Dananjaya Hettiarachchi - How Many Times Should You  Re-Write Your Script?

Dananjaya Hettiarachchi – How Many Times Should You Re-Write Your Script?

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how many times should you rewrite your script a very good day to all of my friends this is Dan answering this very specific question sent in to me I have never been a great fan of writing scripts when I started my Toastmasters journey but something that I learned later on is that writing rewriting and rewriting your script adds a lot of value if you do it the right way now let me talk to you about the advantages of writing and rewriting your script when you write your script initially you don't have the economic words that you're looking for now what this means is there are words in your script that don't add value to what you were saying so your first objective has to be taking away these words and making sure that you condense it and have the words that really add value to your speech only in your script the second part is optimizing your sentences now sometimes the same sentence could be written in so many ways but one or two of such ways might convey the feeling the message the emotion that you're talking about much more effective so two aspects in writing scripts number one economic words take away the words that don't add value every time you rewrite your speech later on look at optimizing sentences what this means is play around with the order of the words rephrasing sentences and making sure that you have the optimum combination of words to make that sentence impactful now my principle today is I focus on the sentence when I write a speech I take sentence by sentence rephrase and change the combination of the words to make sure that each sentence packs a punch when you focus on the sentence your script for into place so how many times should you write and rewrite it well I generally take 15 to 20 scripts for me to come to a script that I feel comfortable where I feel my words have economy and my sentences are optimized try this tip out this is Dan signing out till we meet again you


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