Director Martin Wood - on Acting (Learn From The Working Pros)

Director Martin Wood – on Acting (Learn From The Working Pros)

This video is about Director Martin Wood, giving us Actors some advice and thoughts. He is a really fun Director to work with as an Actor and known for his work as a Director and Producer on Stargate SG-1 as well as its spin-off series Stargate Atlantis. He was also an Actor who became a Director…

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director Martin wood we're here just to show the actors what to do and how to do it the right way and then they can mimic us as they act which is really what it's all about genius the best actors are the best mimics of the director mutton can I ask you a question advice for actors that are starting out or just for actors in general don't be scared by acting adjusting as much as you can get in front of the camera get on the stage in fact do everything especially if it terrifies you and when you're standing there you realize what I'm talking about don't be scared that's acting I love that I get up there start screwing up start making mistakes and ha I started out life as a kid actor yeah and I did to you summer stocks in Stratford I was insane like I just I was terrified and then I realized that it affected me so badly that it stopped me from being a good actor I stopped acting because I was scared of not being good I was scared of not being somebody seeing that I wasn't a good actor and then when I stopped being afraid of that I realized hey I can actually act which is why I'm a director that I try and see it in other people yeah and you're a great director by the way well thank you make quite a few in my time but you you've been doing us thanks thanks it's it's interesting i i i stopped directing i stopped acting because i realized i wasn't as good as the people haha and I realized I could never be that good because they were doing it for different reasons that I was and they had fewer reasons for doing it and I didn't I was I was acting acting I was watching people around me like they're acting for a better reason tonight yeah I think we definitely start out for the wrong reason yeah I think yeah and you're looking for something more than just the acting you were hit for the wrong reason you know it's it's for most people it's it can't just be a job you actually have to love the acting part of it and when you don't love the acting when you're in it for the job it's always disappointing it will always disappoint you hmm you know when you think about the number of actors that are out of work and and the number of actors that are actually successful it's a real imbalance so you know and it is so luck of the draw it's so luck with our casting is luck of the draw it's not whether you're the best in the cast or not because sometimes you know you're going to a casting audition and you'll be there absolutely the best person there and that doesn't mean you're gonna get the job because there's preconceived ideas about what this person supposed to look like what this was sound like her how they're supposed to deliver this line or that line or whatever and it's never sort of the person in the room that's making the final decision it's a committee of people that weren't there making those decisions and you know people come out of auditions really upset or I mean I've watched a million people come out of additions thinking there's no way I'm gonna get that job like convinced and then they get the job or people that come uncle and nailed it and they don't understand why they didn't get it and half the time it's because they did the best job there they were the best actor there but there was a preconceived idea about what that person was and you can't beat that and you can't know what it is so they go the outcome yeah well I know even for this role it was like my beliefs that was told it that you liked me and that the network was like yeah this and that we're not too sure and it was it was when I put you up for it I went this and then end up going back and saying look if we compare all the three people that you're looking at right now Paul is gonna have the most charm Paul is gonna be the one that's the actual stalking horse for for will and they we have to have that we have to have somebody that is incredible compete competitor hmm you know and you were that excellent yeah and Here I am with these wonderful guys and PJ okay only it Wyatt wipe it sound thanks thanks Bob


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