“Society doesn’t correlate disability with being attractive… but we CAN be stylish, gorgeous, stunning, and FABULOUS.” For those with disability, what do you feel makes you a FABULOUS person? How do you think people see you as someone with a disability?

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أشعر و كأنني مباركة، لأتمكن من ان أعيش حياتي ويتحفز الناس بها. انا لدي اصابة في الحبل الشوكي و عندما كنت ارى الناس تخطف بجانبي كنت أشعر بالدهشة، "هذا ما سأصبح" لقد ولدت مشلولة ولدت بمرض انشقاق الحبل الشوكي لذلك انا مشلولة طوال فترة حياتي وهذه هي طريقة الحياة الوحيدة التي اعرفها لذلك توجب علي أن اكبر واعرف انني مختلف. أكبر ما يسبب لي عدم الثقة بنفسي هما ساقي لذلك اتخذت القرار، إذا كانت ساقي يسببان لي عدم الثقة بالنفس يجب أن أبدأ بخط الجينز الخاص بي وكل الصور كانت تدور حول بناطيل الجينز الخاصة بي و ساقيٓ و سيقان الناس الاخرين وعند ذلك تفهمت أنه من الجيد أن تكون مختلفاً لأنك عندما تتقبل ذلك، حياتك تتغير قد يكون هناك أناس يعاملوني وكأني غير موجود و أناس يعاملونني كما لو أنهم لا يريدون أن يفعلوا أي شيء معي و ربما كان ذلك بسبب أنهم كانوا خائفين ولا يعرفوا أي رد مختلف واحد من أفضل الأشياء عندي: عندما اكون بالخارج بين الناس وتكون جميع البنات معي على كراسِ و يكن جميعهن جميلات، ونحن حقاً نحب عندما نرى الرؤوس تلتفت المجتمع لا يربط الإعاقة بالجاذبية نحن أناس جميلون كل شخصِ جميل بطريقة خاصة ولكن بإمكاننا أن نكون أنيقين و جميلين وفاتنين و مذهلين كما أحب أن اقول لأنني نعم أرى نفسي مذهلة أن تكوني راقصة- تعرفون أن الراقصة دائما متحركة- لم أتوقف، أذهب الى نواد الرقص وكنت ارتدي زي الرقص و كنت أندهش لكيف أن الشباب يحاولون التقرب مني ويقولون " أنت مثيرة" ولا يقولون " ما زلت مثيرة"-حتى مع الإعاقة- بل يقولون " أنتِ مثيرة" هنالك الأسود و الأبيض و السيئ و الجيد وعندما تركز على الأشياء الجيدة الأشياء السيئة ستذوب نحن نملك حياة واحدة فقط ويجب ان تكون فخوراً بها هل تريدون أن تروا بعض الحركات؟ (المخرج): رائع جدا، لنقطع


  1. I’m 14 and I was in Walmart and someone literally said “when are you going to be out of your wheelchair” and I just wanted her to stop talking to me so I said “I don’t know” like an idiot

  2. Hi have my small brother who have a car accident the 2nd of december 2018 by the grace of god he survived and he was soccer player..now he is disable cannot move his leg his arm..full of hope he decided to start doing music..his video clips is out soon iam so proud.Im french and live in irland he live in france and in France disability is hidden just since few years now we have a show about young disable people but there is a lot things to be done because the show talk.about disable young people.life in hospital and i think most of the actor are not disable in real.life..anyway iam glad that my brother he is stepping in the french word music

  3. It doesn’t mean that I have a disability.. that’s how I accepted to calling as “different.” I’m deaf, I don’t care if that bother how people looked at me like that, or I didn’t like to call “dumb as person.” That’s hurt me, but most matter is I won’t let people discriminate against people or different people who they are with a good heart. People are asshole, sometimes they don’t understand what mean is disability. Stand up for yourself , then prove them wrong after you can be whatever you want.

  4. I remember when I was 6 my mother worked in a restaurant and there was this man who was missing his right arm…I was so so scared of him and so ashamed because he was sooo nice to me. Once my brother was born and we found out he was autistic and would always be the age of 4 years old was when I began to really understand disabilities and people with them.

  5. My mother is Puerto Rican and she has a learning disability hard for her to learn anything she move to the USA keep in mind it's part of the USA she gets attacked called names just because she don't speak English it's hard for her but she's moving back to Puerto Rico where she can speak Spanish freely. Keep and mind Puerto Rico did choose to be part of America it choose to invaded Puerto Rico who can't accept their first language how sad.

  6. I like video who inspired me when i didnt know wrong because they told I had lerning disability i needed more creative when I now finish school its teach me how over come my speech alot better now.

  7. Life's easier if you're Disabled but conventionally attractive, as most of these people prove. For those of us born Disabled and who have misshapen bodies, life is much tougher. I grew up in England at a time when Disabled people were rarely seen and seldom heard. We weren't given permission to dream like non-disabled people are. Many of us are jobless, without relationships and lacking in opportunities.

  8. At an early age i knew i was different but don't let my disability define me just part of who i am has a person some people may not understand us all i know is we were put on this planet for a reason

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