David Meerman Scott, Sales Speaker, Aligning Sales Process

David Meerman Scott, Sales Speaker, Aligning Sales Process

David Meerman Scott helps companies and organizations generate attention and grow business in a real-time world. He spotted the online content revolution in its infancy and wrote five books about it including The New Rules of Marketing & PR, the definitive book on the topic, translated into 29 languages. Now, there’s a new inflection point. The pendulum has swung too far, creating a world of digital chaos. Tech-weary and bot-wary people are longing for human connection. There are businesses and organizations who have learned to win by tapping into this mindset by creating a Fanocracy. David’s eleventh book, Fanocracy (coming January, 2020 from Portfolio), proves that creating fandom is not something reserved just for celebrities, athletes, and authors. Creating a Fanocracy is rocket fuel used by forward-thinking companies and organizations of all sorts – including those from the most unlikely industries – to inspire and nurture true fans. David’s high-energy presentations highlight the strategies and success stories using bold images and video to energize audiences. David inspires people to set old ideas and fear aside and use new tools to achieve measurable, no-cost results to turn customers into fans and fans into customers.

David’s ideas have captured the attention of respected firms and organizations all over the world – having spoken in over 40 countries and on all seven continents. His groundbreaking strategies don’t just slap new tools onto dusty old strategies – they reinvent the way to engage the marketplace.

The top-selling book by David is The New Rules of Marketing & PR, a Wall Street Journal bestseller in its 6th edition with over 400,000 copies sold. It is available in 29 languages and used as a text in hundreds of universities and business schools worldwide. Real-Time Marketing & PR and The New Rules of Sales and Service have each broken new ground with fresh ideas. David is co-author of Marketing the Moon (and contributing producer of the 2019 PBS documentary it inspired, Chasing the Moon) and Marketing Lessons from The Grateful Dead. David’s next book is co-authored with his daughter, Reiko, and reveals how the power of fandom – long understood in the celebrity world – can be harnessed by business.

David is the pioneer of Newsjacking, a business growth strategy so successful that it is now listed in the Oxford English Dictionary: “In the space of a few short years, newsjacking has gone from an experimental technique to a staple in every social media-savvy marketing department’s arsenal. Its contemporary iteration, however, dates from the early twenty-first century, as first popularized by marketing and sales strategist David Meerman Scott.”

David is a globalist with real-world experience building businesses and a sharp eye for the bigger marketplace. He moved to Tokyo at age 26 to establish the Japan office of a Wall Street Real-Time economic advisory firm. He worked for global Real-Time media companies in Tokyo for seven years and Hong Kong for two. David was Asia marketing director for Knight-Ridder in the mid-1990s before moving to the Boston area where he was marketing VP for two publicly-traded U.S. companies. Losing his job following the sale of NewsEdge to Thomson Reuters delivered David the gift of reinvention as a strategist advising organizations on the new realities of agile, Real-Time business.

David is a co-founder and partner in Signature Tones, a sonic branding studio. Signature Tones works with clients to create sonic logos and original music for use perfectly in tune with their brand. Sonic branding includes original music that is used in videos, podcasts, products and services, as walk on music for speaking engagements, in TV and radio commercials.

David is an advisor to emerging companies who are working to transform their industries by delivering disruptive products and services. Besides delivering success as a member of the board of directors of NewsWatch KK (successfully sold to Yahoo Japan) and Kadient (successfully merged with Sant), and on the board of advisors of Eloqua (successful IPO in mid-2012 and sale to Oracle in early 2013) and GrabCAD (successfully sold to Stratasys in mid-2014), his current portfolio of advisory clients includes HubSpot, where he has served since 2007, (successful IPO in 2014), digital selling firm Vengreso, Mynd, Harmony, YayPay, SlapFive, ExpertFile, and InstaViser as well as non-profits including the Grateful Dead Archive at University of California/Santa Cruz and HeadCount. He is also a strategic limited partner and advisor to Stage 2 Capital, a go-to-market venture capital fund investing in and advising companies scale sustainable revenue and healthy growth.

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[Applause] [Applause] so many companies are out of alignment with the ways that people buy and I want to illustrate that by asking a couple of questions and I'm going to predict the answers here are my predictions of the answers they're going to be to 115 195 let's see how close I am my first question is in the last one or two months either privately based on buying something for yourself or your family or professionally buying something for your organization for your company have you bought a product or service as a result of receiving a Direct Mail advertisement from the post office raise your hand really high if you bought a product or service the last two months because of a direct mail really high in the air look at that look around the room it's exactly 2% would you not agree I'm already accurate here my next question in the last two months one to two months privately or professionally have you purchased a product or service as a result of receiving a cold call from a salesperson raise your hand really high if you can answer yes to this I see one person another person I'm gonna call that 1% of the room I'm so accurate how about this the last two months privately or professionally have you bought a product or service as a result of seeing an advertisement in a magazine radio television newspaper raise your hand really high so I can see them everyone look around the room would you not agree that's 15% oh my gosh how does he mind read you might ask my next question my most favorite in the last two months privately or professionally to buy a product or service that you are interested in have you bought that as a result of going to Google or another search engine raise your hand really high and look around the room chello your hand is not in the air okay so we had a hundred percent I think a hundred percent of the people in the room next question last two months privately professionally to buy a practice service you were tapping your online network of friends of colleagues of family members and you asked them hey I'm thinking about buying this product or service can you give me an advice do you have it can you recommend a company something like that and you used an online way to reach your friends family family members colleagues it could be email Skype instant messaging LinkedIn Twitter Facebook anything like that can you answer yes to this question so my proxy for social media okay I'm going to say it's a little bit less than 95 I'll call it 75 so is pretty accurate oh my gosh David how did you guess here's the thing so many companies are doing the first three things and they're out of alignment with the ways that people buy they're not investing enough time to reach people as they're looking for a product or service they're not investing enough time when people are engaged the reason I knew the answers is I've asked these series of questions hundreds of times and rooms like this they're always the same doesn't matter what type of product doesn't matter what type of service because you need to be in alignment but most companies are out of alignment people hate to be sold to and so many companies are trying to sell to them [Applause]

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