Dickens Christmas Show and Festivals - Myrtle Beach, SC

Dickens Christmas Show and Festivals – Myrtle Beach, SC

The Dickens Christmas Show & Festivals is a unique national award winning event comprised of a multitude of shopping and entertainment options, for individuals and groups alike. For more info go to

there are countless christmas attractions and activities celebrating the holiday season throughout the Myrtle Beach area making it an easy destination to visit year round one visitor favorite is the annual Dickens Christmas show in festival the Dickens Christmas show in festivals is a national award-winning event comprised of a multitude of shopping and entertainment options for both individuals and groups the cornerstone of the event is a Victorian holiday marketplace located at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in downtown Myrtle Beach in the 100,000 square foot exhibit hall attendees will find hundreds of period cloud vendors selling everything from jewelry gifts and toys to art gourmet foods and holiday decor and all of this is set against a beautiful Victorian holiday background the charities with its this trees are an example we get the trees for them with different sponsors and different sponsors do the decorations and add all sorts of wonderful you looked at the trees to see how many wonderful things that go with them some of these trees have $5,000 worth of stuff that goes with it plus the trees themselves are top at the top of the top of the line and very easy to put together even I can put them together they're pre lit so that's a deal right there and then they get different organizations different restaurants businesses that come in and decorate the trees and then the trees are sold for seven option and on Sunday at 5:30 they're awarded and people are very very happy and the charity is very very happy because 100 percent of the funds goes to the charity and to the charity services not to there over here nobody here is paid everything is volunteer so it's really good fundraiser for them strolling Victorian musicians shadowbox displays a historic Sante through the ages exhibit and a real live Santa also lend charm to the popular Christmas show and festival the Dickens Christmas show and festival also encompasses some off-site offerings including a Victorian holiday tea Sherlock Holmes murder mystery dinner and much more the four-day festival usually happens in mid-november and serves as a great way to kick off the Christmas season with so much to offer it's no wonder the Dickens Christmas show and festival has been a local and visitor favorite for over 30 years

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