Danielle Cohn’s dad made a facebook post addressing Danielle as well as her mother. He had a lot to say, here are all the receipts. let me know what you think down below.

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  1. If you are reading I wanted to remind you that you made it through this day.You are strong,amazing and beautiful and no one can tell you otherwise!❤️I appreciate and love you!❤️Hope you know how important you really are❤️I am proud of you ❤️Hope you have a great night/day ❤️

  2. Someone who has a platform here and/other social media outlets, needs to start a petition for the public to sign. This reminds me of the new age Mac Culkin situation. It’s sick that she even had followers in the first place! NOTHING about her looks even close to the age of “consent”.

  3. 13 or 15 she should NOT be doing almost all the stuff that she does,& her mother what in the hell is wrong with her she is out of line an blinded by GREED. And honestly what do u expect from a child that basically is left to do as she pleases her and her mother both need help lots of THERAPY & Money makes people do awful things & i hope one day she will understand why her father has done what he has done it for her an her safety!!!!!

  4. Question? Danielle lies about her age and has sex so statutory rape happens ok. So they guy will get dobe for statutory rape but nothing will happen to her even though she lied. YouTube are promoting under age sex and therefore statutory rape. How do they sleep knowing they allow children to become over sexualised at a young age.

  5. Social media, Target, etc…all need to be held accountable. The fact they not only allow them to dress and act so provocatively; but push these things on little kids and do nothing to stop it is so messed up and disgusting and Danielle's safety is at risk in that kind of environment. If her mom is enabling this, she needs to be taken away from her mother before something really horrible happens. The entertainment business and social media are not known for being a safe and healthy environment.

  6. i’m 12 and i’m upset about the fact that Dani sexualises herself so much. 13 or 15 she’s underage and shouldn’t be doing any like that. And the fact her mother lets her get away with it? Dani is a product of her environment and that environment is full of lies.

  7. Someone whoop this Lil girls ass like her parents should be!!! Her mother isn't saying shit bc she's profiting off her daughter. Mom needs her ass whooped too, with a revoking of her rights as a parent and allowing her minor child to be exploited on the internet. YouTube, IG, WAKE UP. This is so disgusting. Fast ass lil 13 year old. Putting $100 she's gonna be pregnant by an older guy before she turns 18 🤷🏼‍♀️ it's a ho lotta ho in that Lil girl.

  8. The contract violation is enough to push the mom into county jail for at least a week or a month, not to mention neglect, abuse (psychological), and breaking the law by lying about her daughter’s age.

  9. Even when the fake pregnancy thing came out all I was thinking is "where tf are the parents?" She seems like she really needs her dad in her life and it's really sad (that b/c of her shitty mother) one day she might look back on her life and wonder where he was, why he wasn't around? I wonder what grade she is technically in? What if she's really behind and then when she gets old enough she just drops out? She can't sell Bang Energy all her life, especially since the creepy owner ain't gettin any younger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55pBNIYxwO0

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