Comics Review: Misfit City Vol. 1

Comics Review: Misfit City Vol. 1

It’s Tuesday which means it’s new comic book day at book stores! This week we’ve got Misfit City!

Misfit City is by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, Kurt Lustgarten, Naomi Franquiz, Brittany Peer, and Jim Campbell.

Get your copy. To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

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BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
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hey one minute graph apology television GP TV I'm Brett it's Tuesday we've got a new comic to review comics hitting books store shelves today boom Studios hooked us up with this is the first volume of misfits city vol 1 no subtitle it's from their boombox and print retails for $14.99 basically this is like the goodies but women and it's freaking awesome I will admit I'm an idiot I'm an idiot for many reasons one of which was I didn't read this in single issues reading this is trade fantastic really entertaining lots of fun absolutely loved it's like solid are funny humorous good action I mean this is basically the goodies and the thing is is it knows it's the Goonies and plays off of that and have fun with that so basically it's kind of like this meta story of a gender swap Goonies that's not a bad thing at all it's pretty awesome it's funny it's entertaining I love The Goonies so to be able to relive that story and a different twist very happy about that so this is written by Kirsten Smith she wrote Legally Blonde 10 Things I Hate About You two films I absolutely love also her love lust garden and the artist is Naomi Naomi Frank Wiz yeah I mean I can't praise this enough I I'll admit I slept on it I didn't read the single issues I'm an idiot for not doing that because I missed out on a fantastic series that's really good really entertaining and I highly recommend obviously Doom hooked us up with this review copy that's not for sale based off of the big giant orange sticker on it and I got to thank them for that like they put basically put this in front of me and I would have slept on it I could have completely slept on it I know it's already hitting some best of lists for the year and its really deserved because it's an entertaining story that's a lot of fun and basically like if you like The Goonies and like that sort of story you're gonna like this comic series the art is I don't know how to describe the art right I like the art so do a little example of their Get Smart here and yeah we'll go with this as well the arts it's good like it's a cool style and I enjoy it this retails for $14.99 the only bad thing about this is its for issues there is just four issues in this trade and Ed's on a cliffhanger so you don't get a full story on this is like the setup to – yeah this pretty much will get you from like if you like the goodies is sketchy too when they're they discover like the water going underneath the house sort of thing I guess that's probably the omen of the nonni's so there's there's tons more to go this is just nice this is not a complete thing that's the negative is that there's more to read which is awesome because this was really fun to read so yay and now I'm gonna be able to go check this out and not be a moron and sleep on it again highly recommend this again so it's in bookstores today it's already out in comic book shops go to your comic shop first and foremost go support them and see if they can get you a copy if you don't know if you have a comic shop near you or if there's one near you we've got a link beneath this and putting your zip code and I'll tell you for shops near you if there is no shop near you've got some options they are affiliate links underneath this videos there are affiliate links we do get a small percentage of that I want to thank boom for open us up with this this is this is awesome fantastic really entertaining love it absolutely love it this is this was a great read and really entertained by it and yeah like this big thumbs up really big thumbs up on this again 38 year old dude totally dug it if you're in a comics if you're in a boom Studios not really so much the guineas but comics in general you should check us out every single day at graphic policy comm or on Twitter Facebook YouTube tumblr all at graphic policy keeping it nice and consistent until next time as always thanks for watching keep reading those comics and keep it geeky Hey watch the previous video from graphic policy television just by watching you help support our site thank you so much now if you're watching these videos you probably care about geeky things like movies television comic books toys games video games you name it you can go and subscribe right now to our YouTube channel to stay in touch and catch all the new videos or check out our website at graphic policy comm there's a nice link on this end of the video but as always thank you for watching keep on rockin and keep it


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