hila and lloyd lot go all out when decorating their home for Christmas over the years during the course of their travels around the globe they've collected almost every Christmas decoration one could think of and some that you may have never seen me Dobson the butler but from the merriment of the pies and cookies and warm apple cider thank you very much that's good good stuff hey to the decor of the reindeer and sleigh the lot say it's all about capturing the joy and beauty of Christmas it gets changed around a lot because it won't look good in some places but when it is in the right place I know that's where her creativity comes in she's very creative in arranging things but then there's something the lots do that goes beyond putting out traditional Christmas decorations welcome to Dickens village it's the kind of thing you have to see to believe but even then it's still hard to understand how it was all created and trying to take it all in at once will overwhelm you at best you can try to appreciate it a little bit at a time scene by scene house by house character by character and just when you think you've got your mind wrapped around it you'll notice something new and unexpected another example of the meticulous preciseness an attention to detail that was exercised in making this world and bringing it to life it's started with my mother buying one store or one house for us which was a grocery store and my dad owned the grocery store so that's the reason why she bought that particular one then we liked it we added to it added to it they did the one house grew to 150 houses Lloyd and hile a lot also buying hundreds of accessories for the village including carriages people and trees and beyond in fact the lots have spent tens of thousands of dollars since 1985 to construct this magical place dickens village is designed to look like 19th century Victorian England and to recreate as it were the world of Charles Dickens 1843 classic A Christmas Carol but when they began the Lots never imagined the village would get this big never Oh No eat I just thought maybe I could outdo the last time and so that's how it finally grew to this size I just wanted to do a little bit more a little bit bigger and I think we've reached our limit now Hilah lot says it takes three months of our working eight hours a day to create this land of make-believe a land of make-believe that is so detailed it looks real well you paint the bottom of it carve it out and then you paint the bottom of the color you want as far as the water will look and then you place little rocks our big one right there and I poured the polyurethane again it mixed up and all of a sudden the most beautiful thing happened it was gold little pieces all in there and like pebbles but they look gold and then the sides started looking just like a real river where it was dirty on the sides and it just created on its own there's a story to be told behind every piece of dickens village like the real-life forest wood from New Mexico that's used to support the railroad tracks or the wood chips and moss that line the sides of the cliffs that cover the wires that like the houses but one question remains why why spend so much time effort energy and money on Dickens village I guess the little girl and me still coming out that would be a fan of seedlings and perhaps quite appropriate as Dickens wrote for it is good to be children sometimes and never better than at Christmas but sadly this will be the last Christmas that the Lots will create Dickens village as this particular story has reached its final chapter well each time I'd always have a vision of the next time and this one I have no vision while I'm working on this one I don't have one for another one so I knew it's time to quit the lots say they will take down Dickens village for the last time in February that is a lot of fun and I will miss it but it's time but oh the joy and magically created while it was Mike de Silva 3 News


  1. This is spectacular!!! What an awesome display! Clearly they accomplished this in FUN! This can be called a ‘hobby’, you know that activity your dr says you should do to ‘relax’ and de-stress? Yup, you know. If you’re doing it year round, it’s called a ‘lifestyle’. No matter, it’s FUN! Whomever is the recepiant of this village, I’m sure will know its value and know its to be shared.

  2. I'm sorry to hear she won't be putting up the Christmas village next year. Even though it takes several months to put it together I hope maybe she will do it again. It's so spectacular all the detail put into this display. Wow I hope this village goes to someone in the family that wants to keep this going. Merry Christmas everyone 😀🎄👏👏👏👍

  3. It's a Shame, to Never get to SEE 👀 this again. Maybe Someone would Buy it, and keep it going, and have it Displayed, in a Public Place, for All to see.Just think of the JOY, that You brought to so many. . .

  4. Con todo respeto k chingon está esto, lo k pongo yo ni a la cuarta parte le llega, me imagine dentro de esa Villa y me hicieron sentir como en un sueño anhelado, felicidades a los señores, amo la Natividad del señor y a todo esto también.

  5. I wonder if she sold the pieces, or gave them to her children/family or donated them to a museum?
    It would be nice to see her masterpiece live on…
    Too many people create whole towns/villages/cities for train sets, Christmas, role playing, etc. and only a chosen few will ever enjoy their amazing creativity! 🙁
    I really hope she shared that talent so others, children and bigger children could enjoy it? It builds found memories.
    We used to have a department store in our city that built a life size village on their eighth floor every year.. Nothing but found memories for so many people. <3

  6. Of course this village is so beauty, and she need a lot time to build everything. Sad she doesnt will do it again. But, even this is great, she "buy" every single piece. I would like to show you, a special woman which she made every single piece on their "Bethlehems", she is a gypsy spanish artist, and she create and made each piece, from people, animals, items and even "rocks and buildings" with her own hands. Please, you can check her channel "Las cosas de la lola" or click in one of her creation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOP0471SiAg
    For us, Bethlehem is the place where Jesus born, and recreate it is a very traditional important thing for our culture, as Christian people. I hope you can enjoy her video and admire her talent.

  7. Its a wonderful display, matched only by the tragedy of it being shelved by its creator. I get not having a vision for the following year, but why should that keep you from putting the current one up every year? I hope she sold it to someone who would treat it with a lot of love.

  8. Wow que belleza felicitaciones es realmente hermosa yo vivo en León GTO México y no hay tantas cositas lindas pero estoy tratando poco a poco de recrear una pequeñita bendiciones 👏

  9. Absolutely wonderful village. I understand completely the love and time you put into setting it up. Having a village like this would be a dream come true. I'd love to see it in person. So many treasures around every corner. Your very lucky and blessed to have had this. Thanks for sharing.

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