it like that because otherwise they're just going to be sat on my bookcase gathering dust which I don't want to happen so this one is translated by Richard peva and Larissa Velikovsky and I read the introduction to this and they said that some translations attempt to translate every single thing into English but they've tried to do is translate it in a way that really captures the essence of the book even though it is an English translation of the original Russian which I'm really interested to read this one is one thousand two hundred and sixty four pages I can't remember a time I read a book that big I think the last one I read was Game of Thrones and they split them into two parts so it doesn't seem as intimidating I really want to read it I really want to challenge myself and I've watched an adaptation of war and peace but I don't remember a lot and I don't think I enjoyed it I think it was the BBC miniseries from a few years ago but I just couldn't really get into the story so I feel like I'm gonna have to and then watch the adaptation afterwards again and then Anna Karenina I bought because so many people have been telling me to read it but also because a back last year I read – hearts totally which is about a character who is obsessed with Anna Karenina so I wanted to read it and capture all the references that I missed and maybe read – hearts Tolstoy again because I really loved it and I thought it was a great way a book but I want to read the original and these are so called just so I couldn't resist buying these I then bought three books are published by Virago who I really love because they really champion women authors they also publish Daphne du Maurier they are the Daphne du Maurier publishers in the UK so the first one that I bought was South Riding by Winifred Holtby this has a an amazing cast of characters there is actually a list inside with something like let me see how many pages one two three four five six pages just of characters and it's set in Yorkshire which I love OC I love Yorkshire because I love the Bronte's and I have lots of family connections to Yorkshire and I think it's going to be a really good one and is set just after the first world war which I find a really fascinating period of history in terms of the change and pretty much I think that the interesting thing for me is the change between the end of the First World War and what happens then between then and the start of the Second World War that is something I find really interesting things like Downton Abbey I love because that follows that period of history and also her outside was rosy which starts just at the end of the first world war so I find it a really interesting period to read about the other Virago book I bought was the fountain overflows by Rebecca West I bought this because a Rebecca West Twitter account tweeted that I should probably read this because she's a really underrated author so I thought I've got to read it I really want to champion underrated classics authors this year and find the hidden gems of the classics world maybe don't fit into our traditional image of the Canon so I wanted to read this and I really liked the way that it was described in the introduction which is troubled families have been a source of fiction ever since Greek tragedy but the fountain overflows is one of the most interest engaging novels about childhood and family ever written I love books like that so I freely feel like I'm going to enjoy this and then the final Virago book I bought was their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston which is a book that I think is studied a lot in America but I haven't heard a lot about so I think I was doing a little google or it was her birthday or something like that in January and I thought why haven't I read her yet so I am looking forward to reading this one a lot Zadie Smith described it as one of the greatest American novels of the 20th century so that is enough to make me want to read it another goal of mine this year is to read more plays and more poetry and I really want to read more Oscar Wilde so I bought Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest and other plays which includes Lady Windermere's Fan Salome a a woman of no importance and the ideal husband a flora Tyne tragedy and then The Importance of Being Earnest so for like I'm going to read a lot of a school art this year but I did read the Picture of Dorian Gray last year which was his only novel so I definitely wanted to read more from him and I was want to make a video on him for my classic series this year so I've got to get ahead and do it my breathing research and I'm really looking forward to reading his plays and just finding out more about Oscar Wilde for poetry I bought selected poems by Alfred Lord Tennyson because I read the Lady of schlock for my English class we were studying the Picture of Dorian Gray actually and we were studying how that parallels with the Lady of Shalott and certain allusions to it and I really loved that so I wanted to read some more of his poems and I feel like his style is very similar to my own taste and so I think I'm really going to love this and then the other poetry / prose I got was selected poems and prose by Percy Bysshe Shelley I read Frankenstein last year and I'm really fascinated by people like Mary Shelley Percy Bysshe Shelley Lord Byron and that group so I really want to read more from him and I'm not sure if it's gonna be my thing but I also want to read it to test myself and to see if I'll enjoy it and I'm interested to see more of the political romantic side of it as you probably know I love collecting different editions of books so I've got all my penguin English libraries behind me and I've got a lot of the vintage ones as you in other videos and this but cool but another collection that I want to try and collect are these gorgeous f scott Fitzgerald books which I don't think you can see very well in this light but they are so so beautiful and I've had my eyes on them for ages and I read The Great Gatsby and I'm actually studying the Great Gatsby for my English literature level and one of the best things I find in order to kind of assert your confidence in the exam is to read something else where the author you're studying because that way you know that you know their style and it's not just a one-off in that book so I bought the beautiful and Damned and I'm looking forward to reading it but I have heard that it's not his best novel but I still want to collect these and probably gonna buy the Great Gatsby once I finished my exam just to celebrate finishing studying it last year I loved reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell so this year I want to try reading Mary Barton I always want to read wives and daughters which I featured in my classics I want to read in 2018 video but Mary Barton was her first book so I'm looking forward to reading her progression as a writer because I've also read Cranford but I didn't love that as much as I loved north and south so at the moment I'm not really sure how much I love Elizabeth Gaskell's books so I need to read more to make up my mind another books I bought was The Awakening by Kate Chopin which I studied I think a year ago now in my English literature class we studied an extract for it because we have to do unseen a prose and this was one of the ones we used to practice that and I really loved this feminist stance that Kate Chopin uses in her writing and how it was quite empowering but also points out a lot of flaws in the way that we treat women so I'm looking forward to reading the full text and seeing if that really shines through back in December I went on a bit of a charity shop crawls where I went round a few charity shops and tried to find lots of classics and I came out with some very good books the first being Shirley by Charlotte Bronte which is one of my favorite books in fact it is my all-time favorite book and I wanted another edition of it because I've got two other editions and then I wanted another one that I can maybe write in or dog-ear the pages and just remember my favorite chapters or this one is a lot smaller so you can just put it in your bag so a lot of different classics so lots of different purpose and I wanted another edition one that my mum gifted to me actually was this one which is the golden book of modern English poetry which is an anthology of lots of different modern poems and lots that I haven't really heard of so for example Frances Thompson just opening up I've never heard of as a poet I've never really heard of John Davidson I have higher fraud but Louis Stevenson secret Sassoon I've heard of but I've never read anything from John Masefield Gordon Bottomly William Henry Davis Lionel Johnson Herbert trench so so many poets in here that I haven't really heard about in a long time and some I've heard lots about but I've never read so I'm looking forward to reading this I would say as always with additions like this they are very male-dominated and that really annoys me so I will try and bite my tongue when I'm reading it like I'm looking for discovering some new poets – I then bought this lovely edition of Lord Byron poetry I have absolutely huge Oxford world classics edition which is pretty much this thick and this one I was really attracted to mainly because it is so beautiful but also because there's a lot shorter and the poems are set out in such a way that you can actually read them without feeling like you are going to drop on your toe and break it so I really like this and I loved how it had this inscription in the side which said to M s from CNW Christmas 1919 I thought it was so quaint and sweet and I love old books so I was really pleased with this find and then the last book I have to show you isn't a classic but it's to do with classics and it is the world of the Bronte's the lives times and works of Charlotte Emily and Anne Bronte by Jane O'Neill I love Bronte books obviously I mean I mean I talk about them in every single video and you know this so you pretty much show knowing that I was gonna feature something think about the Bronte's by now this is a really lovely book with lots of illustrations in it lots of really interesting facts and things like reviews of the novels which I find fascinating I think I've got a Jane Austen edition of this actually so I'm looking for to reading more into it and finding out different things about the Bronte's because every Edition holds different facts and different things the author finds important so that's why I love books like this so those are some of the classics that I have bought recently I would love to hear if you've read any of them and if you've enjoyed them or any classics that you have bought recently so thank you so much for watching this video and I will see you guys soon happy reading


  1. I am currently reading Anna Karenina and I just love it! I recommend you to start with that one, at the beginning it is a bit tedious, but the moment her character is introduced it becomes gripping.

  2. After putting off for a long time I've just bought the same Tennyson book as you, I love his poetry. The Lotos-Eaters is fantastic. I take much more from the poem than is possibly intended…or maybe it is, I'm not sure.

    I did my first read of The Lady of Shalott today

    Just noticed this video is 2 years old… How did you like Tennyson?

  3. Jane Eyre is a fantastic classic I'm only 16 and my teacher was kind enough to give me a copy and I enjoyed reading it so much I would recommend it as a classic to anyone.

  4. Hello there Lucy, I love reading as you do. I study English literature in my university here in Kingdom Saudi Arabia, and yes English is not my first language. I start watching you reviews for books especially the classics ones, I read them in Arabic translation, but there is another amazing books are not translated, so the point is that when I see the English books in your videos I want to read them as soon as I can. And other thing I wonder what do you study? do you study English literature ??

  5. I bet the Lord Byron poems were given by a gay man to his lover. It would explain the inscriptions with only initials, and Lord Byron also wrote very sexual works, sometimes about male-male lovemaking.

  6. I have recently completed David Copperfield! It is officially now the most brilliant book in every way imaginable , I have ever read in all my life. I absolutely adore it. David Copperfield was just so eccentric and depressing in every way. I actually enjoy depressing novels quite a lot. It was the most heart warming and beautiful novel. Don't underestimate the size of David Copperfield , For size clearly does not matter. I have had such a brilliant and heart warming time reading David Copperfield. I am afraid that I cannot compare even the most brilliant novel in English literature to David Copperfield. And I will not even bother to compare any novel to David Copperfield. This is not a disappointing novel in any way imaginable. It is one of the greatest novels Charles Dickens has ever written , [In my personal opinion]. This is a book I 'will' highly recommend to anyone whom is considering reading it. This novel has changed my life forever. It is a novel I will never forget…

  7. Pretty late on commenting but if you liked The Fountain Overflows, then I can't recommend Black Lamb and Grey Falcon enough. It's set on the brink of WWII and looks at the history, society, and politics of Yugoslavia. It's truly excellent.

  8. Barnes & Noble has some fine editions of Dickens and other authors. They are available in paperback and hardcover and have very easy to read print. They don't have fancy covers, but they are really nice books, and best of all, they are inexpensive (many are under ten dollars).

  9. I think David Copperfield is the best one there! We had to do a comparison to David Copperfield and one of your favourite books but I won't say what book it is as it might spoil it for you.

  10. Oscar Wilde is my favorite author of all time! I love him so much! I have read, directed, and acted in The Importance of Being Ernest. I know the entire play by heart! If you ever want to talk about Oscar Wilde or buddy read one of his plays, I would love to do that with you! I'm so excited for someone else to read the beauty that is Oscar Wilde!

  11. Definitely read โ€œTheir Eyes Were Watching Godโ€. I live in Florida and itโ€™s required reading in 11th grade here. I actually lived less than a mile from Eatonville, where Zora lived and this book is set, and itโ€™s such a unique town. They have a festival every year for Zora and the town is very much rooted in their past, with a lot of historical homes and areas still much as it was in the early 1900s. One thing I will tell you, is that the writing style captures the true essence of the spoken language and can be kind of hard to wrap your brain around while silently reading (I live around this language and still had a hard time with silently reading it) so I HIGHLY recommend reading dialogue out loud for a bit to get used to how it sounds and then it makes it much easier for you to silently read it. Canโ€™t wait to hear what you think!!

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