Cork Young Playwrights 2019

Cork Young Playwrights 2019

The Graffiti Theatre Company/Fighting Words Young Playwrights Programme showcase took place Friday, 21 June 2019 at The Everyman in Cork city – part of the Cork Midsummer Festival.

It was a fantastic achievement by the eight young writers: Lilian C, Klaudia K, Ellie O, Kate M, Lily Banon, Cian Walsh, Sarah C, and Eadaoin O.

you just have complete creative freedom to race whatever you want whatever topic you want and you're not trying to impress anyone it's just for you I do not know how this Vienna go under and I definitely get off to the best start seeing as I was the only boy here I honestly like I couldn't ask for a better group of people to be to be to be sharing this experience of Elissa to be honest with you it's amazing experience I um just look up the stage I'm gonna be here in June and I'm gonna see like what I've written and it's gonna be read on stage I just think that it's just mind-blowing like my piece is slightly negative boss there is an uplifting feeling towards the end so I would like the audience to feel moved but hopeful for the character I just really want to develop my writing style I just want to see what I could do and it's really helped me with that I can't see what I can do and I just it's just a reason to be able to like discover here screams I see in detention – until she came on stage and here you have got an ATAR motorway with thousands of different routes to take and I absolutely come on Shirley everybody's search history is da Jena Jacob I would rather watch another crucifixion and even think about one of the most amazing experiences you will ever be a part of there is genuinely no feeling like creating something and having a performed in front of you and everybody at the chance to experience it so if you have the chance to take Paris do in a day like you really don't only have to get all right once and that can be that can be more than enough how it goes other people as hell it goes for other people international you're gonna you're gonna get this your own way we should see him again one last time I think it was kind of more based on my own experiences and they were just kind of making it a comedy and that's kind of like more normal I guess I just hope she found the happiness she deserves because that's what love is all of these it's not good constant attention or even physical attraction it's the one for them to be happy even to these metal goals it's the way your knees bump together to get comfortable under the covers around the bouquets of flowers and the silent nights where one of you is wide awake wondering just how you got some [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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