Comic Writer Reveals Wonder Woman as Bi-Sexual - Collider Movie Talk

Comic Writer Reveals Wonder Woman as Bi-Sexual – Collider Movie Talk

On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (September 30th, 2016) John Campea, Mark Ellis, Jason Inman, John Rocha and Sinead DeVries discuss the following:

-Comic writer Greg Rucka reveals Wonder Woman as bi-sexual

-Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley and Judy Dench join Murder on the Orient Express remake

-Zack Snyder teases a Deathstroke Scene from Justice League

-New motion poster released for Doctor Strange

-First trailer released for Jim Jarmusch’s Paterson starring Adam Driver

-New trailer released for Warren Beatty’s Rules Don’t Apply

-Box Office Predictions

-Mail Bag

Before we see Wonder Woman make her big screen debut on June 2nd, 2017, comic book writer Greg Rucka has given fans of Diana Prince something to consider. During an interview with Comicosity, Rucka revealed that he and his co-illustrator Nicola Scott believe Diana has been in a same sex relationship.

Some big casting updates have been revealed for Kenneth Branagh’s Murder On The Orient Express remake. Not only do we have Deadline reporting that Johnny Depp is currently in talks to play Ratchett, the man who’s murdered on the train in question, but we’ve also got The Hollywood Reporter claiming that Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, Michael Pena and Judy Dench have all joined the cast as well. A release date has not yet been set.

One month ago Ben Affleck posted a video online revealing that the assassin Deathstroke would be appearing in the new standalone Batman movie. Now, director Zack Snyder has posted a photo from the set of Justice League revealing a set of storyboards that do confirm Deathstroke in the movie. Deathstroke will be played by Joe Manganiello but as of now, we don’t know just how big his part will be in the movie. We’ll find out when Justice League hits theatres on November 10th, 2017.


Marvel has released a new motion poster for Doctor Strange, showing off Strange’s abilities and teasing the power emanating from Strange’s Eye of Agamotto, the iconic talisman worn around the character’s neck. The film is directed by Scott Derrickson and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme. The movie hits theatres on November 4th.

Yahoo has released the first trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s critically acclaimed Paterson starring Adam Driver. The movie has earned unanimous acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival in May and is now ready to screen again at this year’s New York Film Festival. The movie examines a week in the life of Driver’s character who plays a bus driver in Paterson, New Jersey; content on living day in and day out, driving around the city, writing poetry and walking his dog. The drama is set for theatres on December 28, 2016.

A new trailer for has been released for actor/writer/director Warren Beatty‘s upcoming romantic drama Rules Don’t Apply. An actress (Lily Collins) and her personal driver (Alden Ehrenreich) begin a forbidden romance while working for eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty) in 1958 Hollywood. The movie hits theatres on November 23rd.




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hey everybody happy Friday and welcome to Collider movie talk if you talk to movie fans I'm your ocean age of reason this is a daily show where we bring you the latest news from the world of movies plus some insight into what it all means joining us this morning is John Campea I have an apple I have a pen that's all I'm going to say also here is Jason Inman you know I saw a funny meme of Batman punching that guy was the best thing I saw and John Roca hey guys TGIF let's get it going like watch us for a little while then go out go outside see the Sun go see a movie go do something fun and it's Marc Ellis before we see Wonder Woman make her big screen debut on June 2nd 2017 comic book writer Greg Rucka has given fans of Diana Prince something to consider during an interview with kamikaze Dee Rucker revealed that he and his co illustrator Nicholas Scott believe that Diana has been in a same-sex relationship he said it's supposed to be paradise you're supposed to be able to live happily you're supposed to be able in a context where one can live happily and part of an individual needs for that happiness is to have a partner to have a fulfilling romantic and sexual relationship and the only options are women but in Amazon does have a look at another Amazon and say you're gay they don't the concept doesn't exist now are we saying diana has been in love and had relationships with other women as Nicola and I approach it the answer is obviously yes John what do you think of raucous comments do you think we will ever see this play out in the movies those are two very different questions okay so let's let's start with the first one you know this kind of things came up when the whole sulu thing came up about the new Star Trek right and one of the arguments that I made at the time like let's take out of the equation just for a moment that all Diana theoretically grew up around was a society of nothing but women let's take that out of the equation for a second okay just a Gallup poll couple years ago gets determined that a roughly four point five percent of the Americans identify themselves as a part of the LGBT community you know that's just that's the statistic four point five percent that means let's say theoretically intha mascara if there was 500 Amazon's at least 25 of them or a lesbian or bisexual at least 25 of them it just makes sense why not like mathematically speaking there is nothing out of the ordinary or odd about this now you bring into that equation the fact that I grew up in a society of nothing but women my entire life that as the writer of the comic book throws out there kind of mixes it up a bit so the idea that she has had a romantic relationship with Steve Trevor in no way precludes that she could have had romantic relationships with other women on the mascara I personally don't see why that's a big deal nor do I see why anybody would have an issue with that it's a totally different sociological context than what we are used to being in a society of two sexes and what have you so what's the problem what's the big deal now while I say on one hand that makes sense would they try to translate that or that type of reality into the movie universe well look we see lots of things happen in the comic books that they don't translate over to the movie universe look we talk all the time about the civil war comic book was very very different from the civil war movie Days of Future past comic very different story from what we got in the movie so just cuz they do that with one woman in the complex doesn't mean they're bring it over into the live-action films but if they do who cares I really don't care if they do or if they don't it could it be an interesting to add an extra extra layer of dimension to the character maybe or maybe not maybe it becomes a distraction from the movie I don't know but at this point just because they say it that's in the comic it doesn't necessarily mean it's in the movie marquel's your reaction all this Steve Trevor you got a lot more competition than Paradise to me it's because there are no judgments placed on it it's she didn't grow up in a society like ours where everybody is hyper judging everything she just grew up where you love somebody or you want to have a relationship with somebody because you feel a connection with that person that's awesome the cultural significance of this is one thing but it also makes sense for her character the way that she came up in Paradise where there were no men around anyway and that one of the big things about Wonder Woman that they are probably gonna hammer home in the movie and also in the comic books which i think is great is it she does not need men she is not reliant upon men to help her with with solving anything with with growing up with being in a relationship with anybody certainly not being superhero so it makes sense that she can be with whoever she wants to be and there's no judgement placed upon that I think this is great news John roca yeah in its purest form absolutely yes all the comments he made are fantastic I think it's very progressive and it's where we're going in society so it seems very very natural but if you incisive into these comments it's like well within if you were born heterosexual on and you wanted to be with a man what are your options with the mascara like if you're going you can't say it's just everyone's gay therefore there's no gay and it doesn't think there has to be something more here and I think there's if we've read comics and I'm sure Jason can correct me on that he's never read a comic going back to the history of them ascared there have been relations between men and women of her ancestors so there has been that permeation what I think Greg is doing really well with these comments is saying like this is a possibility it's not a big deal and we're not gonna treat it like it's a big deal and I think that's very fantastic for conflict I don't know a hundred centigrade you John I think a lot of people will care and will be upset about it I agree that we shouldn't care but I think a lot of people will be upset in this country around the world because they have their own personal feelings or religious feelings about this and one woman has never been stressed as a gay icon in any way shape or form but she has been embraced by the gay community many many times so there is this is a smart move into that opening it up and I think we'll get past it and no one will care about it eventually and not enough to bother the film Jason the interesting thing about this whole article is that this whole article is a non-issue for anybody who has ever read a Wonder Woman comic book because if you go back to the original Wonder Woman comics written by William Moulton Marston those comic books are all about love peace bondage yes go reason and inherent homosexuality they are all wonderful matter based nature is all about love and I think that that's why for me she always works best as a diplomat and an ambassador who has to take up the sword when she has to yes it totally makes sense and it's logically it's been hinted at several times in the comic books then she has had relationships with women yes there are storylines where ships of men have come by and the Amazonians have had relationships with them the other idea that I think that this is so amazing for 101 75th anniversary is that Paradise Island has always been portrayed as a utopia and I love that in a utopia the boundaries of love just don't exist and I think that's the most amazing legacy of Wonder Woman the storyline I hope we see some of this in this movie but I could understand why they would want to avoid it because I didn't expect this huge reaction to this article like I would say with you a lot of people are really mad about this for weird reasons I think but I hope we get hints of that in the movie or I hope that like maybe there's a short scene of her with a sister and she like maybe has it a longing moment with her before she leaves Paradise Island with Steve and and and then we just leave it at that subtext and that we get the indication that oh there's something more to that relationship than friendship but you know maybe it's not nailed down a hundred percent I I think what you're pointing to makes a lot of sense because if they go into the movie obviously in the water Woman movie she has Captain Kirk as her love interest which who doesn't want Captain Kirk as a love interest so that's what love but they they vaguely like maybe they could do this if they vaguely reference that she has been in love before and they vaguely references but don't make a big deal out of it and I don't think they would in something like this they focus on the love and trust they have that's probably the safest approach they have to doing it if they're going to do it at all and I'm not convinced they are gonna do it at all but I still think it's interesting something we can keep our eyes on all right what's next some big casting updates have been revealed for Kenneth Branagh's Murder on the Orient Express remake not only do we have deadlines reporting that Johnny Depp is currently in talks to play ratchet the man who's murdered on the train in question but we've also got The Hollywood Reporter claiming that Michelle Pfeiffer Daisy Ridley and Michael Pena and Judi Dench have all joined the cast as well a release date has not yet been set mark what are your thoughts in the new casting additions to Murder on the Orient Express my thoughts are good I want to see your movie now it's a great cast it's nothing that I would expect it's something I wouldn't expect from Kenneth Branagh who is directing this thing because I love the way that he is able to take whether it's Shakespearean or or it's something from a comic book like what he did with the first Thor movie and and he can adapt it onto the big screen in such a cool unique way having this cast with him Johnny Depp is fine Daisy really is what I'm really excited about here and Judi Dench too because it's so many different types of characters when you throw Michael Payne in there you throw Michelle Pfeiffer there it's it's an eclectic mix of actors of backgrounds and it's something it's gonna be fun to see when they all get bottled together on a train presumably because Johnny Depp has got murdered Roka yeah I'm such a fan of the original directed by Sidney Lumet lament in 1974 like this was a who's who of actors in this original film so it makes sense that you'd stunt cast to this film again when you're remaking and Branagh you're right mark Branagh is a fantastic director when he has the right material in front of him I've always been a fan of his it just by every movie except for that Frankenstein movie and I love what he does he brings his style he brings his voice we're talking about all I mean like in the original you had John Gill gruberman Lauren Bacall Albert Finney Jung I mean Richard Widmark Michael York there were so many people Anthony Perkins and so I like that it's building upon that legacy it's Conner Henry yeah yeah yeah with that with that accent it has and Poirot is one of my favorite favorite detectives I watched that ane show for years David Suchet was so fantastic as poor Oh so for me I'm super excited to see what Branagh does with it I hope he doesn't do wild wild west with it in terms of the character portrayal and I hope he does something else but although it's a guilty pleasure of mine I but I see that these are the right hands because if you ever seen a wall and or on PBS Branagh is fantastic with that character and and invoking the Swedish nature of the character without necessarily going full Swedish and that's really good you say you don't we – the Train what you don't want to see a giant spider attack by John Peters mission you know I know you guys I think this is this is a great story I think this is a story that is primed to be adapted I think there is enough time between the original one and this one that we can see a remake and I don't feel like we'll be stepping on the toes just kind of like Magnificent Seven like there's enough space there the one worry about this for me is Johnny Depp like everybody else in the cast I'm kind of there I hope that Kenneth Branagh can like kind of make Johnny Depp feel like he should give a crap because I that's what I've kind of been getting from Johnny Depp for the last like three or four years like he's been doing all these movies that he's just taking the paycheck for it doesn't care about it if he really sinks his teeth into it and gives us a performance that is on par with Albert Finney then I think we will have an amazing movie and you made a comment for recorded that like youthfulness would be a strong Oscar contender I totally agree with you if this movie is done right in the acting is amazing Oscar contender I'll be honest when I first heard about Johnny Depp joining this cast I forgot that Kenneth Branagh was connected I forgot about that so when I first heard Johnny Depp in Murder on the earning Sprint's I immediately went to a very dark place because I was thinking he's going to play Ron is doing this that changed the game for me when I realized that that's what's happening because maybe we'll get a black mask Johnny Depp kind of performance maybe we'll get one of those as opposed to the character character performances that were used to seeing him do in the last few years and then you look at the other cast around whether it's release know I was gonna say Ridley Scott Daisy Ridley where that you've got Dame Judi Dench you know when you've got a cast of that caliber with a director like Kenneth Branagh and just look at the recent history what he did was Cinderella when a lot of people ready thinking these live-action Disney films not working out and then he comes along with his Cinderella crushes it I think this could be a really cool thing so yeah I'm excited about it all right what's next one month ago Ben Affleck posted a video online revealing that the assassin Deathstroke would be appearing in the new standalone Batman movie now director Zack Snyder has posted a photo from the set of Justice League revealing a set of storyboards that do confirm Deathstroke in the movie Deathstroke will be played by Joe Manganiello but as of now we don't know just how big his part will be in the movie but we're set to find out when Jess's league hits theaters November 10th 2017 Jason how big do you think Deathstroke's role will be in Justice League I think des Trucks part will be as equal to Wonder Woman and Batman V Superman that's the screen time that he's gonna have in that movie I think he's gonna be in it for 15 minutes I have a feeling that he is going to bring them some sort of component that is gonna let them complete the climax it wouldn't surprise me because in the comics in the past they've had several times where Deathstroke has had something or or a MOOC or some sort of mercenaries had something and Bruce Wayne just buys it from them to win so I can see des truck works for the highest bidder I could see the Bruce Wayne just buying some sort of component a mother box perhaps to wit them beat Steppenwolf I also think that this confirms that a little bit what we'd seen before because I was very surprised when Ben Affleck shared that photo of its destro suit in the test rope suit looked too complete to just be for the next movie or even like one scene so like if he's in this movie 15 minutes then I'm like okay that justifies no pun intended the suit they would build for Justice League broke oh yeah this is great I love Deathstroke as a character I mean it's just interesting to see which Deathstroke they're going to have you know cuz he's such an interesting characters in the military he lost his eye cuz his wife shot it out who was a trainer and his son got his throat cut and it's like has no vocal course like there's so much about him that's interesting and he becomes this mercenary through the comics he has connections with Teen Titans he has connections with birds of prey which is always nipping around the edges of the DC Universe film that they want films that they want to do so birds of prey something that I you know you here in the rumors that they want to launch that as well so I think you're right Jason 15 minutes that's enough to introduce him to men Joe's already a fantastic presence on screen so we'll get it will be excited to see him and other things you'll lead us into other things and it's almost like the template with with Marvel having the staff there with Loki okay where does that take us and the next thing the next thing it's almost like old-school crossover stuff with comic books we have to buy seven different titles to follow the storyline all the way through I think this is great and I hope I hope I see a little more than a little more of the harder-edged Deathstroke then we've seen and I think that'll be a great balance because he's supposedly one of Batman and Green Arrow's greatest foes in terms of mental gymnastics with each other mark I mean Deathstroke wasn't just Josh McKoon his nickname in high school it actually one of the villains in Justice League ona do tend to agree with Jason because when I first heard the rumors of Deathstroke we saw that image I was like this is gonna be a post-credits scene in Justice League there's just gonna be something it teases us for the standalone Batman movie but this seems to indicate he is gonna have a bigger role Kenda what you were saying 10 or 15 minutes of screen time maybe not as prominent as Wonder Woman was and his featured but certainly in there and from those storyboards it kind of looks like he's talking to a bald dude yeah so if he's talking to Lex Luthor Lex Luthor is using him I said who is in Justice League Ryan yeah so and so I'm thinking because he's probably not gonna be in the Batman standalone movie so this seems to think that and also Zack Snyder gets way too dialed up to be working on story boards is he gonna go defend somebody the 1940s looks like a southerner I'm surprised how well he can draw with that glove because valya it's like steampunk look I'm gonna be honest with you first of all I'm the guy who defends BVS I'm the guy who defends Suicide Squad I'm the guy who says there's a lot of hope DC fans should have moving forward because the moves they're making both behind and in front of the camera for the upcoming Justice League Wonder Woman and everything moving forward that's me I'm gonna tell you I see this what I hear in my head is echoes of the amazing spider-man 2 I see I see a movie that I fear is now starting to cram in things that don't need to be in this movie like they stuffed in you know all these different there's nothing in different things just for the sake so they can be set up for the next movie without just keeping a laser precision focus on what is best for this movie now maybe what they're doing and what they're working on is what is best for this movie but when I see pictures like this and saying like all the stuff we've seen and nothing do with desert go oh by the way we're gonna throw in Deathstroke and then we're gonna throw in some of your and lettuce Joker and then we're gonna throw it like I just I'm just afraid of that I'm not saying that's what they're gonna do but my first two action I see that kind of picture is that that's my fear because I've been building hope for where the direction that the DC Cinematic Universe is going and then I see this and it gives a little bit of a bump of the road to my hope so I hope I'm convince me I'm wrong yes you're why I'm dead wrong to think this way Pisces give in to that because there's so much of a track record that it doesn't a lot of the stuff the designer tries to do doesn't work with the majority the audience and so if you're worried about how they're gonna make this work correctly that doesn't feel stuffed in your right John that's certainly a fear I haven't also are we gonna see Luther and we're gonna see the shout out to Infinite Crisis with their connection is it gonna be any kind of super through in Dark Knight Returns moments they throw in they threw in your one moments though there's interesting stuff that they threw in I will I'll flip you on the other side that I'll say this is a good thing because this seems to be leading up to what Justice League comic book to do perfectly they're Team ups their little get you a little feeling of the DC Universe so lots of characters show up for just a scene to scene three scenes of like oh hey Batman here's the thing here here's Superman here's the thing here's this and this Deathstroke thing seems to lead in this Lex Luthor thing seems leaves there are lots of Justice League of America storylines I remember well they'll cut away to Luthor just being like oh the Superman found the thing crap I was gonna grab that and then they just cut away and that's all you get you just get a little thing of like Oh Luthor was gonna grab that okay so if this movie gives us that like these little pieces it's like you're getting to feel that there's a larger universe out there then I think it's fine because you can still have the main adventure of the Justice League wanting to punch Steppenwolf in the face buy or sell here is how this works in front of arsenates got a few other items in the world – movie news she's gonna run them down then those of us to the table are something gonna say whether we buy it or salsa Jade what do we got Marvel has released a new motion poster for Doctor Strange showing off strangers abilities and teasing the power emanating from stranger's eye of agamotto the iconic talisman worn around the character's neck the film is directed by Scott Derrickson and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the sorcerer supreme and it hits theaters on November 4th Roka buy or sell the new motion poster for Doctor Strange I absolutely buy it I love everything they've done with marketing this film I've been super excited and especially as its pushed against this whole kind of superhero fatigue stuff that seems to be dancing around now in the mainstream pop culture media and for me I think they're doing all the right steps it's subtle it's to the point it's inventive it definitely puts you in the vibe of the film idea the day I was driving in LA and I finally saw the first billboard up and I got super excited because of the design of it you know what I think this is going to do well and this whole thing's a little inventive you know you're getting a good you're getting images in the back things that are letting you see what you're going to see in the movie so they're dropping little nuggets little easter eggs for you to remember as you go and see the movie and see how it relates my only problem is the way it ends and he's just like that's my only problem with it is that weird face he's making whatever thickets other than that I love the Cape going on without him actually putting it on he's just throwing it up there that's badass but that's my only complaint is that ending face just standing there staring at you but I think I love it yeah I buy it alright so but here's the look dr. strange is I cannot wait to see this movie I think it's gonna be awesome everything they've done from the casting to the choice their choice of directors and the people the team behind it and the visuals I've seen the trailers all awesome all great this is a comment strictly aimed at this motion poster Sal look motion posters when they the concert were first introduced a couple years ago it was just something like where where there's something on the post in the foreground like flames are kind of subtly moving in the background you know it's it just gives a little sense of motion this you know you said this in our pre-production meeting so I give you full credit Marnell for this it's just an animated gif there's not a motion poses like scenes coming to this and then show me this that's not a motion poster anymore by my definition if there's not there's nothing subtle about it it's like okay look who cares this has no effect on how good the movies gonna be this sucks I sell it Jason John can't be dismayed my argument for me I'm also a cell but I want to say I'm a cell because the motion poster argument agreed this is not because I hate all things Marvel just because I work for DC Doctor Strange as well I think it looks really awesome and I think they've really captured the flavor of the Steve Ditko comic books which is insane and shouldn't be possible unless you're a thousand monkeys all working on LSD that's just impossible but they somehow seem to have done it but yeah motion posters get over it so Mark Ellis I'm gonna buy a better value because it's a poster and if you see something like this it's in a movie theater and you're walking out whatever movie just saw it's gonna catch your eye it's gonna grab you're at attention now I was the kid that grew up collecting sports cards I love football cards basketball cards baseball cards I started to get out of it when every card set that came out have like 90 hologram cards and like different cards it it got so annoying I don't want to see this happen every poster but this is a big event film this is Marvel's huge event of the fall so I understand the need for the motion poster does separate itself from everything else that you might be seeing at a movie theater strictly on that it's not something I want on my wall because again I don't want then that cumberbatch give me that weird look I I will buy it because I think it looks cool and it and it distinguishes itself from every other movie coming out which is what Marvel wants to do with this oh sorry cuz oh this is your phone my phone text message from his wife Ashley don't forget honey you hate all things Marvel as an airplane mode the first trailer for Jim Jarmusch was critically acclaimed Patterson starring Adam driver the movie earned unanimous acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival back in May and is now ready to screen again at this year's New York Film Festival the movie examines a week in the life of drivers character who plays a bus driver in Paterson New Jersey content unliving day in and day out driving around the city writing poetry and walking his dog the drama is set for theaters on December 28th 2016 John buyers sell the first trailer for Paterson yes you me I already did that I already did the first one oh you did use the airplane mode get the first message send it again John broke it just texted me remember you hate all things Marvel I said read from Ashley it's first of all before before I say anything else I gotta say other than the ability to write this sounds like a perfect description for Mark Ellis is already Wells because I'm shooting film HQ this morning I didn't get a chance to watch the trailer so I don't know so tell me about it it's pretty much me the one thing I really like this trailer I hear great things about this movie Adam driver when you when he's not just a hot topic teenager trying to kill his daddy he really is a fantastic actor and I loved what he brought not only to the Star Wars universe but also every other project he's been just refer to kylo Ren is a hot topic teenagers is trying to kill it's dead I mean I think we get pedia that's the first line the character I do but it's like that's who he is that's why you do not have to do not close rate unless you're pretty sure they're not gonna come back at you so besides all that I did get a chance to catch him in Midnight Special okay I hadn't seen that movie in forever finally watch that he's great in that and he looks like it's another great performance here in Patterson well says watching the movie and how much he loves his dog I was like this feels like a prequel to John wick like just know nothing happened to this dog and then he suddenly picks up his lightsaber with the cross guard and starts looking at the Darth Vader helmet but other than that Patterson it's a big buy for me Roka yeah absolutely a big Buy I double down on what you say about Adam Adam is so fantastic when he is not like being overt with his acting when he is stars look at me wrong were they yeah when he's subtle observing the world we're seeing he's being our protagonist he's such a joy to watch midnight yeah I mean I spent such a fantastic film enjoy the work when he is subtle enjoy the work when he's cuz he's such a large presence with his face with his nose with his body everything like that you're already drawn to him you don't need extra and so when he's subtle he's fun to watch and in this film you can tell from the trailer he it's gonna be a nice performance a good performance up you can sink your teeth into and feel sympathy for feel connection to and I'm a big fan of Jar moosh as being one of the last Warriors of the independent film movement of the 90s still making these kinds of independent films that work you know a lot of them have branched out sort of bigger films Jim never has he has an idea he goes for things even and dead man is still one of my favorite favorite quietly favorite westerns and favorite Johnny Depp performances he's just so good at what he's doing here and so for me it leaves me with a feeling that I'm going to turn I'm going to be able to sit down in a movie theater and enjoy this film and go along for the ride and come out feeling a little bit better about the world and about humanity Jason I'm gonna buy as well for everything you guys said about a driver but also for everything that this is another Amazon Studios film and if you guys haven't seen Nixon Elvis Nixon is so good such a fun movie so I'm totally down if Amazon Studios like is gonna give us these really cool kind of quirky independent films every year I thought it was funny that you said that you thought this was a prequel to John wick because I think this could be a prequel to the force awakens you can't drive a bus anymore has been released for actor writer director Warren Beatty's upcoming romantic drama rules don't apply an actress played by Lily Collins and her personal driver played by Alden Ehrenreich began a forbidden romance while working for eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes played by Warren Beatty set in 1958 Hollywood the movie hits theaters on November 23rd mark do you buy or sell the second trailer for Warren Beatty's rules don't apply this is a big buy for me I just got a chance to catch this trailer at our meeting before the show and and I wasn't aware that Warren Beatty hadn't directed a movie since Bulworth so it's been a while and it looks like he has not gotten any rust on that form particularly the all-night Ehrenreich is the guy that I'm like oh I'm gonna be drawn to him because he gets to show a little bit more of personality in this one than he did in the last time we saw him on screen which was the Coen brothers movie which I didn't like as much so seeing what he brings to this I'm like that could be hunt so Lily Collins looks terrific and obviously the cast involved in this I went crazy seeing the Dabney Coleman is gonna be in this movie know why he would Dabney Coleman so yeah it's a big pie for me welcome back Warren I was so happy to see him in Boardwalk Empire anyway James what do you think about this uh this is a cell for me um I I watched this and I kind of felt that this seemed like a lot of stuff I have seen in other movies like a little bit of aviator a little bit of course another movie I can't remember the name of but Coen Brothers yeah yeah tops on Top Gun a little bit of force awakens but I got shades of the Woody Allen that just recently came out with with jesse eisenberg society I feel like I've seen this movie in pieces in other movies and I feel like the story of Howard Hughes for me is a little over told now and and I kind of like step took a couple steps back I am totally welcome Warren Beatty back to the world of directing I don't need to see Warren Beatty PI of Howard Hughes that's what I don't need to see because I'm kind of like Warren Beatty you were a great actor you're like Gene Hackman it step off the stage become like Clint Eastwood and keep delivering power movies because you know how movies are made but I kind of think you're you're past your prime in terms of acting this is interesting for me I sell it as well I well I'm a fast I'm fascinated the Howard Hughes stories always have been read bunch of biographies about him is fascinating cat aviator is a film that you can appreciate as you get older so much more I think what Scorsese and DiCaprio do there it was fantastic and you see shades of it like you said Jason I completely agree with you there's so much Hail Caesar all of it is kind of like reference throughout the movie and write the Woody Allen stuff it feels like Woody Allen light right without the same charm that his movies can have also for me it's such a different trailer than the first trailer because the first time I got destroyed this trailer does a little bit better but not enough for me to buy it I still sell it and that ending love song music over the last thirty Seconds was driving me insane it made me feel like a direct-to-dvd movie as opposed to something Warren Beatty could do and I think you're on you hit the nail I think Warren Beatty's done as an actor I think you should stop being vain about it and you know because he does not need to play Howard Hughes directed you don't have to play Howard Hughes you this is what he's known for his vanity is very well known in Hollywood Howard Hughes that's what it feels like it's the role of our know let me put some self a million-dollar baby billion-dollar baby people to go all-in that claim is what he's just all about vanity yeah because cleanness wasn't had that reputation that's the opposite of that is that Clint Eastwood in the last coat like Gran Torino it's like yeah he's put himself in the angry grumpy like man role this is exactly what he is right babies like I'm making myself the coolest cat star later on all right folks listen movie talk is not the only show that Collider video house going up today little later at 2 o'clock Mark Ellis is in the movie trivia Schmo down facing off against I still can't believe it josh mokuba who has made it this far it turned apparently and you know what I am out of the business of counting out Josh mccoon at this point how you feeling going into this one I got some words for Josh mccoon uh I'm just kidding I'm gonna be the minutes like it's barely gonna be a fight I'm gonna knock the guy out he's just he's gotten very lucky at this point he stumbled his way into success a lot like his hero in life Kramer from Seinfeld today he's had some nice upset wins but you're not gonna beat me I don't I I shine my best at movie trivia when the spotlight is the hottest and I look forward to having that on me today and embarrassing Josh mccoon and then him buying me Taco Bell afterwards because that's the bet we made it's a good bet to make and don't forget also we're coming at we got the weekend coming up that means on Saturday and Sunday we have our weekend installments of the weekend mailbag both days Saturday and Sunday and of course quieter best of the week will be dropping on Saturday as well keep your eyes open for that all right guys it is Friday which means it's time for us to have our box office predictions brought to you by our friends at AMC Theaters now we got four significant films entering the battlefield this week with all the other movies we have queen of Conway we got Deepwater Horizon we got masterminds and what was the fourth one so mark let's go over to you like these things now after the battlefield the film's like Magnificent Seven storks ollie Bridget Jones Nord and Blair Witch how is the weekend box office gonna play oh come Monday this is really hard John I mean I'm gonna go five for five but it's gonna take more brain power than it usually does because I'm torn between Magnificent Seven and Deepwater Horizon I wouldn't normally say Deepwater Horizon is gonna be an easy number one but I think that there's like a huge dude audience it is gonna be like we don't know if we see Magnificent Seven or if we go see Deepwater Horizon so that might split it I'm still gonna go with Deepwater Horizon at number one I think that in this Peregrine just on that I haven't seen that much marketing for it but I'm gonna give it the number two slot on give magnificent seven the three slot I think I'm gonna give storks for it and I think I might give Sully five I don't see a lot happening for a queen a cowboy though I really enjoyed that movie and I think masterminds is just gonna be a tumbleweed I mean my predictions are close to yours I am gonna go Deepwater Horizon at number one but I'm gonna say magnificent seven is gonna hold on to the number two spot I just don't I'm not feeling the buzz from his parrot or like no buzz for it yeah and so I think that's gonna hurt it I do think it comes in at the number three spot but I do think a magnificent seven comes in over top of it at four I'm gonna stick with Sully sorry Sully is gonna come in at four I'm gonna take Sully at four and then maybe at five will be miss Peregrine's okay so that's sorry I already said numbers Peregrine's up masterminds I don't see unfortunately queen of cot way which i think is the best movie in theaters right now I don't think we'll crack the top five I'll never be more happy to be wrong right about that what do you think oh I think you're both incredibly wrong miss Peregrine's is gonna be number one there's just no doubt about it in my mind I think the buzz for it you can yes you guys think the buzz is not so well but it's been tracking so well all the research I did before I come on the show did you do just relax don't worry about what I'd be doing I'll be getting the numbers and the way it's tracking is it's gonna like be number one my concern tonight affects me all his and he said don't forget to fill hate Marvel Jason yes like the deep well I think Deepwater Horizon will be number two Magnificent Seven three stores four and Sully five I I would like to think the deep waters gonna overcome it miss Peregrine's but I just I think it's a very it's a very narrow scope and it's not gonna get as far as you would think like there's probably not a lot of women they're gonna run to go see Deepwater Horizon but there are a lot of women who micro see miss Peregrine's a lot of mothers kids those have you storks been out for a couple of weeks now so I think they're they've looking for a new film to drop their kids off to and disappear so blown away miss Peregrine's is the number one so blown away that if it's number one I will buy you lunch a Taco Bell Oh spare no expense RINO taco that you enjoy I kind of think my list is very similar yours John except I think magnificent sevens gonna hold on to the number one spy I I've heard enough positive word-of-mouth and I Vox a lot of my group of friends have been like didn't see it the first weekend they're all gonna go see it this weekend Deepwater Horizon I think might be number two I think just because of the positive buzz behind it I think miss Peregrine's gonna be number five I think it's gonna barely break number five but it's gonna be then it's gonna be storks and Sully at three and four okay all right guys we reach that part of the show now for mailbag listen if you've got a topic or a question you'd like us to address on the show you can email us anytime at Collider video at every day we save some time take some of your questions email us anytime because maybe you see your question on movie talk maybe you'll see it on mailbag on the weekends you'll never know until you fire a question in so with that being said what's up first Daniel writes hey guys love the show do you think the amount of high-profile flops for remakes and sequels proves that you can't rely on the name anymore Ghostbusters id4 and several several other bad movies flopped this year because people didn't want to see bad movies even if it was something they no love to hear your thoughts thanks well okay first of all the statement people don't want to see bad movies applies to everything but what's every movie whether it's animated whether it's comedy whether it's whatever if they think it looks bad regardless of if it's a remake or a sequel or an original or an animated or a horror film it does matter if it looks bad they don't want to go see it people went to go see the last Transformers movie because it looked awesome didn't turn out that way well look I before did not look awesome I drank some of the kool-aid myself but everybody else around me had much more level heads until me what are you doing campy this movie's gonna suck I still haven't seen it it's gonna be awesome and I was proved to be quite wrong so ya know I think that that goes without saying but look I will say this though ID for if it were the same movie with a different name like not a sequel to Independence Day but it was essentially the same movie it would have made less money than it did it did make the meet the money of me because it had name recognition ghostbusters I mean it just looked bad I mean that was one of that first trailer ghostbusters put out was one of the worst trailers when we have ever seen it was horrible the internet just went crazy over because it was so bad if that movie hadn't been labeled Ghostbusters I think it would have made even less so I mean yeah people don't want to go see bad movies regardless of it their remakes or not Jason how would you answer this yeah it's kind of the same thing it's not really a like the high-profile flops or the names considered anymore yeah it's more about like I think this is a start of the the end of sequel itis is what I hope it is but especially since this year has been such a strong year for strong independent movies like the the movies that I've heard everybody talking about this year have been these really out there independent movies like like hell or high-water Kubo all these kind of movies like out there yeah it's the lobster exactly so I think that hopefully instead of this being like the end of high names I think this is hopefully the we're starting to see the end of the let's make a sequel to everything and it's gonna make a million dollars trend alright I'd be surprised if the studio's ever had sequel like this because they just they know what you said John is a great point you put that name on there it elevates the film and people will come more people will come for whatever reason I think what the the quite there's an inherent problem with this question if do you think they'll be able to stop doing this they won't but I know what your point is your points on it will they make this make them wake up to spend more time more of an effort to write better scripts get better directors do better actions sequences what have you to get people to enjoy the films but then again Bridget Jones's baby is doing really well the purge did well Star Trek beyond great reviews and Captain America Civil War kicked ass so here are enough examples to prove that sequel itis is not necessarily set in here it's just that Studios may need to pay a bit more attention with projects and IV for was 20 years later and Ghostbuster was too late yeah there's a relaunch you know you know was a and it was a jumbled mess you can say that or some people enjoyed it but I felt it was a jumbled mess and it could have gotten there so this so there's still possibilities I just think you're the point of what you're trying to make what says I forget his name of the point is trying to make Daniel point trying to make is correct they should spend more time making better movies such a well well answered eloquent point you made but then I remember you liked Independence Day too until the last 20 minutes I really think that this it does to come down to the quality of the film I agree with camp a aware if its name recognition it is gonna make more money than it would have otherwise but I think Ghostbusters despite the fact that I like watching Ghostbusters the marketing campaign was so awful for that movie and a lot of people felt like oh it's gonna ruin my childhood I don't want to go experience it so sometimes the name Brant can't hurt a movie more than we give it credit for independence they too was just so and basted by critics and most sane people that nobody wanted to go see that and it didn't have the week-to-week you would expect to see a movie that actually was critically reviewed favorably but you're right there are a lot of examples of sequels and remakes doing well enough I don't think the students are ever gonna give up on it the quality of it just needs to go better it's not necessarily just the lack of original ideas in Hollywood there are original ideas what I appreciate is not whether a movie came from a different source material or it just came out of thin air I want the quality to make me feel like it's something fresh I'm watching great movies that are sequels can do that for you it's just got to be better alright what's next Carla right hey guys love the show I've been a fan since the show started as for your consideration my question is do you think the new Star Wars movie should have been filmed back-to-back and released once a year like the Lord of the Rings or do you like having to wait a few years between each movie thanks guys well we are not having to wait two years between movies we've got rogue one coming out and then we're gonna get ups at eight and then we're going at Han Solo and then we're going up so nine who they are coming out sequentially and I'll be honest if the I do like how they're doing it I do like that each of the episode movies are getting that extra time and that extra attention and they're and they were smart enough especially with the first movie with Episode seven you don't want to come out of the gate and do back-to-back because you want to put that first movie out and then see number one how does it we know what it looks like in our heads but what's it gonna look like on the screen and then how is the audience going to react to it like we can you know have predict how the artists will act to it but we don't know how they'll react to it what things really resonated with them which didn't let the movie take on a little bit of a life of its own to come out of the gate and do two back-to-back I think would have been a tremendous mistake now that being said if they decided to do 9 and 10 back-to-back okay you're a few films in you know we're going that's great but I personally love their pattern of episode anthology episode anthology episode anthology I think it's a really nice cadence to that and I like the way they're doing so I'm happy with the way it is so there's no need to do them back-to-back anymore how do you see this I always get nervous when movies are filming multiple the films at the same time Lord of the Rings did it brilliantly The Matrix not so much so when especially something like Star Wars and the advent of social media and every fan feeling like and maybe indeed having an opinion that gets noticed you want to be able to course-correct you want to be able to say oh people didn't like this character as much we need to phase this out we need to do this differently you have time to do that just look at all of the fan fervour over the reshoots of rogue one imagine if you had shot episode 7 and episode 8 back-to-back and then you're like oh my god we got to do so many reshoots on episode 7 it's too much at one time so make the movie see what the fan reaction is and you can incorporate that into your project going forward I think that I will give Marvel a pass with infinity wars you know whatever they're gonna call the fourth one simply because they seem to know what they're doing they have such a track record of good storytelling that I believe it if they're gonna tell this one huge story in two parts go ahead and make your movies back to back but with Star Wars I want them to be able to take time and see how it plays out in the world before you go back to that universe Roka yeah I absolutely thought you said John with I like the way they're doing the pacing of and it totally makes sense it builds up your anticipation and it expands the base right just people who might not like the episode movies might enjoy the anthology movies a little more want to see a little more gritty or Star Wars that makes me super excited and I think you're right to mark about what you're talking about with how you've got to give time to course-correct you've got to give time to see the fan reaction also from a technical standpoint CGI could advance to where you're staying one step ahead of the curve the technology curve so you're not going half you're not going back at retconning the whole thing tech not technically and so you can create better better visuals better graphics explore that technology even more and take advantage of it in a way that is interesting for the movie like when I went to see force awakens the fourth time with the laser IMAX blunt mind blown that that could take advantage of that kind of technology and really enhance the film even more Jason interesting thing about this is that I think the Lord of the Rings movies were filmed back-to-back simply for the reason that they were shooting in New Zealand yeah it was too cost-prohibitive to keep natural decision yeah exactly not a creative one the interesting thing is is that I would like to see the Star Wars movie spaced out even more because I remember back when the the original movies and the prequel movies they all have a three-year gap there's a three year gap between each movie and it's something that's kind of inherent even in the superhero movies and I get it the studio's want as much money as they can right now but there's something that I'm losing a little bit right now with movies I find is that the anticipation build is kind of going away from me like I can remember having such anticipation for the Avengers such anticipation for Man of Steel it was like because we had like time Eve even episode 3 which even though I had the first two movies I'd kind of not liked I remember having such anticipation for that third movie because I was like oh my god three years later I cannot believe I'm seeing another Star Wars movie and for me hitting ringing the bell every Christmas is gonna knock that anticipation down for every subsequent year that happens is the same exam exactly thing for the the superhero movies it's almost at the point where like I literally forgotten that Doctor Strange was coming out here in 3 wait I'm like oh my god it's coming out three weeks whereas before I had a countdown oh man I was like a 1 month 5 days 3 days what like it was a countdown to every one of these movie even 2009 Star Trek was that way but I'm losing that now as so many of these movies are coming out all the time Star Wars fan in me hates what you just said yeah but I understand it and I don't necessarily disagree with you that the build-up to the episodes mm-hmm can be three years because it is hi there is something fun about that tantric experience just waiting and waiting and waiting then you finally get that first trailer but I will I think two years is a good is a fair cap the other thing I just thought it was Star Wars movies that those are so secretive and there's so many plot points you don't want to get too much in the can because something could leak yeah not want to give away your oh absolutely I will say that I'm very glad they like that you guys I'm glad that it's not episode episode episode episode I'm glad that I don't story to be alright but I think there's one major factor here that you're you're missing with with the anticipation here's what the thing is quality breeds anticipation when you watch Star Wars Episode seven and it's great and you have a great wonderful time one year is an eternity it's an attorney but it's not one year it's two years you gotta wait for the next part that is an attorney and it's a full year until the next Star Wars movie quality breeds anticipation if the movies bad this like okay spaced out some time thing look you have great sex with your partner you're not thinking you know what let's wait till April let's wait till April till we do that again because I know the quality was good you want it again tomorrow quality breeds anticipation wait we don't have to wait a year great that's a such a fantastic point you're right now quality breeds anticipation but we also have to remember we are older I mean I've known this old design but yeah we're older so like the younger kids they're their attention span is quick the anticipation is still there for them right right six months is long enough all right guys we got to move on here where you talk about this all day questions via Twitter listen if you want to send us some questions to us via Twitter make sure you're following us at Collider video and send on in your questions Wendy's picked a few out so Wendy what do we got from James small big fan from Liverpool in England will you guys be doing any commentaries on Luke Cage thanks guys ah yes you are gonna be seeing actually they've already started going up have they not so now what we'll be doing the car Terri's on lookit look we are reviewing the locations will we do commentaries no chance in hell like that's just that's like 13 hours I don't think no we're never gonna do that never say never but no we're not no plans to do that for Luke Cage but we are going to be reviewing the episodes alright what's next from Russell if Macaulay Culkin made a comeback what road would you want to see him play I think he would be a great Joker it's the Macaulay Culkin came up the other day on one of the shows I'm like he plays himself but he's a barista and people saying isn't that barista Macaulay Culkin and it's the Jim Gaffigan show that oh he's got on and it's really good I can't see him making a comeback at this point because he's so immersed in his own name so I can't see it if he if he does it's got to be something comedic that's all I can think of you guys have any other thoughts you know go ahead I got one make him a Malfoy in one of the fantastic beast movies like he's a grand he's the grandfather of Draco yeah cuz he's creepy enough he's weird-looking he already has the blond hair and it would it might be enough of a nostalgic kick for everyday to be like you know and he doesn't need a whole movie just get just give him a scene yeah I think you find him in the right horror franchise or like someone like Shyamalan like what he did with Wahlberg and he was so unrecognizable in sixth sense if you can find a director that knows how to take advantage of his in truce interestingly weird looks now as he's gotten older I'm gonna go with Wahlberg in that talk and walking a live trees movie but like you find cuz he's actually a really good actor when he's finds a rabbit to party monster is it enjoyable movie for something I would never have watched but he's enjoyable to watch in those movies and he's yeah he's taller he's skinnier he's gone through he's more gone t so you can make things work for him that I think you if you find the right horror franchise to put him in I think you just make another home alone he's like an adult and so it's just more like taking or something like a brutal action movie I would love to see that but there are rails fan movies last question of the day wasn't there like a YouTube video of Macaulay Culkin Gras grown up now see alright from Dan Pinard do you think rather than killing all characters in rogue one that they will send some of them to Alderaan at the end you know to the police forces get turned in yes I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of surviving members at the end of the movie then mentioned they're going to Alderaan but I'm sorry there's no happy sing time ending coming for rogue one that it's just not at the planet Alderaan is gonna play a role in rogue one you're gonna see Alderaan for the first something that's a big that's one of the big marketing tools for hardcore Star Wars songs like us it's like we want to get excited to see what Alderaan actually looks like on the big screen so and when it's not blowing up yet so I think it's gonna factor in there but again you're gonna meet a lot of people in this movie link we've all been talking about and a lot of them are not gonna make it out alive I'm just hoping fists in the space monkey somehow save his own ass alright folks that'll do it for us for this installment of Collider movie talk thank you so much for joining us and remember the most important part of the show is not what we have to say it is what you have to say jump into the comments section and leave your thoughts on any or all the topics that we discussed here today I want to thank the guys sitting at the table with me first of all we're here mr. Jason Inman Jason where can people find you well my wife has told me through text I should tell you can find me on Twitter and our podcast on itunes geek history lesson right over here mr. Jon rokka rokka we find you hey guys you're gonna saw me at the roca says on Twitter and Instagram listen I am Pacific Standard Time every Wednesday type to Collider top ten show cinephiles on itunes and my new show super animation gametime all geeked and sundry premieres the next Wednesday at 1 p.m. on their twitch channel mr. Mark Ellis mark people find you speaking of space monkeys I will be defeating one in the Schmo down later on today I fought me on Twitter at Mark Ellis live my pin tweet right now is how to get tickets for my upcoming show New York Comic Con a New York comedy company maybe some special guests are in the audience what that's the most awkward secret over there we got a to Wendy Sinead where can people find you I'm on line action 8 to freeze and at that session eight calm here on Mondays hosting TV talk on Friday system movie talk and hosting mailbag over the weekends and Wendy you can find me on Twitter Instagram and snapchat at Wendy Lee zany and of course you can find me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter follow me at John campy I'm very active on all those social media channels and make sure you subscribe to comic-con HQ where Jon Schnepp and I have our show film HQ that'll do it for us guys thanks so much for joining us until next time buh-bye hey guys if you like this video click the thumbs up button also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel it'll help you stay up to date with everything we've got going on here at Collider


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