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hey beautiful big lovers it's tough welcome back to my channel and if you are new here then hello hello so today I'm gonna be doing my least favorite female characters with them fiction and this is following on from my one that I did last week which was all about the male characters that I dislike today we are flipping that coin over to the females that kind of pissed me off so yeah if you haven't already seen my male character version of this then I will link that in the cards so that you can go ahead and watch that but um yeah today let's get on with the females so I can only come up with really six that bother me and the top my head but there's probably more than that so um let's just start with saying the number one on my list is the sexy seductress I mentioned about this a little bit in my video we hunt the flame I'll leave that link to the cards as well that video and I talked about the fact that there is a character in there who is all sexy and seductive and that's pretty much how her personality is defined um it annoys me to no end I just don't understand why it's a thing like surely we can have females that have character surely we could have females that actually have personality it bothers me and I don't understand why we're still doing it but the thing is that it's basically like a walking sex machine is what they try and make these women to be and quite frankly like I say there's literally zero character deaths there and it bothers me because I just don't see the point in adding in the character if you're not going to fully flesh them out and these characters always seemed not to be fleshed out at all so Tolkien characters for no reason other to be the sex appeal on the page not for him number two the indecisive Daisy so I have kind of two subtypes in this I have the one who is indecisive about her love interest because she has so much options I'm sorry um here's a hint guys if a girl is deciding between you and other boys she's not worth their time my friend go find a girl who doesn't need to meet that decision yeah um so that annoys me this girl who is like oh my wouldn't oh who could who can I possibly love like surely you should know that um and quite for we I think that it's bit shitty of you selfishly tag-along two or more guys before you can decide which one really steals your heart really I have mentioned before in other videos that I really really dislike love triangles and stuff like that so that kind of stems from that but not just that my other kind of subtype in this and the distend decisive Daisy is the fact that this girl is a girl who cannot make her own decisions when it comes to the plot she's like oh I don't know should I go down that path should I go down this one should I pull the trigger should I not should I go find the magical sort of missing like Alice like really she like needs to be told by everyone what to actually do and I do not like characters like this I like characters who do stuff for themselves I will steal the words from Rhonda Rosie and see that this girl doesn't do nothing bitch because she's so unbelievably indecisive that it's kind of like what's the point in you like everyone else is making your decisions for you anyway you might as well just don't be here okay the next character that really really irks me is the cry-baby now I do not mind characters crying okay I'm not like I do not have a black heart okay like I do I am actually quite empathetic I cry a lot of movies I cry a little lot of books in fact I cried and within the first twenty percent of range of dragons the other day they were so there's a lot really I cry a lot people I know I come off with a heartless bitch but I'm really really not the reason why I don't like this female character is because I feel like it's only one of those really horrible shitty representations of women that make us out to cry every single hurdle and now I have been in a lot of situations where things are very very intense and things are very um and decisions have to be made etcetera as part of what I do in my job and within that I have seen plenty of women rise to the occasion and put on their big boy boots and just do it okay so I really don't like when everything like when a female character is made to be this weak little petal like it really annoys me is it's kind of a misrepresentation and an injustice to women to see and to see that these girls are so unbelievably fragile that they cry every hurdle um don't get me wrong I imagine that there are some out there like that but like I just don't like it because it's like there's a certain point where you have to root for your like your main character and if this girl's the main character yeah I won't be wantin to root for her I'll be wanting to hit her over the head with the shovel I appreciate crying like that is absolutely sane and a fictional main character anything like gang organ or I do not mind if the main character cries I'm not saying that what I am saying is for the characters who constantly cried the ones who can't stop crying and literally don't get anything done cuz every time they try to get something done they are so crying why why number four now this one who this one this is like the kind of everyday woman okay who all of a sudden literally with like this snap of the fingers turns into some badass warrior really really oh stop doing this people like really stop I don't understand it like for goodness sake seriously can we not make it like I completely love female characters for warriors and stuff like that I love a good shield major and I love a good girl who's willing to stand up for what she believes and and fight for it providing she's not training um I do not like this kind of myth women can mute swords just because they pick one up specially when it's one of those books that are kind of medieval kind of sayings um this bothers me a lot cuz you know you around here when I was at school back in Scotland I used to go museums and stuff like that and trips where we got to haul very old sort of swords and stuff like that they were literally at the time nearly the bloody hate of me and I can tell you right now those are heavy heavy heavy heavy okay if you know I held a sword before like a real sword like Jesus bloody Christ I literally could not imagine swinging that around during a battle because damn heavy just saying it bothers me because for some weird reason a girl who's never wilded a weapon before my just to pick up a sword that normally is not cars or even if it is hers or whatever she runs just to wield a sword like this is an easy feat like I don't bother I love female characters that I've been trained from a young age basically we are always introduced to as being a warrior who we know has got the training behind them and then getting to see them kick ass on a big sword fight or something all foreign trust me I love a good sword fight okay like give me that all day hey way far I just hate the fact that we have a couple build up of a character who we know is not in any way used to kind of violence or fighting in general and then all of a sudden can wield a weapon like they're an expert it doesn't make sense do I would like to see that would be interesting would now imagine if you read a book where this girl was like you know average chicks like your girl here and then all of a sudden like picks up a weapon and she's like I'm gonna save the day I'm gonna do this and then someone locks her head off because she wasn't paying attention I'd be more realistic like obviously I you know how much I love dragons so it's not like I need a complete realism here but what I'm seeing is when it's a sword fight and stuff like that like please make it more realistic I don't mind a girl who can't fight but attempts to fight ends up not doing so well and then becomes like then wants to learn how to be trained how to fight things like that like even if she you know just learns how to party a blow or something and it saves her life and then exciting seem like that's fair enough I get that and I appreciate it I just don't like the ones where it's all of a sudden she is able to wield the sword just as well as the guy here who's been practicing for 15 years just as the main things don't do it number five this girl gets me every time oh the I'll throw everything away for love I understand that you think that loves meant to conquer all and stuff but let me just say that given the choice okay of saving humanity or saving one person way that up okay like we ate up you might not be able to live with yourself afterwards you may be utterly devastated by your decision and hate yourself forever but guess what most of you Saints little people would choose the masses right like surely if I was a warrior of some tribe and I had to save the like my entire kingdom or whatever and the one that I loved was gonna be the one that had to sacrifice himself to me that happened I would not interfere with that because that's a choice that they have made and that is the right thing to do okay for some weird reason in fiction they always do this thing where girls were there like no I don't care about my my legacy I don't care about the saving the world I just love you and it's like oh really yeah really yeah this bothers me like a lot again it just it comes down to the whole like I just don't like that or nothing else matters but that relationship like relationships change and especially cuz the situation normally arises within a relationship that is less than six months old and you kind of think yeah it just really doesn't make sense to me why that would be a thing and look I get it you're trying to make things be as devastating or whatever but I just don't like it I don't like the whole miscommunication as well when like the woman goes behind the guys back because she feels like she's trying to save his life damn the world and all that and and then he said why would you do that and I'm like yeah with you I'm in your corner my friend like she she's stupid love drunk Daisy that's what that one should be called give you a bonus one number six and that is the stupid decisions girl the one who literally makes the wrong decision at every turn because she's like I have a different kind of logic from what everyone else has and I'm just gonna follow that logic and it's like like you know the one where they're like right this is the plan this is what we're gonna do this is how we're gonna save the world this is how we're gonna you know defeat the Dark Lord this is how we're gonna kill the king or whatever is that they're doing right but this this bitch this one mmm she thinks that she's outsmarted them all she thinks that she has the right decision the right answer to this so normally being the stupid girl that she is she he sneaks off at nighttime and it was about her way tries to find a different solution to the same problem that involves only herself because she thinks she can save everybody without anyone's help like cuz that's realistic and ends up getting herself into trouble forcing the rest of her team the rest of her party her love interest whoever is to come chasing after her to save the day into a situation if she didn't need to be bloody saved from because she had a just made a logical decision instead of a stupid one then we wouldn't be in this situation in the first place I don't like girls like that the thing that bothers me is that most of us even if we are a headstrong is that you know two mains are better than one or four mains or better than one or whatever however many brains is better than just the one and two generally cking talking about it two being out throwing ideas out there and getting people to bounce off those ideas we normally can come up with a pretty logical solution to the issues that come about right so having done this why then would she be like actually I'm gonna go and do whatever I want anyway right can we don't like I hate the miscommunication in this because it's like you could have just told the rest of your party what you were planning to do because they could have probably said no this is gonna probably happen if you do that and it would've saved us about 200 pages I don't like roundabout plots that literally go through stupid loopholes if something's a natural progression and there's a consequence it's something that happened previously that they did not foresee fine you don't create tension because of the stupid decisions that mean character makes and then expect me to like that girl in the end because all i think is she's stupid she leaves everyone behind so that she can go and do something on her own that's a stupid decision I have these people never watched movies or read books like every time someone leaves their company to go off and do things bad happens okay like I like a main character that is makes logical decisions that I would make that makes decisions that I can literally look at in sailing yep that's what I would do that's clever no tell this person and then they're doing I'm like yes he actually did something logical for one's characters you constantly undermine their own logic by going off and doing other things and then we're supposed to believe that they're clever I can't get behind I don't think anybody can get behind a stupid character I think it just frustrates us and I don't like being frustrated when I'm reading I hate reading about a character and that frustrates me to the point that I want to put it down I just I'll just put it down and if there's a girl who constantly keeps doing this making decisions on her own hoping that she'll be able to enact it before anybody else finds out and then in dangers herself and then not only that she has other people come to save her and therefore endangering themselves on behalf of her yeah let's just say that if I was in this company and girl who was meant to be you know a part of us went off in the middle of the night and got herself captured because she was doing stupid I'd be really I'd be really stuck between the indecision of going and rescuing her with the rest of the people just so that I can literally bitch-slap her forever stupidity or just leaving her to her fate because of her stupidity so there's no there's no like I'm so glad that you're safe kind of thing there is a you stupid girl anyway not that I'm harsh that's all I have for you today guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up and comment below let me know what the some of the female characters that you really hate in fiction give me some names as well if you want like any any cheeky characters and books that I may have read that you don't like or just let me know in the comments below and if you haven't already guys then subscribe and bring that Bell if you really want to help support what I do here on this channel until next time guys I will see you later


  1. Yes, yes to all of this.

    Lila from A Darker Shade Of Magic is kind of like the last one you mentioned.

    Lada Dragul from the Conquerors Saga by Kiersten White is the type of character who will sacrifice a few to save the many. She was unapologetically ruthless and she put aside her feelings of love to do what was best for her people.

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