Crow and Snake | Panchatantra English Stories in 3D | 3D Moral Stories For Kids

Crow and Snake | Panchatantra English Stories in 3D | 3D Moral Stories For Kids

Pebbles present 3D Panchatantra Stories in English for kids. The most popular English Stories for kids in 3D Animation.

The most famous 3D Stories for Children in HD Quality. Grandma Stories for kids, Moral Stories for kids, Animal Stories for Kids, Jungle Stories for kids, Panchatantra Stories for Children, Fairy Tales, Akbar and Birbal, Tenali Raman and many more.

The most popular, interesting & ancient stories for babies, nursery kids & children of all age groups by Pebbles English Stories Channel.

Pebbles Panchatantra Stories include the following Stories
Monkey and Crocodile,
The Four Friends,
The Wise Old Bird,
Tortoise and Geese,
Three Fish,
The Blue Jackal,
The Boat,
The Loyal Mongoose,
Wise Little Rabbit,
Crow and Snake,
Dove and Ant,
The Clever Bull,
The Stork and the Crab,
Union Is Strength,
The Lion Makers,
The Horse and the Donkey,
The King and The Noble Deer,
Lion and Jackal, Talking Cave,
The Mouse Maid,
The Magic Stick

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the crows and the snake there was once a huge tree in a forest many birds had built their nests in that tree a big snake saw the tree why this tree will make a nice home for me he started living in it one day the sleek saw a nest full of eggs have Lakia now I don't have to go out in search of hole he started eating all the eggs when the birds came back they found their nests empty oh no the snake has it in our eggs what shall we do now a pair of crows thought of a plan to get rid of the snake they flew to a lake where a queen came to bathe regularly they picked up a necklace which she had left on the bank of the lake they reached the tree and dropped the necklace in front of the snakes hole the queen servants chased the crows and came to the tree they saw the snake near the necklace it immediately and took away the necklace the crows and the other birds lived happily ever after as their eggs were safe now moral there is always a way out of every difficulty snake was mightier than the clue it was sure that the club could not different snake by fight difficult situations can occur any time but there is always a way out of it if we use our brains right and time we can overcome any trouble okay kids let's learn few new words one by one kids repeat the words after us first forest means land that is covered with trees and shrubs forest means land that is covered with trees and jobs must net means house of bird nest means house of bird where the Queen used to bath regularly hmm on the lake nearby jungle nice but you should be more confident while answering


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