In which I bring you one of the pre-filmed hauls that was meant to go up while I was on holiday and… then it didn’t! WOMP! Nevertheless, this one is filled with some seriously exciting #crimecorner books that I cannot wait to dig my teeth into.

And, I mean, there’s pink lipstick, right?

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📚 Books mentioned (Goodreads links):

Remote Control (Nick Stone #1) by Andy McNab:

The Temp by Michelle Francis:

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry:

You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke:

Columbine by Dave Cullen:

Parkland by Dave Cullen:

The Taking of Annie Thorne by C.J. Tudor: NOTE: This one is The Hidden Place in the US.

The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor:

The Rumour by Lesley Kara:

The Sleep of Reason by David James Smith:

The Hospital by Barbara O’Hare:

The Burning by Laura Bates:

Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates:

A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson:

The Chemical Detective by Fiona Erskine:

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier:

Tangerine by Christine Mangan:

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if you are receiving this message this is not a drill I am in fact on holiday hi guys it's Leon I hope that when you are watching this video you're enjoying it as much as I am currently enjoying hopefully lounging by the pool and the sunshine reading a huge stack of books because I love you guys so much I have pre filmed a couple of book calls for you this first one will be the return of crime corner my segment where I talk all about crime and thrillers and masteries and dead bodies and there's some true cream in there and just to Joel's all the stabby stuff and then part two is gonna be pretty much everything else I've got a good decent mixture as usual and my part too and some of these books I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday my birthday was on the 4th of March I have still got my cards up behind me because I like to receive post so without any further ado let's get into the books the first book that I've got to show you it's actually a little bit outside of my comfort zone it was actually a birthday present from my lovely wife Helen this is one of her favorite series ever she actually read painstakingly read the physical books before the audiobooks were available for those of you who don't know my wife has pretty bad dyslexia and she lessons to all of her books on audio books or I read them aloud to her so that's was a series that she was so obsessed with that she actually read the physical copies and I have now got her physical copies on my bookshelf you guys may have spotted them a few times and wondered hmm I haven't seen Lea I'm talking about that series before and that is the Andy McNab next own series so in Helens collection we did not have the first one we don't know what has happened to it maybe fail apart from abuse and rereading but this as remote control and as the first book and I think this series is like 22 bricks wrong and it's the first Sorella sort of series came to got one foot an adventure novel I'll just I'll just tell you what is about so this is about next stone he was an SES trooper and after a particularly disastrous mashin he is pretty unceremoniously let go and used as a scapegoat subsequently he is trying to find something to do was has very specific set of skills and it turns out that the British intelligence services would quite like to borrow hem as a deniable operator meaning they will put him in situations and if things go very wrong as I'm led to believe they do often in these books they will just deny that he exists or that he was working under their orders the reason I say the best ones about outside of my comfort zone is because I don't usually go for anything that's doing the sort of spy or government agency route it's just big conspiracy theories are just not my jam but as with my attempt at reading Matthew Raley last month I would really like a series that just reads kind of like a blockbuster I want explosions and capers and things that read like a screenplay but I don't want Matthew Raley's level of nonsense and things that just don't work and plot holes so Helen tells me that Andy McNab is not like that and I am going to read this one and I will report back the next book is one that I am giving a shot based solely on the recommendation from the wonderful Emma from drinking by myself and also pan McMillan's channel book break so this one as the temp by Michele Frances and it kind of plays with a trope that I really quite like it's about Carrie who has a very successful TV producer and she has a husband and a happy life and she gets pregnant and while she is pregnant she needs somebody to take over from her on maternity leave now let's be perfectly real here guys between you and Leon when we go on holiday from our jobs or we go on maternity leave or long-term leave of any kind we hope that the temp who fills in for us is absolutely at our job we want that person to be abysmally terrible so that we can breeze back and be like don't worry I'll fix that all I know how to do my job and then you get a little worn out spot on your head from your boss going pat pat pat pat you did a good job yet unfortunately kerry does not find that her situation turns out quite like this and the tip that takes over from her essa is marvelous she's wonderful everybody loves her including her husband and her family and her friends and suddenly Kerry has realizing that there's maybe a little less room for a carry and carries life than Kerry would like the next one I've got also kind of pleased with the troop that I really really like and that's the sort of evil child troop this is the perfect child by loose end up berry and it's about a couple who are very sales in their lives and very comfortable as I believe the husband as a surgeon and the wife is a nurse and they've kind of caught everybody's attention as that couple who you really wish good things for because they're so nice but it turns out that they can actually naturally have children and this is very painful for them and then one day the husband takes on a case of a young girl I think she's about sex and he forms a great bond with her and it brings her home but when janey comes home she bonds really really really well with Christopher and not so much with Hannah and she came to Vince up persecuting Hannah and her own home now I have very recently picked up a book along those lines bad apple bites on a stage and I hated it I hated it so much it was so boring and bad Leah and so I am sighs I'm pulling for the perfect child I just want it to be better please can it be better there needs to be more evil children books the next one not that I've got is one that I picked up on an absolute whim I hadn't heard anybody talk about her and I spotted it and thought that sounds great you let me in by Lucy Clark no Lizzie Clark has five I think this is her first novel this and I haven't picked up anything else from heart before although I have seen her books on shelves so it's good it's gonna be a fun adventure I don't really think I've heard anybody talk about her this one is about Elle and she has recently rented out her cleft op home and she has now moved back in but since she rented out nothing quite feels right I think the back of the book says that there is a weird shift in the atmosphere and I really like that description she just feels like it's not hers anymore and she starts to see shadows and hear footsteps and she is convincing herself that it's all in her head because it turns out Elle has reason to be paranoid because Elle's not exactly clean when it comes to her past and her past actions that's what sounds great I also love home invasion II things I I mean if I if I go for whore if I'm still less to my favorite genres of horror home invasion and I just hush-hush would be my favorite genre of horror so that's one appeals to me beg time the next one that I've got here is actually a true cream and it's one that I swear done packing up if I'm perfectly honest this is parkland by Dave : Dave : obviously very famously rule : Bane which is sort of thought to be the definitive book on that tragedy and I'm not a huge fan of his rating as reporting it was wonderful des buck is phenomenal in terms of the information that it provides but in terms of Dave's actual rating it's just not for me and so when parklands came out I was a little but mmm should I do another really long book from Dave : but I am so interested and the movement that happened around parkland that I I couldn't not pick up in the end parkland was of course a very recent school shooting and as a result of that a huge movement sprung up which had marches on Washington and various other things in the US about gun control and it was primarily teenagers who just did not want to see themselves and their failed students be constantly put in jeopardy because politicians in the u.s. refused to tighten laws on gun control so I'm very very interested and that's what I was also interested to read when I picked this one up the reason that has taken Dave Collins so long to put any other books because he has been working about a book about Don't Ask Don't Tell and the military for quite a while but just I think no coming out next year and it turns out that he had secondary PTSD after rating Columbine so it's interesting to me that after that horrendous experience he has then essentially replicated his experience of reporting really in-depth from survivors points of view about another horrendous tragedy the next book that I have got as a thriller that I have had pre-ordered foreign embarassingly long time and that is the taking of Annie thorn by CG shooter who of course wrote the smash hit the chalk man and true to form the publishers have made this book absolutely stunning if you remember the chalk man it had little chalk drawings on the Spain and this one has little paper dolls and that's the end papers as well and I just mean it's so creepy and I just loved it so much so this one is about a Nissan or more specifically it's about her sister who is telling the story of what happened to Annie when they were kids anyway Messing for several DS and she returned and would see nothing about what happened to her but her sister knew that something bad had happened because she just wasn't her Annie anymore she wasn't the same person she didn't act the same shouldn't talk the same are we seeing let's all hence of Wessel in the dark by Emma Healy here with the whole disappeared and returned and wouldn't see why thing I'm so hoping the best one is better I have more faith in CG tutor Val T everything is so sad t my face is gonna be like I'm telling you in a couple of years if I get any kind of fellers or Botox it's because I've been a batch of oh so many books on the Internet anyway a nice ester then years and years and years later receives an anonymous email and her M box which says I know what happened to your sister because it's happening again need i say more oh the necks on that effect I'm so excited about and it's actually also the fault of Emma if you like my channel and my recommendations I think you'll like Emma so I have packed up the rumor by Leslie Keira and this is so interesting because two things and there's really caught my attention this is about a very small tone and a rumor that stars at the school Gea's mums are packing up their cats and as apparently mums are known for doing a lot of gossip at the school gates 1d one of these mums hears that a notorious child killer as loving and they are quite a little seaside community so Sally McGowan 40 odd years earlier stabbed a ten-year-old boy to death when she was also very young her so the rumor was of course the first thing that caught my attention because I love books like that I love when a thriller hangs on Chinese whispers and it's not that people aren't telling each other what's going on because that's that is just lazy and bad rating is that they are telling each other but they're only telling them the bet that they heard or the bet that they want to know that that's important to them and by the end it gets all twisted so I really excited for that but but the second part I mean it it put me in mind of the sleep of reason by David Jim Smith which of course as about the James Bulger murder which I've talked about a lot recently reading that series of books and I am interested to find out where this book ah okay I'm gonna say another controversial thing because apparently I don't see enough of those kinds of things on the Internet I then picked up the hospital by Barbara or here no looking at this cover this is not the kind of book that I usually pick up and you guys know exactly what I mean let's not play the books I'm talking about are the true crime memoir abuse stories which generally feature young girls and pauses leak that's where they're steering sort of gloomily a faraway a camera and it's usually like my childhood abuse or the things that I survived no don't get me wrong I am NOT invalidating these mostly women but some men as males stories at all I'm not saying that I don't believe them or that they don't have the right to tell them I absolutely do think there is their right to get their side of all of these horrible things that happen to them out into the world and they can be very cathartic for them what I am saying is that I don't read them because to me people have been through a lot of these experiences are often not people who traditionally rape books or they work with ghost writers and so they're usually quite clearly written they're usually full of things for short value and I just I thank them and probably pure taste sometimes because I often feel like I am exploiting the person that I'm reading about so now after that little run the reason that I picked up this one is because I'm very interested in the case that this story specifically comes from and that is about Ashton Hall so Ashton Hall was a hospital and Derbyshire in the UK that was run between the 60s and the 70s and they were there for kids who had behavioral issues and learning difficulties and lots of kids who had things like Down syndrome and other unexplained and undiagnosed mental health conditions and they were sent there as a sort of last resort and the staff there we're in the process of systematically abusing their charges and had for a long time and a lot of it wasn't just sexual abuse it was also experiments with Maine dollar own drugs it was also deprivation experiments to see what would happen if they left them overnight you know in a dark room with no contact with anybody and things like that and of course as young children that was incredibly traumatizing and I've heard quite a lot about that fairly not much talked about case I don't really hear a lot about in the media but I feel like I saw a documentary or something about it a few years ago and it just piqued my interest so when I saw this one I was like to know what I'm gonna pick it up and I'm gonna give it a go the next one that I've got here is actually a Yee book and some people are calling it contemporary ye and other people are calling it sort of contemporary mystery but I'm doing it more in the contemporary ye thriller genre or rather what I'm saying is that it should be in her short row from the subject maar because this is the burning by Laura base you guys will probably already be familiar with Laura beats because she is much talked about on booktube and for good reason she wrote among other things everyday sexism which is basically like a feminism primer that I would recommend you to give to your teenagers especially but any kids sort of late from 12 so I was delighted when I discovered that Laura Bates had brought a novel and I was even more delighted when I discovered what the subject matter was because it's so interesting to me this is about Anna and the back of the book says new school tech new tone tech new surname tech social media profiles arrest because in her last town Anna made the terrible mistake of sending a naked selfie to what I think was her boyfriend at the time and it went crazy the selfie went viral she was absolutely persecuted because of it and her entire family had to up sticks and move and I just asked somebody who did not have social media growing up and is endless interesting to me how people managed to come out as whole individuals at the end of high school with social media and with the constant threat of people being able to be in your safe place now I have a couple of upcoming releases to show you I'm giving you this one a little bit sneakily early I usually wouldn't talk about a novel that is this far in the future of coming out but I'm super excited for it though I'm out i'ma tell ya because I'm probably not gonna be able to wait until July to read it which is when it comes a or months do I look like I have four months worth of staying power in me so this is a nearly normal family by MTA Dirksen and as his first book published and English so I think from that implication although it doesn't see anywhere in here I think that he has had other books published and Swedish so this one is described as crime but it sounds more thriller II because it doesn't sound like it's coming from detectives perspective so I wonder if maybe and Sweden I don't know but I wonder if the thriller genre isn't as begging so everything is lumped into crime I find out with some internationally translated books especially French but anyhow this one is about a family and is from three different perspectives I'm just gonna read you the really spearing bit on the back because it drags me in so the father believes his daughter has been framed the mother believes she is hiding something and the daughter believes they have no idea what she's truly capable so and that's one the daughter has been accused of murder and I guess the real question as if that happened to you would you stand beside your daughter regardless or would you stand on the side of like rape and justice so I'm excited for this one I've read the first couple of pages as I take to do with everything that comes out in my house and they made me very impressed and very enthused so yeah I probably probably not wait to July or even June that's one breaking my own rule about telling you about things too far in advance but I can't help uh hum no sound control man the next proof that I've got is just a super super fun when I got it in the force I was just like I'm so glad that they contacted me about this one this is the chemical detective buy fuel at our skin is that not the best proof cover you have ever seen this is the start of a series by a Scottish author of which admittedly I don't read very much off I don't read very much and the Scottish crime genre I love it tends to be either really hard crime worth detectives or it tends to be historical crime and I'm not into either of those two genres so I haven't depth my tool very much but this one is a little bit different because as about a character who has an explosives expert and her services are so all around the world no fewer night-air skin as actually an engineer she has looked all around the world she's worked in Russia and China and many many other places and she's frequently been used to being the only female on say a lot of these places and she's you know used to having to assert herself and are a very male-dominated industry and so I love the fact that she's chosen to use her experience to write a thriller just makes me so happy so Fiona's character at Jack silver as an Slovenia and she's working on an avalanche control case worth controlled explosives and she notices an irregularity and some of the paperwork coming in from one of the chemical suppliers and as soon as she raises any kind of complaint she's kept off of the site and she's subsequently fired and made to look like not a credible person and she is not not taking that lying down so she decides that she is going to get behind exactly what has gone on and why she has been used as a scapegoat and the final one is another one for me which is just a little bit out of my normal comfort zone but I have seen it every we are and the more I hear about it the more intrigued I am which is an odd thing usually when I see a book everywhere the more turned off I am by it and the more I avoid it but tangerine managed to slip through my no hate barrier so the synopsis of tangerine by Christine Mangum really is giving me Rebecca vibes and that's sort of you know something really awful is going on you can't quite put your finger on it and the place is as atmospheric and as much and for character as the actual characters are so Alice has moved to Tangier and what I believe is the 1950s I mean it looks very fifties and she is very surprised that when she and her husband turn up and the start of their new lives there she feigns her old best friend Lucy already there and hoping to make amends for something horrendous that happened several years ago back at home and the UK or at least I think is the UK that is maybe an assumption don't take my word for that anyway Alice thinks that she should be happy she has a new leaf and trend Lucy is helping her to expand her horizons usually Alice wouldn't go to the bazaars and the other things that make up Moroccan culture all on her own and Lucy is more than happy to get her along this is one of those occasions where I wish that I was an owl and I could do the whole like 360 head turn bitch please look because just as soon as Alice starts to figure out that maybe something not okey is going on here maybe Lucy is up to something which is necessarily and her best interests her husband who is messing and she is left alone and sea of confusion to try and piece together exactly what has happened so that is everything for my crime corner hall I hope that something caught your eye but please let me know if you have read any of the books that I've showed you or if you are looking forward to any of them coming out I will be back very soon what's the second part of this hole and I will speak to y'all very soon bye and do not expect me to have a tan because Vell I go don't tan bitch I just look like hot dog that's been left on a grill for do dairy too many minutes its factor 500 for me


  1. One thing I really love about following you is that I hear about books I wouldn’t normally hear about being in a different location from your own. My TBR has grown after watching this but hopefully I’ll be able to read some of these.

  2. Although I am not so much into this kind of crime stories – if somebody said Booh! to me in a friendly voice, I'd get a heart attack – but I love the way you talk about them, I was chuckling all the time. Great video! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday! 🙂

  3. Hope you are having an awesome holiday.
    I read the perfect child last month and thought it was good.
    I really enjoyed the realism of the depiction of a child with a mental health disorder and the difficulty faced by parents trying to get help.
    Maybe not what you will appreciate so much but for me it was close to home. I have a child with a mild version of a mental health disorder and am in forums with parents whose kids are much more severe. Much of what is in the book I have heard from other parents or, in a very very mild form experienced with my child.

  4. Visited Scotland about 2 years ago with my wife. Watching your videos make me feel not so far from our favorite place! Also I just got the chalk man from the library thanks to your last video!

  5. Firstly, I loved the picture you inserted of you and Helen. Secondly, I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of all these books. You make everything sound so interesting.

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