Comics Writer Confirms Wonder Woman Is Bisexual | Collider News

Comics Writer Confirms Wonder Woman Is Bisexual | Collider News

John Campea and Wendy Lee with Collider News break down and discuss the comments made by Wonder Woman comic writer Greg Rucka, who suggests Diana Prince just might be bi-sexual.

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hey guys for Collider news I'm Wendy Lee the 40 Wonder Woman her solo movie in June 2017 comic book writer Greg Rucka has given fans something to consider during an interview with comic gossipy ruckus said this about life on island of the mascara which is only populated by women you're supposed to be able to live happily in a context where one can live happily and part of what that individual needs for that happiness is to have a partner and the only options are women now russain diana has been in love and had relationship without the women as Nicola Scott and I approach it the answer is obviously yes John what do you think about these clothes when looking at the question of is Wonder Woman a part of the LGBTQ community coming from the Isle famous Kara the really one who has to consider a couple things number one the social relevance of making a move like that and the number two the common sense elements look you can make an argument that it's about time that a major significant superhero belongs to that community after all a Gallup poll suggests that four point five percent of all Americans do belong to that community so why not in the superhero ranks that makes it also fall under the category of well kind of common sense but really the more relevant question for us here a quieter video is does this what's happening or what the writer is saying is happening in the comic books actually affect relevantly what is happening in the movies that simply we do not know just because something happens in the comic books doesn't necessarily means it's gonna cross over into the movies can it absolutely it can with the Diana that we have in the movie universe we have no idea what her true history and background is could have involved love's with men could have involved loves with women yes to both of them it's possible what we simply don't know yet we're gonna have to let the movies play themselves out at this point I don't think that just because one happens in one medium means it automatically is gonna happen in the other for long Greg ruckus comments head on over to Collider calm and be sure to subscribe to the Collider videos YouTube channel to keep up with all the must know movie news


  1. Pandering at it's finest. Won't be long until Bruce is sticking his dick in Clark or getting the worlds fastest handjob from Flash. At that point these "progressive" idiots can have all the characters. Those like me will stick with the stories they came to love the characters in, when shit didn't have to be about appeasing intolerant "sjw's" with agendas

  2. Wonder Woman being bisexual/pansexual makes perfect sense. She grew up in a place where only women lived for centuries. Is it so shocking that same-sex relationships would be normalized their?

  3. a) she was invented as bi. Martenson clearly made her a bi character with a lot less sexual boundaries than his time had. So, like him living in a polyamorus relationship she was a sexually progressive character on an island of only one sex and only one option for romance.
    B) Diana's idea of straight vrs gay wouldn't exist. She only had one sex to be around, only one sex to make relationships with (whatever that level may be). She has no definition on what it means to be gay or straight. Does that automatically make her bi, pansexual or whatever other classification you want to use? Not sure if it's appropriate since her culture has no context for any of these terms
    C) DC has been bumbling around this (and Harley + Poison Ivy relationship) for almost forever. They have never seemed to have the balls to actually admit it, and they may have forced Martenson to take some of those things out of his comics. So DC is so late to the game….She has also had many depictions of her being gay, including Earth 1 by Grant Morrison (seriously, it's one of the best Wonder Woman comics ever made and it came out recently)
    D) Why is everyone dancing around this? It's been common knowledge to any one who reads the comics.

    Last…what a pointless video. Sorry Collider, love your stuff but making a video about news and just saying we don't know how it impacts the movie is really pointless.

  4. Ahhh…Wonder Woman isnt a real person, so technically it can be whatever you want it to be! Love all the stupid speculation and debate on fictional characters, just make a likable movie DC and leave all the pussy licking details to yourselves!

  5. I have sort of seen WonderWoman as pansexuel. All of them are nuns XD Just kidding. This seems resonable. It just never had anything big to her character so to have this should´t cange much.

  6. To be honest, I am kinda disappointed with this revelation. While I do agree that it does makes sense in a way, there were no indication that Wonder Woman was actually into both men and women.

    It seems to me that DC wants to change the sexual preference of every female character they own (Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Batgirl and now Wonder Woman). Normally, I am okay with changing the characters, but I do think changing WW her sexuality isn't necessary and should keep her just the way she was. WW was already a role model for both men (who fell in love with the character when reading the comic) and women (for being such a strong character in the comic). Nothing is going to add by changing her into a bi-sexual. DC should have left her alone, imo

  7. I cannot pucking believe all these pathetic comic book fans who cannot stop getting so outraged by any news with homosexuality or bisexuality on it refering any cbm. Like, are they even aware they are 30-year-old people who stan for some heros in lycra and their average films? But they have a problem with anything "gay"? LMAO So pathetic.

  8. this is supposed to be news? i figured she was bi around the time i was 4. and there are significant supers who are gay or bi both men and women. next up: batman is trans and wants sex change?

  9. People have got to start realizing that this isn't to "encourage" LGBT rights, it's a bunch of horny comic book writers who are running out of ideas.

    Pretty sure that the market for a lesbian Wonder Woman would be better than a Gay Superman… Let's get real here. They aren't marketing to LGBT folks, they're marketing towards horny teens and closet pedophiles.

  10. I think it does not matter if Dianna is straight, bisexual or lesbian I only care if the character is depicted in a manner consistent with he most common historical depictions. Strictly speaking for the comics is makes sense that if she lived for centuries and her only choice for partners were woman that she would have had some relationships in her past. This does not bother me nor do I care as long as the quality of the stories is good. Now if only DC could go back in time and not chicken out Bat Woman marrying her girlfriend.

  11. I have an idea! In Wonder Woman's second movie show a flashback to when WW was a teenager and in love with another Themyscarian (I probably botched that) woman and then the events of WW happen and she falls in love with Steve Trevor and when she returns that scornful woman turns out to be Cheetah!

  12. What piss me off about this is not that she's bisexual. It's the fact that this didn't need to be addressed, unless it was to appear as "progressive" or to give horny comic "nerds" boners. Nobody ever asked, so why tell??

  13. Does love really have to include sexuality, something is lost when two
    people absolutely have to sleep together, a depth in trust and frienship. Those
    women on that island are sisters and godesses, they should have left
    certain human traits out of their practices. They are now lessened.

  14. William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter didn't say she was bisexual so I don't know. And funny that the character that is suppose to be a symbol of woman rights and female empowerment to stand equally amongst men, also likes women…because she grew up around women????

  15. well, give it about 5 years and the sexuality / race / genderof all characters will have been changed to appease a minority sect of the population, and then we'll have to go back the other way because there's not enough straight / white / male characters anymore. and before anyone tries to call me homophobe racist or misogynistic it's not about any of that. it's about creators not having enough faith in those very communities to develop original characters in those areas, so instead they just change what is already existing hoping to keep the fan base and just adding to it. it's awesome that Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel is getting a movie it's awesome that Luke Cage has a whole series and we are getting a Black Panther movie. but the way creators are changing existing characters to me seems more like pandering than actually standing behind the statement they're trying to make

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