D A Powell, Recombination of Language

D A Powell, Recombination of Language

Award-winning poet D.A. Powell announces he is placing his papers with the Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library (MARBL) at Emory University. In MARBL, Powell¹s papers join those of other Georgia poets and authors such as James Dickey, Turner Cassity, Frank Manley and David Bottoms, all of whom garnered national attention with their work. Powell reads his poetry that invokes a range of subjects, from movies, music, art, and other aspects of modern culture to the AIDS epidemic. “He’s funny and wry, and very musical, both in how he writes and how he reads,” says Kevin Young, curator of the Raymond Danowski Poetry Library at MARBL. “He’s a tremendous poet, very lyrical.”

this program is brought to you by Emory University the technique you said you used a program or something oh yeah for some of the poems not for the poems themselves but in terms of generating material I would often write about things in a very straightforward pros and then drop that pros into a program called Mac travesty which would break it down into its component units of meaning and recombine them so that recombination of language to me was like the recombination of a virus or a piece of genetic material so most of what was generated was crap but every once in a while I would come up with a word or a phrase that seemed like something that was related to me but felt outside of me as well like a foreign object I love that I mean we're so interesting that here and preserving that kind of yeah thing I would have never known you did that most people wouldn't know because the computer that i did it on was a work computer i was you know working at a marketing job at the time travesti I didn't even know that I think I may have some of those drafts I've got some floppy disks so I will have to send you these floppy days you know you can't do anything with floppies anymore yeah but we can yeah we love having that stuff and we can you know for Russia we even recovered things you know that you didn't know existed and I'm so excited about your digital life as well the preceding program is copyrighted by emory university


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